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Project Repat

The story of Project Repat started in Nairobi, Kenya, where its co-founder Ross Lohr was doing working in the sphere of education but did not have good profit. After spending two hours in traffic jam he discovered the reason for it: an overturned fruit and veggie rickshaw who was pushed by a Kenyan man wearing a t-shirt with a slogan "I Danced My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah." Ross was amazed by this t-shirt and other incredible t-shirts he used to see in the streets. That was how he got an idea to design new products from t-shirts including scarves, bags, and re-fabricated t-shirts. He began working with Kenyan artisans to create unique products out of castaway t-shirts. These products were returned to the country of origin ("repatriated") - to the USA and sold to raise money for non-profit organizations working in East Africa. Unfortunately not all potential customers were ready to buy a repatriated upcycled t-shirt scarf or bag, even though they did like the idea. Then Ross and the team decided to make t-shirt quilts from t-shirts of the customers themselves. This is how Project Repat was established in 2012. The quilts they make are affordable and are able to keep people's memories. This kind of product really has a lot of meaning for customers. Today, Project Repat creates high quality t-shirt quilts at reasonable prices with minimal carbon impact. Since 2012, the company's team has made more than 225,000 custom t-shirt quilts. If you want to order one for yourself, check out their website: If you have questions in the process, please call at the phone number (857) 264-1937.

Customer Reviews - Does Project Repat Really Work?

Project Repat is associated with a great number of customers' testimonials left on third-party websites. Most people who have ordered t-shirt quilts remained highly pleased with the service. First of all, they note that it is very easy to make an order on the company's site ( You just have to follow several steps. First, choose your quilt size and the color of your fleece backing. Then you will need to send your t-shirts to the company through the mail. Soon they will let you know when your t-shirts arrive. Within a few weeks you are expected to receive your t-shirt quilt. The company will send you tracking information when it ships! Most customers claim that they have marvelous customer service. All members of the team are pleasant to deal with. The pricing is also very reasonable and affordable to anyone. The orders are done in a timely manner. Let us take a look at what actual customers are saying about their experience of dealing with Project Repat.

One man claims that it is a great company making blankets from your own t-shirts. After serving 21 years in the Navy, he gifted himself with a blanket created from all of the shirts and sweatshirts he has worn over the years. Most of them highlight his service as a Chief Petty Officer. The man prepared the shirts as directed on the website and mailed them off. According to his words, his clothes were truly placed in gifted hands. The result can be seen in the photos attached by the customer. The blanket turned out to be extremely sentimental since it has captured his lasting memories. The man highly recommends Project Repat. Another man reports that his wife and he had sent 64 black Harley Davidson T-shirts to the company. All of them were put them together for a new blanket which turned out perfect. The crew of Project Repat was able to place t-shirts in just the right manner. The blanket looks great with black and red colors. They use it in their 5th wheel and often show it to their friends and other peoples when parked in RV parks across the country.

Not only men but women also use the service of Project Repat. Thus, one woman writes in her review that she started ordering blankets from the company about a year ago and has made a quilt out of her husband's old rock and roll band T-shirts. She says he really loves it. The woman has made another one for her son - this quilt was made from his sports and soccer t-shirts. Finally, the woman has made one quilt for herself of all of her political candidate T-shirts. She adores hers. She is sure, it is an easy way to preserve memories. It is much better than having your t-shirts stuffed in a box in the attic. Project Repat has many other customers' testimonials online. One woman says in her review she is thrilled with the quality and reasonable price of her T-shirt quilt. She was pleased with how beautiful it turned out. The customer was so amazed that she ordered a second T-shirt quilt! It is cool to take your T-shirts (new and worn ones) which were piling up on the shelves and taking up a lot of space and have real professionals transform them into a practical quilt.

One young woman says it was one of the greatest purchases she has made in awhile. She ordered quilts for each of her family members. The products were made rather fast and had great quality. The family has got four more additional quilts in their house. These are not just blankets but these are products keeping such important memories! There are the coolest, practical and most innovative quilts they have ever had. The woman says the customer service was just great. Project Repat seems to know their job perfectly. It is a nice business to transform T-shirts into unique quilts! Let's check some other actual customers' testimonials found online.

"I am thankful that there are companies like Project Repat. I had such a fun process while ordering my quilt and everything turned out very well. I think a person who put together my quilt has a great sense of style - all colors go well together. I really like the result! I am looking forward to using my new blanket. My daughter likes my blanket, so I am going to order another one for her birthday. And I am thinking of ordering a quilt for my husband from all of his volleyball t-shirts piled in the closet!"

"It was super easy to order a quilt from Project Repat and to send them my t-shirts. I just followed a few simple directions and received an awesome quilt. I am so happy to have it. It arrived even before a scheduled day and was reasonably priced. I have already sent some of my t-shirts to get another quilt and to give it as a gift to my mother. I am sure she will be happy, especially taking into consideration the fact that this blanket will save her favorite memories from my childhood. I do recommend this service to everyone!"

"I have lots of t-shirts and many of them have been sitting in my closet for several years already. I have never worn some of them at all and one day I thought I needed to do something with them. Of course, I didn't want to throw them away. I was lucky to see an advertisement of Project Repat online. I feel grateful for what they have done for me. Now I have a wonderful quilt made from my t-shirts! It often comes in handy whenever I am watching TV and need to warm up. I like the quality and the design. It is a perfect way to save the environment."

My Final Summary

Project Repat is a company that transforms T-Shirts into quilts and blankets at a rather symbolic price. It was founded in 2012, so it has enough experience in the business. Its mission is to help people to preserve their t-shirt memories and to bring joy to their close ones by presenting such an exclusive gift as a customized quilt. All of the products are made in American factories by employees who earn a fair wage. Each blanket is crafted by designers, cutters, and sewers in a pleasant working environment with the use of high-quality workmanship. Each worker at Project Repat is part of a collaborative working model where each they make their contribution to the production process and well-being of the whole company. The service has received high customer reputation. Custom T-Shirt quilts are reasonably priced and can be conveniently ordered from the company's website. One can choose the size and dominating color of their future quilt. Since 5% of trash on our planet is used textiles, it is true to say that Project Repat helps top decrease this amount by recycling t-shirts. If you would like to save the environment and get a customer quilt made from your own t-shirts, check out their site or call at (857) 264-1937. You are sure to receive a high-quality quilt at a reasonable price. The whole process may take two-three weeks. With all this in mind, we can highly recommend Project Repat and their services to every American!

Project Repat Pricing and Rates

T-shirt quilts start at $75. The price of one product depends on its desired size. The company offers a good refund policy since they are concerned about each of their clients and want to ensure that they are pleased with their order. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Project Repat product, you can return it to the company and get a 100% refund of your money. But you should do this within 21 days of receiving it, otherwise you will not be eligible to getting a refund. For custom orders, send t-shirts to the company within three months of purchase. After this term, Project Repat has the right to cancel your order without refunding your money. You can get a refund up to 21 days after purchase. After this period, Project Repat won't refund money to people who have not sent their t-shirts yet. If you send additional t-shirts, they cannot send them back. The t-shirts that cannot be incorporated into the blanket, won't be sent back. You should send the proper amount of t-shirts in a normal condition.