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ProlargentSize Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY ProlargentSize Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

ProlargentSize is a male booster that mainly focuses on penis enlargement claims. It promises from one to three-inch gain in length and about 30% increase in girth when used daily. In addition, the product claims to enhance your performance, increases libido, stamina and energy, as well as to improve fertility, decrease episodes of premature ejaculation, improve confidence and give you more intense orgasms. The supplement has an official website that lists only its active ingredients but does not describe them in detail. It explains that the product was developed by doctors as a result of many-years research. The manufacturer of the product is not reputable or well-known.

There is a graph that promises positive results (more energy and harder erections) after the first dose already. You are expected to increase the length of your penis by three inches during 6 months. This claim is too bold and does not have any results of clinical testing behind it. ProlargentSize works by increasing the blood flow to the male organ stretching its walls in a natural way. As a result, you will have bigger and harder erections. These claims sound too unreal and unnatural. Let's check whether the product is as effective as promised by looking at its main ingredients.

Ingredients of ProlargentSize - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


The ProLargentSize official website offers an ingredient list, but there are no detail on how those components can contribute to increasing your penis. I am going to provide those details for you. Some of the ingredients are quite familiar, while others are completely unknown.

Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase testosterone levels in your body. It works by stimulating the production of Luteinizing Hormone, which makes the testes produce more testosterone. This component is able to relax smooth muscles, thus it lets more blood enter the genitals. Even though it can improve your performance, it should be kept in mind that Tribulus Terrestris may potentially cause many side effects which will be discussed further.

Epimedium is also known as Horney goat. This herb has been used in Chinese medicine to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction and to increase libido in men. Epimedium can be harmful due to its mild side effects More serious problems may be the result of overdose. In fact, it works by increasing the nitric oxide levels in your body. This substance helps to relax smooth muscles of blood vessels in the body including penile walls. As a matter of fact, this component is not proven to be safe and effective.

The unfamiliar ingredients in ProLargentSize are Panax Quinquefolius, Ferula, and Ceratonia Silqua. Little information is known about these components. After I googled a little I found out that Panax Quinquefolius is nothing more than American ginseng. This ingredient is effective for the treatment of diabetes and respiratory tract infections, but nothing is mentioned about its effect on the male reproductive system.

Ferula is also known as Asafoetida, a plant that is used for the treatment of H1N1 "swine" flu, bronchitis, and asthma. It is also used for upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal gas, and irritable colon. According to webmd.com, this ingredient is not used for male sexual issues but it does have a number of side effects.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Even though the manufacturer of ProLargentSize claims that the supplement is free from any side effects, in reality it is not true because it contains a number of potentially harmful ingredients. For example, Asafoetida is can cause swelling of the lips, intestinal gas, burping, diarrhea, convulsions, headache, and blood disorders in some people. Another ingredient, American ginseng, can cause headache, itching, diarrhea, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and nervousness. In some cases, it might also cause increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, etc. Uncommon side effects include liver damage, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and severe allergic reaction.

Tribulus Terrestris may cause photosensitivity reactions due to the content of phylloerythrin (photosensitizing porphyrin), a substance found in the plant. This medication is restricted to people with ulcers, stomach inflammation, serious digestion or liver problems. One may get a gastro-intestinal upset, too. According to the Mayo Clinic, Horney goat may cause breathing trouble, shortness of breath, respiratory arrest or hyperreflexia, dizziness and vomiting, extreme thirst and dry mouth.

Before taking ProlargentSize, pay attention to the following precautions and warnings. The supplement must be stored in a dry and cool place with no reach of direct sun rays and inside the container closed tightly. It should be kept out of reach of children. The product is not designed for people under age. If you have any adverse reaction, consult your doctor immediately. Let us have a look at some of the real customers' testimonials to understand how the supplement works.

"I tried ProlargentSize and it didn't work for me at all. I will never use it again. It is also extremely expensive. Don't waste your money. there are other male boosters which work much better!"

"I received my parcel with Prolargent Size yesterday. I was so anxious to try the first dose that I did it immediately but I was very upset. In half an hour I felt stomach cramps and an hour later I developed a severe diarrhea."

"I don't like how ProlargentSize staff works. I ordered my product ten days ago and I am still waiting for it. Will you send that to me, otherwise I will change my mind. I have recently read many negative reviews about the supplement and now I am in a doubt whether it is worth buying."

Where To Buy ProlargentSize?

You can purchase the supplement through their official website. One bottle of ProlargentSize costs about $99 plus $10 shipping fee. You can get two bottles for $198 with free shipping. Buying three bottles will save your money even more. You can purchase them for $298. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

ProlargentSize cannot be recommended to usage because it has many disadvantages. First of all, its price is too high and the manufacturer offers no money back guarantee. The product lacks really effective ingredients to make it really valuable. The claims given about this penis enlargement product on its official website are false. The claim of up to three-inch increase in penis size is doubtful and suspicious. There is lack of third party reviews. You are advised to find the product which would have clinically proven, effective and safe ingredients.