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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Psychic Source

If you search for psychic readings in the USA, you will certainly see Psychic Source, the largest psychic reading company in the country and it seems this position is not going to change anytime soon. In this review we are going to look at what they offer, what actual clients are saying about them, their pricing and we'll give a summary whether this psychic service is worth your attention. Well, the company offers two options - phone readings or reading through online chat. Both options provide high-quality results, according to the company's website. You are expected to pay about $1 per minute, as the price may vary from a psychic to a psychic. There are numerous specialists on the site for you to pick from. Psychic Source is known for featuring one of the largest selections of psychics in the USA. Before choosing your psychic, you will have a chance to learn more about each of them, including their background in counseling and other professional details. You are advised to look at all data provided on the psychic's profile before choosing one in order to get a better idea of who will meet your needs. Even though the flat rate is $1 per minute, there is an opportunity to get package deals, for instance, 30 minutes at $27, where you can get the first three minutes for free. You will need to pay for the whole package up front, as well as enter your payment details before getting the reading, so the reading's total cost will be deducted after your reading.

Customer Reviews - Does Psychic Source Really Work?

To get started, you will need to create an account on the official site of Psychic Source. Once your account is setup, you will have to add money to your balance with the help of a credit card or any other payment method. Once your reading starts, the funds on your account balance will be subtracted on a per-minute basis. You will be able to see the number of minutes left as well as your account balance, so you won't have any surprise charges. You can also end the session any moment you wish. There are two ways to start using the service. First, you can call their Psychic hotline and get connected to one of their customer service reps and then to one of their psychics that specializes in the topic you are interested in. The phone number to the hotline is (866) 953-6748. Second, you can visit The Psychic Source official website, where you can browse a list of their specialists and choose which one you would like to talk to. Every psychic has their own profile page with the information on their psychic ability, subject expertise, as well as reviews and ratings from their customers. Once you find a specialist you want to talk to, you can either call, chat or return call to the. In order to call you'll need to click the "Call Me" button. To chat to your psychic, you'll need to click the "Chat" button. As a result, you'll be transferred to a private chat room where you will be able to talk to your adviser in real-time by typing. The "Return Call" button means that you can schedule a time for the psychic you have chosen to call you back. Use this feature when the psychic is not available at the moment.

With so many psychic mediums on the Psychic Source site you may find it difficult to choose the appropriate one in your definite situation. But fortunately, their site is very intuitive and allows you to filter through the available advisers. Type of Psychic function allows you to filter psychics by the type. For example, there are clairvoyants, love psychics, tarot readers, etc. Type of Reading function will help you to filter between online chat, phone readings, and live video. Reading Style allows you to filter by reading style, such as knowledgeable, compassionate, or straight-forward. Divination Tools function is designed for searching for specialists by the type of divination tools they use in their readings such as crystals, angel cards, tarot cards, numerology, etc. Subject Expertise allows to narrow down the variety of psychics by subject expertise such as careers, destiny, love and relationships, or spirit guides.

During our research we have found a great number of customer reviews and one of the positive features they emphasize is the variety of different types of readings available from Psychic Source. Angel Cards allow to connect to the entities around you, even though you may not perceive them. These readings can give you a sense of peace. Astrology Readings are a good tool for those who believe in the impact of the sun, moon, and different planet on their life. Specialists in this sphere can say much about your past, present, and future. In Cartomancy readings a psychic uses a standard 52-card deck to consult you on any questions from your past, present, or future. There are specialists in Dream Interpretation who can deeply analyze your dreams. Energy Work readings offer you self-healing by making you travel toward self-discovery and self-healing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres of your life. Lost Object Readings are designed to help you find the object you have lost. Love Psychic Readings cover topics of romance and love in order to help you understand emotional obstacles in your life. You can also opt for Love Tarot Readings, Numerology Readings, Past Life Readings, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Readings.

To learn more about Psychic Source it is a wise idea to check what real users of the service are saying on third-party websites, which means they can be trusted. Well, the company is associated with mainly positive opinions but there are some mixed reviews too. Most customers say that their services are decent, their psychics are professional and can find answer to any questions of their clients. However, these psychics vary in their skills, so you are recommended to look at the profile of each of them when making your choice. Also take a look at individual reviews for the specialists you are considering. Here are several testimonials we have collected for this company and their services.

"I am pleased with Psychic Source. It has been a few weeks since I have had readings with my psychic named Amanda. I have been amazed by the results I have received with this specialist. Everything she said would happen did. She said that I was going to meet a deceptive person in my life and I really did. Amanda also said that having a child would be a positive experience for me. Now I am pregnant and I am very happy. Both of those predictions came true. I am looking forward to the other predictions to happen."

"When I heard about Psychic Source I thought why not. I had so many questions in my life. The first psychic I addressed was right about many things that I faced in the past. However, she was also wrong in a few things, so I decided to try another psychic. The second specialist turned out to be more experienced but she gave me a lot of precious pieces of advice. Besides, many of the things she predicted have already come true."

"I had a good experience with Psychic Source. In fact, I had different psychics on their website. By the way, the site is very convenient and easy to use. It has always worked pretty well for me. Most of all I liked to work with Sammie and Janax who gave me accurate readings. Y are not very expensive. I recommend this service to everyone who is looking answers to their questions. The service is really helpful and worth the money it costs."

My Final Summary

Psychic Source is an experienced and the most respected company offering online psychic services. They have been in business for more than thirty years and seem to provide accurate psychic guidance in different ways for you to choose from -by online chat, phone, and live video. However, there are no readings offered over Text Message or Email. Their official website allows you to choose from more than 300 authentic psychic advisers who possess a wide range of skills and abilities. According to the website, all readers are extensively tested, screened, and re-tested for authenticity. The site comes with filters to choose a psychic by rating, specialty, price, reading style, and more. Rates are rather low - from $0.66 per minute. There is an option to get three minutes for free. The service comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer a variety of different types of reading you can choose from including Love Tarot, Numerology, Past Life Readings, Spiritual Readings, Tarot, Angel Cards, Astrology Readings, Cartomancy readings, Dream Interpretation, Energy Work readings, Lost Object Readings and Love Psychic Readings. You can consult on different spheres of your life such as love, career, money and more. The company offers psychics of different skills - for more accurate readings you are advised to opt for more experienced specialists. It is a wise idea to study the profiles of different psychics on the site too, as well as individual rating and reviews from previous users. If you are interested in psychic readings, we can recommend Psychic Source, a reputable psychic network with many psychics to choose from.

Psychic Source Pricing and Rates

Psychic Source features a nice special offer for first-time customers. There are three packages each of which comes with three free minutes to start your reading. In general, the prices may depending on the psychic's ability, experience, and rating from previous clients. Better psychics are usually more expensive than inexperienced psychics. The discount for a first-time customer is a good way to check whether this or that psychic adviser is suitable for you with no need to pace full-prices. Psychic Source offers an attractive money-back guarantee policy on all readings. So, usually the cost of 10 minutes is $10, 20 minutes cost $15 and 30 minutes are priced at $19.80.