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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


PuppySpot is a service that intends to help responsible breeders to find caring families and individuals for their puppies. PuppySpot.com is widely used within Dallas, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and across the whole country. PuppySpot has got many positive reviews from its consumers and currently reflects an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. The company has been in business for more than 13 years, so it can probably trusted. To make sure the company is worth your attention let us take an in-depth look at its features and the testimonials from actual consumers. PuppySpot is comprised of a community of dog lovers who intend to provide healthy puppies with homes. The About Us page of the site says that dogs should be celebrated, and their owners deserve 100% transparency when looking for their new friends. Breeders who start the PuppySpot process are involved in a comprehensive screening process and only about 10% of them are invited back to join the community. The company does everything possible to ensure that both two- and four-legged companions receive a high-quality experience. If you have any questions you can reach PuppySpot through several different channels: phone, contact submission form online and postal address. The telephone number provided on PuppySpot.com is (866) 229-9809. The Contact Us page contains a contact submission form for consumers to connect with he company's operators via text message or email. There are also a few physical addresses on their Contact page. Here is the address of their headquarters in Florida: 7261 Sheridan St.; Suite 300A; Hollywood, FL 33024. California address is 9724 Washington Blvd.; Culver City, CA 90232. Utah address is 2801 N Thanksgiving Way; Suite 350; Lehi, UT 84043. Fax Number is (855) 215-4244. You can also find PuppySpot on such social networks as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Customer Reviews - Does PuppySpot Really Work?

The website of PuppySpot.com was privately registered on January 28th, 2004 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar. As of June 10th, 2019, it reflected a global rank of 31,132, a US rank of 5,667 and a pet and animal website ranking of 12. The website supports more than 1.6 million visitors working directly with the consumer. Looking for a puppy at PuppySpot, you may be sure that it comes from an experienced breeder. Due to the company's travel program, your puppy will arrive to your destination the same day it leaves its breeder, unlike traditional pet stores, where a puppy may have had many stops throughout a few weeks before it gets to a pet store. Puppies offered at PuppySpot.com go through a proprietary detailed health exam administered by a licensed veterinarian before they are allowed to travel to their new families.

PuppySpot is associated with a great number of customer reviews; however, there are both positive and negative experiences. Despite some complaints from a few consumers, in general the company seems to have good customer reputation. For example, one woman reports that she has got two puppies from the company and couldn't be happier with her experiences. The staff kept her informed at every stage of the process, went above and beyond to provide her with additional information about the puppies such as their parents, state of health, etc. The woman even got a call from the puppies' breeders to make sure they arrived in proper health. The company's staff also answered all of her questions and every time seemed to be very kind and and caring. For all of these reasons, the woman would highly recommend the company to anyone who wants to have a new furry member in their family.

Another customer of PuppySpot was at first very careful with the service. She wanted to know what issues she might face with her new dog before adopting it. She was looking for a partner in crime for her three-year old yorkiepoo. Fortunately, the adoption was perfect as the woman found the puppy and breed she thought would be an ideal fit based on the description. She hurried to make a phone call to the company ans was very honest with the representative named Joe about what she was looking for. She also shared her concerns about negative reviews from other customers. The team also included Arhiel and Kim, all of whom worked together through the whole process. They settled on a flight date and a fury healthy puppy arrived to its destination. The woman has had it for a week already and seems to be very happy with it. The puppy has adjusted pretty well and fast. According to the woman, this is the best decision she has ever made in her life. Everyone she encountered in the company was honest, upfront, and followed up with her in a timely manner. Even the CEO contacted her to thank her for adopting the puppy and wished her everything the best with her new family member. He also mentioned the consumer's concerns and calmed her down that there was nothing to worry about. No matter how your fur baby gets into your hands there is always a risk on health, though. There is never 100% guarantee. In her case, the story of adopting a puppy was successful. The woman feels thankful to the entire team at PuppySpot.

One man says in his review that he had lost his dog and went online to find a way to get a new dog. He found PuppySpot and decided to get a puppy from them despite all the negative reviews online. Even though he was scared he still gave it a chance. Two days later he received an absolutely healthy and cute furry friend. The man recommends everyone not to be freaked out with bad reviews. If you need a purebred, make sure that the puppy you are considering is AKC certified. The guy was also pleased with the experience of dealing with all the people who were involved in the process. All of them were helpful and sent his new doggy in a safe and prompt manner. They intend to meet the needs of their clients since they are animal lovers themselves. The consumer did not experience any negative circumstances. The dog came clean and with everything it might need. So he would certainly recommend the service to everyone who needs a companion. Here are some more customers' testimonials on PuppySpot found online.

"I was nervous while looking for a Cane Corsos. A PuppySpot rep gave me a call and provided me with all the necessary details in full. He also answered my questions. In this way, I decided to buy a black male Cane Corso. My puppy arrived in eight days. Both of us were excited to meet each other and we became friends immediately. It happened four months ago and my dog is healthy and beautiful. He is super loving to my little kids. I didn't even dream about such positive experience. I am thinking about getting a friend for him soon. I can't wait to have a new member in our family."

"Before using the service of PuppySpot I had read some negative testimonials online. Fortunately, I had wonderful experience with this company from start to finish. I agree that puppy prices are rather high but the customer support is worth it. I received great help from Deena and the team who were dealing with my dog's journey to my destination. They handled all details from talking to the breeder to scheduling my puppy's flight. I am blessed to have a healthy little baby I can't live without!"

"I was scared of buying a dog through the internet but when I talked to one of the PuppySpot representatives I realized they were really caring and understanding. The rep explained everything to me and answered my questions. Then I received my fur son. Now I am in love with my puppy. The next day after sending the dog they called me back to make sure that everything was ok. It was amazing experience with PuppySpot and I highly recommend this company. They are true specialists in what they are doing. Besides, they seem to care that you are satisfied with your experience."

My Final Summary

PuppySpot is an online service that looks for new families to their puppies. The company has an attractive history and business transparency, so it is definitely not a scam. The operators of the company address their consumers in a polite and professional manner, always answer questions and try to solve possible issues. Even though the service has some online complaints from customers, the number of positive opinions still prevails. There are many positive reviews reflecting the reputation and credibility of PuppySpot. Happy customers share their experience of buying healthy and beautiful dogs from the company. Even though puppies seem to be not cheap, they are worth the money. The buyers who have bought a puppy from PuppySpot appreciated high-quality customer service. The company works with your breeder to make all the necessary arrangements for your puppy to have good health and to travel to the nearest airport in your location in a pet-safe plane compartment. The company usually serves individuals and families in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington D.C., and across the country. If you are thinking about getting a new member in your family, you should consider adoption via PuppySpot. Their service is really committed to helping breeders sell their puppies to responsible and caring owners.

PuppySpot Pricing and Rates

Since the company offers a wide variety of breeds of dogs, their pricing may vary a lot. American Foxhound puppy may cost about $100, while the average price of a Coonhound puppy is around $300. Rat Terrier puppy's price may reach $400. You can buy a Miniature Pinscher puppy for around $500 and you can find a Dachshund for $450. probably, one of the most expensive breeds is Golden Retriever an average purchase price of which is around $600 but you will get your money's worth. The average life expectancy of these dogs is 11 years but you are going to have a lot of fun all of these years. Your retriever will eat a bit more food than a smaller dog.