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Pure Nails

Pure Nails is an environmentally conscious nail studio that offers spa nail treatments in combination with a hospital-grade care to sanitization and hygiene. It is based in Austin and is known for its high-quality services. The main purpose of the company is to make their guests feel as if they are having rest in their living room in the comfort of their own home. The staff applies the corresponding smells, the music, and the decor in order to create the comfort people expect. At the same time there is no need to worry about any hygiene issues or that awful chemical smell when you enter the Studio. This is a wonderful spot for your weekly indulgence. They also offer Monday and Saturday Mimosa's, Popcorn and Movie Tuesday, Wine-Down Wednesdays. You can follow Pure Nails on Facebook were you will find customer feedback and tell what you think about the stuff!

According to the company, their priority is the environment and the safety of their clients. They created a total experience for their clients by doing a Nail Spa differently without surrendering their expectations for great Pedi and Mani. The specialists in the studio only use the products for anyone conscientious about the chemicals they are placing onto their nails. Their polishes are formaldehyde free, which is especially beneficial for future mothers worrying for the health of their babies. Their eco-chic attitude will make you want to come back. They also provide skin and body services. Pure Nails sticks to the highest standards in cleanliness and sterilization. They sterilize all metal appliances after each use. These items and autoclave units are then individually sealed. To avoid the passing of spa-related infections through the foot tubs of spa chairs, they have custom designed pedicure chairs that use an immediate floor drain and fresh running water to quickly dispose of any used water.

Customer Reviews - Does Pure Nails Really Work?

Pure Nails is a studio that was specially created for people who are tired of their manicure being ruined before leaving the salon as well as for those who want to forget about the need to wear flip-flops to their pedicures in cold weather. The company offers Shellac nail service that guarantees two full weeks of chip free, shiny, and smudge-proof nails. It is a special gel-polish hybrid that cures with a UV light. The company's CND trained nail technicians provide high-rate Shellac service that meets expectations of each client. There is no surprise that the salon is associated with a great number of positive customer testimonials online. People who have visited Pure Nails are highly pleased with the services and surrounding it offers. They claim that it is a clean and tranquil salon with friendly and attentive technicians. One customer writes that she loves the liner, Epsom salt, and herb ball used for their pedicures. The woman is satisfied with all of her visits. Most of all she likes when the specialist named Che touches her feet. She claims that the salon exceeded her expectations!

Even the pickiest clients are happy with the services they receive. One young lady agrees that she is difficult to please, but Pure Nails can meet all of her needs and she absolutely adores this salon. Most of all, the woman is satisfied with the prices which seem just misleading. The matter is that this salon features very reasonable prices, which makes the salon quite affordable for its clients who may use their services on a regular basis. According to her words, she always has relaxing experience and her nails always look great and last so long! Every time she comes, she is met by smiling and friendly personnel of the company. Another constant client says that she certainly loves this salon; however, her favourite specialists are Chi and Nou. They are just great at what they do! The woman also appreciates clean and relaxing atmosphere in this salon! Besides, her nails stay flawless for a few weeks after she gets them done in the salon! Pure Nails is a place where most customers promise to come back again. But let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"I had my first treatment at Pure Nails last week on Friday. I really enjoyed my wonderful experience! Tatyana was my specialist and I liked her work very much. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. I also appreciated a relaxing and calm environment. The salon exceeded my expectations, and the treatment brought me really great results. After ten visits my loo has drastically changed for better. I am looking forward to my facial procedures next week. I highly recommend this salon to everyone who appreciates beauty."

"I had a Groupon for my massage at PureNails and it was wonderful! I enjoyed relaxation and pleasant atmosphere. I am going to purchase a few more treatments. The company's personnel are friendly, helpful, and thorough. I am going to come back again. I have been to a number of massage therapists in different places but the massage therapist named Oksana worked on my back really well. I wish the massage were even more than 90 minutes, because it was great."

"I encourage anyone who would like to get a health and wellness treatment to book an appointment at Pure Nails. I appreciated my experience with Tatyana who has done all the major treatments for me including acupuncture, reflexology and deep dish. The deep tissue bamboo treatment proved to be very beneficial for my health. Tatyana is a real professional who works up to the highest standard for each patient. She listens and tries to meet the specific needs of each client. Tatyana resolved all of my skin issues and she was super nice."

My Final Summary

Pure Nails is a premium salon that offers a number of services or your beauty and health. The studio employs a number of professionals who do their job perfectly and are always ready to help you and answer any of your questions regarding your skin, nails, hair and body. If you like to take care of your beauty and you appreciate your health a lot, this salon will meet your expectations. It is the best place to spend a great afternoon at. The salon is great for both young and elderly people. Young ladies may want to get a manicure or a pedicure, while elderly people may enjoy fabulous massages!

The majority of Pure Nails customer reviews are positive in character. Most customers a highly satisfied with the services offered by the company. These people claim that they will definitely go back to the salon! What really attracts others is a relaxing atmosphere and professional specialist who do not only do their job perfectly but also provide useful advice and support. Your nails will always look great, while you will enjoy pure relaxation with wonderful nail techs! Constant clients emphasize separate specialists working for the company namely Oksana, Tatyana and Nou. If you wish to get pleasant experience with friendly staff, you should address Pure Nails. I cannot make a higher recommendation.

Pure Nails Pricing and Rates

This beauty salon is a favourite place for many people not only because it provides high-quality services but also because it features reasonable prices. The prices vary from service to service and depend on many factors. To get more detailed information, you are recommended to discuss the cost of this or that procedure with the staff.