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PureSleep Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY PureSleep Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

PureSleep is a device advertised on "Good Morning America" on ABC as a top-selling snoring solution in the world. Generally, it is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that works by holding the jaw in a forward position and reduces the chance of the tongue collapsing to the throat, which can lead to a partial obstruction of the airway. When there is no obstruction to the airway, soft tissues do not vibrate. Thus, there is no snoring. While most MADs come as one piece, PureSleep contains two pieces. There are upper and lower pieces that can be connected with the help of settings. The latter are responsible for how far the lower jaw is held forward. A boil-and-bite technique can be used to get a perfect fit.

PureSleep is FDA-cleared and is made in the USA. Unfortunately, there is little information about the product's manufacturer, which means that it is not reputable. The official website of the company does not seem to be very informative. The device is made of two types of BPA- and latex-free plastics. It has airflow holes to help you breathe through your mouth while sleeping. Does this oral appliance really measure up? Are there better snoring mouthpieces available on the market? Will it work well for you? In order to answer these questions, you will first need to try it, but before that you should become familiar with the important facts before buying. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the product, as well as at the real users' reviews online.

Customer Reviews - Does PureSleep Really Work?


As it was already mentioned, PureSleep is positioned as the world's best-selling mouthpiece, but still there are several complaints about this device. While some users report that they can really get a custom fit, other users find this quite difficult to achieve. What the customers appreciate about the product is that it is made in the USA with the use of two types of plastic that are latex- and BPA-free. The device is cleared by the FDA. According to the manufacturer, this mouthpiece is expected to last from six to nine months; however, some people claim that it serves less. There is an opportunity to get two for the price of one, and only pay shipping upfront.

There is a number of complaints about PureSleep. There is no way to change the jaw setting once you do the boil-and-bite technique. Cleaning the mouthpiece takes quite a time and effort. Besides, it cannot be worn with loose teeth or full dentures. This product may cause drooling and jaw soreness. Even though it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, there are many early complaints against the company. Shipping usually takes two to four weeks. If we take a look at the customers' experience with PureSleep, we will see that they find a number of disadvantages. Ordering the product, you will need to answer a 21-question form, which is supposed to make sure that the device will be a good choice for you. It can be a little annoying for some people. Some customers have to deal with a return.

One customer writes that shipping PureSleep seemed to take forever. His order arrived over two weeks later, which was a lengthy delivery time compared to other mouthpieces available on the market. The fitting process was more difficult. Choosing the setting took a long time. This device does not give the second chances with the setting, so it is recommended to take your time to try all three options. The material is quite smooth, according to the customer. However, other users find it unpleasant, while causes them to drool a little. Not all customers can boast that the PureSleep effectively fights snoring. Some people wished they would have gone with a different setting. Cleaning the mouthpiece may take some time and demand more attention because of many crevices on this piece. Another common complaint is that the jaws may be aching the next day. To understand whether the device is an effective or useless stop-snoring solution, let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews online.

"I ordered the PureSleep device for the full trial period that lasted seven days. Dueirng the first three days my lower jaw was aching severely. By the fourth morning, my jaw was not nearly as sore. However, I didn't like all that drooling just on my pillow. Besides, the cleaning process seemed to be too difficult to me. I wish I did not buy that product"

"I first saw a Pure Sleep advertisement a few months ago and I decided to give it a try. The greatest drawback was severe jaw pain that never went away. I felt very tired in the morning. I wear pliable rubber in the ear canal hearing aids and because of my open mouth at night I got pain in my ear canals in the morning too. I think this product is not suitable for me. I am going to try another anti-snoring device"

"I had a negative experience with Puresleep for a few reasons. First, it did not work for me at all. After using it for a few nights my wife said that I was still snoring. There is no way to get it fit properly. This piece of plastic costs $79.90, that's too much! I am going to demand my money back. I am a doctor and if anything goes wrong, I will write the FDA"

Where To Buy PureSleep?

The price can be bought from the official website of the company for $60. At present, you have an opportunity to get two for the price of one. There is no need to pay for them upfront. You will need to pay $10 to cover shipping. Within the next 30 days your credit card will be charged. If you find the product not working or not suitable for you, you will have to send it back within 30 days. You'll need to pay for the shipping. Remember that the shipping time if quite long, so return the product as soon as possible if you want to get your money back. The product isn't available on Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

My Final Summary

To sum everything up, PureSleep does not seem to be the best option for you. It does not work equally for everyone. The device has a high price compared to other MAD. There are devices that have more features, better customer service, positive customer reputation and fast shipping. Some of them come with a 100% money back guarantee. PureSleep may cause drooling and aching jaw. The setting process needs great efforts, while the cleaning process is really time-consuming. You may benefit from a stationary device more. PureSleep is not the best stop-snoring mouthpiece. There are more comfortable options that are cheaper and easier to clean. Even though it does offer a few settings during the fitting, I cannot recommend PureSleep to usage.