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Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is an interesting mattress that combines different materials for better feel. Hyper-elastic polymer has the same qualities as latex but it seems to be even better in some things. The mattress offers great support for the human body. While lying on it, you do not feel any significant pressure point. The mattress's top layer does a perfect job of removing pressure from your body. It is suitable for both stomach sleepers and back sleepers, as any part of your body will be well supported all night long. My wife is a back and side sleeper and felt similarly. The Purple mattress has a unique construction as it consists from three layers of foam and polymer. Top layer is cooling and comfortable. It consists of a hyper-elastic polymer that is designed to provide a cool sleeping experience and prevent pressure points from your body. Middle layer consists of polyurethane foam. It provides deep compression and transitional support that plays an important role for heavier sleepers. Bottom layer consists of polyurethane foam and acts as the foundation for the mattress. The cover of the Purple mattress consists of polyester (69%), viscose (27%), and polyester-lycra (4%). Such a combination of materials is breathable, stretchy and soft. Purple mattress cover looks very modern and attractive.

The mattress is classic and white in color but there is a diamond pattern on top that adds a sleek appeal to the design. You can see also logo Purple embossed on the sides of the mattress. The mattress has a unique feel. It falls somewhere between 6-6.5, according to the firmness scale of 1-10. So, this mattress can fit the needs of almost all sleepers. If you are a light sleeper(up to 130 pounds) you will feel like floating on the mattress. Medium weight sleepers (up to 150 pounds) will sink a bit deeper into the mattress. If you are heavier than 150 pounds, you will sink pleasantly into the mattress and feel as if you are hugged with it. notice a more pronounced level of sinkage and contour from the mattress.

Customer Reviews - Does Purple Mattress Really Work?

The Purple mattress is a perfect choice for sleepers who are looking for a medium firm feel. Of course, the firmness of a mattress may vary depending on the size of your body, but as a rule, this mattress fits most customers. The Purple's polymer web design has special air pockets that provide a cool sleeping surface. The cover of the mattress is thin, so your body will feel so much better on a breathable mattress. You will like Purple if you wish a rounded contour, which can be easily created by this product, unlike traditional foam mattresses. The contour is similar to latex, but the responsiveness and bounce is even faster than latex. This mattress is suitable for making love, as its polymer material offers a high level of bounce. The instant response, perfect bounce and balanced sinkage make this mattress the best option for sex. This product will be appreciated by people who want minimal motion transfer.

If you have any questions about the Purple mattress, you can contact the company by mail address or e-mail. However, this product is usually liked by customers. It is made of a unique material, thus, it is associated with few small complaints. This unique mattress has been tested for comfort and safety. The Purple mattress will meet your requirements if you are looking for a mattress that would allow you sleeping in multiple positions. Unfortunately, few mattresses are really comfortable to sleep on. It should be remembered that the Purple mattress is not quite suitable for people who are looking for memory foam? It is interesting to mention that the Purple Mattress has gone through Raw Egg Test. It showed that this mattress is pressure relieving. This fact is backed up by a number of users' reviews.

"I enjoy sleeping on Purple Mattress. It has a hyper-elastic polymer that gives me a pleasant feel compared to other mattresses I have tested before. It is able to displace my big weight and provide support and comfort all night long. This mattress does not give a "stuck" feeling. I also like the cooling effect of this mattress, as I live in a hot climate. This is provided by special air pockets on the sleeping surface. The Purple has no toxic properties. My wife and I like the bounce when having sex. There is no motion transfer, so I never wake up when my wife changes her body position in the middle of the night. We never bother each other."

"I ordered PurpleMattress half-a-year ago and now I can say that it is really worth the money it costs. Earlier, I had a mattress that felt very hot, but this latex mattress has a cooling effect. My husband has had a spine surgery but she finds this mattress very comfortable for sleep. The only drawback of the Purple Mattress Company is that they are selling their products online only. The matter is that I like to touch and see a product before purchasing it. Fortunately, most online companies that operate this way, offer return policies."

"Purple Mattress seems to be perfect for me. I am a back and side sleeper with a few problems with my back (cervical disks and two surgeries). I am very heavy too. This mattress provides perfect support to my body. I am very glad that it does not have any specific smell, so I can sleep without any smell issues. If you are interested in the Purple unit, do not doubt. It will meet your needs."

My Final Summary

Purple is a very unique mattress available on the market today. It has been tested for safety and comfort due to the perfect combination of a hyper-elastic polymer and polyurethane foam. These provide great support, bounce, comfort, and exceptional cooling. Purple mattress can relieve pressure points and minimize motion transfer. This is a benefit for couples, especially if they have varying weights. The product is associated with a great number of positive testimonials from people who like their experience of sleeping on Purple. It is not only suitable for sleeping in different positions, but it can relieve pressure on your body, and provide a pleasant cooling effect. What is no less important is that you can get a unit at a reasonable price. Taking into account all pros and cons of Purple Mattress I can recommend it to anyone.

Where To Buy Purple Mattress In Stores?

The pricing of Purple Mattress greatly depends on the size of the mattress. The price of Twin XL is $699, Queen costs $999, King can be bought $1,299, California King is worth $1,299. The Shipping is free, and the product comes compressed in a box. The warranty is 10 years, while the trial period lasts 100 nights. The product is made in the USA. If you want to buy it, you may do it directly from the official website of the company or from some retail stores.