Purple Pillow Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Purple Pillow Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow is advertised as the first no-pressure pillow in the world. It uses a patented comfort grid system that is claimed to cradle your neck and head, without losing its shape, no matter in what position you like to sleep - on your side, back, or both. According to the official website of the company, your head will be able to relax into the pillow, while your spine will stay in a comfortable position all night long. You won't need to constantly fluff your pillow. Due to its breathable design, they claim that you will be able to sleep cool and not wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. Based on what we have learned from the official commercial of the product, it seems like the design of the Purple Pillow could provide a comfortable sleep surface. But does it mean that you can forget about your pillow problems? Are the manufacturer's claims on the website correct? Let's find out some important answers, starting with the look at how the product works.

The Purple Pillow weighs about 10.2 pounds and is 24" x 16" x 3" in size. A primary material is the patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a non-toxic material that constructs the triangular Smart Comfort Grid, creating walls that can fold or support, depending on the pressure it gets. The triangular columns of the pillow provide precise neck and head support, while the soft cover is made from 3% nylon, 88% polyester, and 9% spandex mesh. This design is claimed to promote free airflow for an optimal temperature while sleeping. It also promises to prevent accumulation of allergens and moisture from being trapped. With its softer center and reinforced edges, the company says that you can achieve optimal spinal support and alignment. When it is time to clean, you will need to just wash the pillow in warm water with soap and let it air dry. The product got its start via a 2016 Kickstarter campaign, when it raised more than $2.6 million from 17,000+ backers. However, the company behind the product, Purple Innovation, LLC, is not reputable or well-known in the country.

Customer Reviews - Does Purple Pillow Really Work?

Since 2016, the product has garnered more than 5,300 reviews on the official website of the company, who had given it an average rating of about 4.5 stars. There are both complaints and compliments. The common compliments revolved around improved sleep, increased comfort, and reduced pain. At the same time, the most common complaints related to the discomfort in the neck and back, heaviness, terrible customer service and high price. Amazon contains more than 100 customer testimonials for the Purple Pillow, who had given it together an average rating of 3.2 stars. You can find there similar compliments and complaints. But it is vital to point out that many complaints also referenced the heat during sleep, uncomfortable feel, high temperature, and no pressure relief. A few customers noted that they woke up during the night many times because of the ear ache. The Purple Pillow has a medium firmness level and low loft. However, it is awkward and heavy and could be too thin, depending on how wide your shoulders are. From a company perspective, Purple Innovation, LLC is based out of Alpine, UT. It has been in business since 2015. Another product they manufacture is the Purple Mattress. The company held a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 23 closed complaints and six customer reviews. Most of these complaints referenced problems with customer service. Let us take a closer look what people are writing about the company and its products.

One customer reports that she has had the Purple Queen Mattress for two years already and she loves it. The woman also has many types of popular pillows such as a Tempurpedic Contoured pillow, Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow and the Purple Pillow. The latter starts quite comfortable and is not that bad but it has a horrible design. It is not advisable to move this pillow or wash its pillowcase. It may simply pop or get a leak. The pillow comes with a thick outer layer and a U-shaped zipper on the bottom, which is quite easy to use. This zipper helps to inflate the pillow. There are two items inside the cover - the pillow and a blowup pad meant for adjusting the height. It is only about 2-3" tall without the blowup. Inflating the pad is not connected to the pillow and moves independently. The pad slides and you have a lopsided pillow. If you flip your pillow, it only works on one side, or you will be sleeping on a blow up pad for $100, on top of a comfortable pillow. After adjusting the pillow and getting annoyed a lot, you may start finally enjoying your pillow, but this happens until the blow-up pad starts to leak. After that all you will have will be a rubbery 2.5" tall pillow. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left on third-party websites.

"Initially I liked the PurplePillow, but the inflator doesn't hold air for more than 24 hours. It is really annoying to blow it up every day before going to bed. You have to take it out of the pillow case, blow it up and put it back again. I contacted the company's customer service and they informed me that they were discontinuing the inflator insert. I was shocked when they suggested to put towels inside the pillow to make it as firm as desired. I sent my pillow back to them. I am still waiting for a refund."

"I was looking for a pillow that stays cool at night and I stopped my choice on Purple Pillow that was claimed to be such. However, this manufacturer's claim is a lie! It does not stay cool. On the contrary, I often wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. I tried it with a different pillow cover but it still won't stay cool. I have to flip it back several times a night. This pillow's cover is hotter than the cover I tried. I do not recommend this pillow to anyone. It's too expensive."

"Purple pillow comes with an inflatable inside the pillow cover. While the pillow is just about 2-3" high, it serves to increase its thickness. I sent the first insert back to the company, because the air was leaking out. They sent me another one but the same story has happened. I started to put a folded up bath towel inside the pillow case but I don't think that such a pillow should cost $100. It was a big mistake to buy this product."

My Final Summary

Even though we didn't test the Purple Pillow ourselves but based on the available information and numerous customer reviews, we can say that this pillow is not worth buying. First of all, it is too heavy (more than 10 pounds). It is uncomfortable, does not feel cool and smells weird, according to the customers' testimonials. Besides, the air inflated inside tends to leak out during one day only. The modern market offers a wide variety of other pillows that work much better and cost less. The Purple pillow has a poor design that will hardly help you to relieve your back pain. The reps of the company recommend putting a folded towel inside the cover for better pillow thickness. This sounds like a mockery. With all pros and cons, I cannot recommend the Purple Pillow to buying.

Where To Buy Purple Pillow In Stores?

The product can be bought directly from the official website of the company. One unit is priced at $99 plus free shipping within the USA. It is also available on Amazon for a price of $170.95 and free shipping. All direct orders come with a 100-night guarantee and a one-year warranty against defects made by faulty materials or workmanship. To ask your questions or to request a refund, you will need to call to the customer service at 888-848-8456 or send your message to info@purple.com.