RainX Latitude Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY RainX Latitude Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

RainX Latitude

The RainX Latitude is a revolutionary wiper blade that contours to the curvature of windshield providing even wiping pressure along the whole blade length. The company behind the product is called RainX. It has been in business for 40 years providing drivers with a variety of other products all of which are designed to make their customers feel more comfortable and safer on the road. The series of Rain-X Latitude windshield wiper blades promises good visibility in sleet, rain, and snow. The synthetic rubber squeegee is claimed to be able to resist cracking in extremely high and low temperatures, as well as prevents snow and ice build-up due to the minimal exposure of metal components. More than 98% vehicles can be equipped with wiper blades due to the included multi-adapter for side pin, bayonet wiper blade arms and large j-hook, as well as the pre-installed small j-hook adapter.

RainX Latitude wiper blades are said to be meant for use on either originally installed curved-style or ordinary wiper blades. They come with small j-hook adapter. The package contains a multi-adapter for large j-hook, side pin, and bayonet wiper blade arms. Due to the contoured design of the Latitude wiper even pressure can be applied along the blade length for a clean and smooth wipe. A blended graphite-coated rubber blade is claimed to deliver clean, smooth, chatter-free wipe. The blade has a built-in aerodynamic spoiler meant to reduce noise, drag, and wind lift for a better driving experience even in harsh conditions. The Latitude has ice-resistant frame to prevent snow and ice from building up. Metal components are minimally exposed. The rubber-encased substructure is said to be durable. Its functions include increasing wiper flexibility and adherence to the windshield in difficult conditions. It means more visibility in harsh driving conditions and a more durable windshield wiper life.

Customer Reviews - Does RainX Latitude Really Work?

According to the manufacturer of the product, RainX Latitude prevents ice and snow from gathering due to the minimal visibility of metal components. It provides smooth due to the specially blended graphite coated rubber blade. The blades are easy to install with pre-installed j-hook adapter. The product also contains multi-adapter for side pin, bayonet, large j-hook, I&L and PTB wiper blade arms. The manufacturer claims that the product features enhanced grip and flexibility from the rubber-encased substructure. The item is claimed to be very durable, too. A synthetic rubber squeegee is said to withstand all weather conditions for you to be ready for anything. RainX Latitude is also promised to provide significant noise reduction and wind lift due to the built-in aerodynamic spoiler. These are too loud promises but let us see what real users of the product think about their experience.

In fact, there are quite many customer reviews available on third-party websites, namely, Amazon. They carry a mixed character, which means that while some users are pleased with their purchase, others are not. The most common complaint is the ineffectiveness of the product to overcome extreme temperature fluctuations. Thus, for instance, one customer reports that he bought RainX Latitude blades in hope that they would survive through the Central New York winter. However, I was mistaken. I bought these blades through a local retailer in summer thinking that they would be beneficial during the winter months ahead. They worked well during the summer, but were leaving a streak behind in severe rainfall. The man e-mailed the company and was told to bring back the blades to his local retailer. He exchanged the blades, and fortunately, they left only a small streak. The man was quite satisfied with the product, until winter started. The blades turned out to be practically useless. The winter was snowy and filled with rain, sleet, and ice. He had to waste additional money on buying premium blades, which made his drive safer and more visible in extreme weather situations. However, these blades do not wipe any precipitation. In fact, the man was afraid of turning them on, which could decrease his view. He used to clean the ice out of the grooves, but they still remained useless.

Another guy writes in his review that his dad owns RainX Latitude blades, and they are completely useless on his car. These are the worst blades he has ever had. Both men don't want to deal with this product and brand in future. According to the author's words, they are going to return to the local retailer and go with another brand that is less expensive and more reliable. Another user of Rain-X Latitude wiper blades reports that he selected the product for his 2014 Ram 1500 truck. He was based in his choice on the positive reviews about the durability of the product. He was ready to pay $50 for a pair considering the fact that he lives in a rainy city. Even though the man followed all the recommendations for a perfect fit provided on the official website, he was not satisfied with his choice. The man said that Rain-X probably didn't research how their blades would fit on the windshield of one of the most popular truck brands (Ram 1500). Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"I purchased RainX Latitude at the end of March for my 2012 Hyundai Sonata and I found out that the driver side blade was defective. This happened by mid-October. The rubber blade would creep up slowly, sliding off the windshield wiper arm. So, I had to pull over and slide the rubber back down for me to see the road. That can be dangerous, I should say. I asked Rain-X about a replacement or discount on another purchase but they told me that their policy is 90 days for warranty. This was my first and last set of blades from this brand."

"RainXLatitude offers the worst wiper blades I have ever used, although I had bought some cheap staff before. I purchased a set of these blades for all of my vehicles thinking that they are worthy products. I was mistaken. They are so noisy that it drives me crazy. They are not just squeaky but terribly noisy. I have to confess that their performance was poor too. I am going back to the cheap blades."

"I bought Rainx Latitude but it does not fit my 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 despite the fact that Amazon and the Rain-X official website were saying that it would fit both right and left wipers. It fits the right wiper arm but the left does not even connect. What is interesting is that both blades can be successfully attached to the right arm but neither of them fits the left. I had to shave off a little bit of the back bottom right corner of the adapter, but it can still be wiggled loose with some effort."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, it is important to say that RainX Latitude wiper blades have a number of disadvantages. The product features a Mickey Mouse mechanism for a "catch all" approach, especially when it comes to mounting their products to the wiper arms. The Rain-X mechanism is an awkward and bulky compared to the competition. Many users are frustrated with the ugly parts of the product. There is no opportunity to buy the squeegee parts separately. Some customers repot that the blades don't lay flat; they only touch the glass in the center of each blade leaving 2" that don't touch the glass on both sides. As a result, this leaves streaks. There are many complaints that the blades are too loud. Customer support doesn't answer too. With all this in mind, Rain-X Latitude blades cannot be offered to usage.

Where To Buy RainX Latitude In Stores?

You can order the product directly from the official website or from some retail stores. The price may differ from store to store. Amazon sells one set of RainX Latitude from $16.85 plus free shipping. There is Full Manufacturer's Warranty for parts and labor. To request one you will need to contact the customer service.