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Ravin Crossbow

Ravin Crossbow is an online store that specializes in selling crossbows. The official website of the store is ravincrossbows.com. It contains the following categories of products: Crossbows and Gear as well as Ravin 2019 Catalog. The first category includes Crossbows, Arrows and Nocks, Accessories, Apparel, Cases and Scopes. In addition to the large collection of Ravin Crossbows, the company also offers safety and instructional materials including R10/R20 Instruction Video, R9/R15 Instruction Video, R9/R15 Instruction Manual, R10/R20 Instruction Manual, Press Instruction Manual, and R26/R29 Instruction Manual. The site tells about unique technologies used in their crossbows including Helicoil, Trac Trigger Firing System, Frictionless Flight System, and Versa Draw Cocking System. HeliCoil Technology is the engine behind Ravin Crossbows that has a few vital advantages creating the most accurate crossbow. This technology coils cables away from the bottom and top of the cams in helical grooves balancing the cams well so that they can rotate 340 degrees, while remaining level when you are using your crossbow. This design allows to create a compact crossbow packed with many innovative features. Trac Trigger Firing System presupposes a built-in trigger mechanism sliding forward on the rail so that it clasps to the very center of the string whenever the bow is drawn. As a result, the straight-line nock travels. Due to this feature the draw is perfectly balanced for maximum accuracy of every shot.

Frictionless Flight System is a pending technology that allows the string and arrow to float above the rail, reducing friction for more accuracy and duration of the cable and string. Versa Draw Cocking System revolutionary is another design advantage of the HeliCoil technology that working in combination with the Trac-Trigger Firing System creates a sleek stock design. Having a minimal cocking force of 12 pounds this system allows to create a Ravin crossbow that it easy to cock and un-cock. The cocking mechanism of your bow is easy to use to produce extremely accurate shots. Since the company offers a wide variety of Ravin Crossbow models, in this review we are going to discuss the R20 Sniper package delivers cutting-edge crossbow technology and rifle-like long range accuracy in an ultra-compact package. In case of any questions in terms of sales or service you can contact the company via a submission form or by writing to their address: 3535 Tower Ave; Superior, WI 54880.

Customer Reviews - Does Ravin Crossbow Really Work?

The R20 Sniper package is a top-of-the-line model of Ravin Crossbows manufactured with patented HeliCoil technology. Thus, it offers high speed, terrific power, and unbelievable accuracy. The package also includes quiver and mounting bracket, six Ravin arrows, built-in sling mounts, Versa-Draw cocking handle, and a custom Vortex Strike Eagle scope used to mount to a riser level and jack plate. The performance and quality of this design is unmatchable, which can be seen from the high price of the product. Not all shooters can afford it; however, those who have bought the crossbow have not regretted their decision. They claim that the R20 Sniper package delivers accuracy and performance to rival high-rate modern rifles. According to the customer feedback, it is one of the most powerful and fastest crossbows on the market. Its flight velocity reaches 430 feet per second with 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy that can be achieved due to the combination of Frictionless Flight System and Ravin’s patented HeliCoil technology. The latter coils the crossbow cables away from the cams in helical grooves allowing them to rotate 340 degrees on the same level. As a result, the owner can enjoy high accuracy, maximum power, and reduced vibration and noise. This Ravin Crossbow produces enough power to take on tough large game, including black bear, elk, and even moose. You are recommended to use a heavy-duty target to avoid losing bolts through penetration.

There are many customer reviews about the Ravin R20 Sniper online. Most of them are highly positive since the owners of this crossbow are pleased with the power, speed and high functionality of the product. In addition to these vital features, the customers are also impressed with the durability of the crossbow. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty. It is heavily vented to optimize balance and minimize weight. Easy maneuverability and a great design are the other features that appeal to the customers. The crossbow's stock is made of two-pieces of cast polymer, which contributes to the light weight and durability of the product. In order to prolong the durability of your crossbow, Ravin recommends to change the cables and strings every two years or 200 shots. The excessive pressure can wear your cables, strings, and other moving parts faster since it is a high-velocity model. Remember to wax your strings and apply rail lube regularly.

The customers are also amazed with the quality of optics of their the Ravin R20 Sniper package. The product comes with a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8*24 mm scope the multi-coated lenses of which deliver a wide sight picture, clear image, and low light performance. The Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount that also comes with the product allows the shooter to achieve even better accuracy. In fact, the model was originally designed for usage on AR platform rifles. Its scope features a glass-etched reticle. Most users of this Ravin Crossbow claim that it is very comfortable to use. Its skeletonized design makes it ultralight (6.9 pounds). The product is easy to maneuver in the tightest spots, making it ideal for hunting from close-quarter blinds or tree stands. The Ravin R20 Sniper package features high-quality safety features that can be usually found in expensive crossbows. The polymer stock features an easy-grasp pistol grip with convenient finger grooves. This design makes the crossbow easy to handle even with gloved hands while your fingers are in safety far away from moving parts. Let us take a look at what actual users of Ravin R20 Sniper are saying about their experience of using it.

"I like my Ravin Crossbow very much. It has the speed and power I need to have a perfect hunting experience. The Ravin R20 Sniper is also very comfortable and easy to use. It has alight weight and can easily maneuver. When cocked, the crossbow measures only six inches from axel to axel. It is so compact that I can carry it without any discomfort."

"Ravin Crossbow has a great noise suppression feature, which is very important for hunting. Its unique design helps to reduce vibration too. However, the R-20 produces great sound with high speed, but it's ok. It is not the loudest crossbow on the market, it is still relatively quiet. I do recommend this crossbow to hunters."

"I bought Ravin Crossbow because this crossbow is suitable for left-handed shooters. It has an ambidextrous design and is easy-to-use due to its light weight. Its patented Versa-Draw Cocking System is integrated into the stock, so that cocking is very easy. It requires only a meager 12 pounds of cocking force, so I can draw it without little effort."

My Final Summary

If you wish to invest in a high-quality Ravin Crossbow, you should opt for the Ravin R20 Sniper that features top-level performance, power and speed. It has received the highest rating for its power, user comfort, quality of optics, durability, noise suppression, and safety. The product has a great number of advantages but we are going to summarize only the most important ones. The crossbow has the accuracy that rivals some firearms. It features hard-hitting power for the toughest game including an elk and moose. Most customers are pleasantly surprised with reduced noise level and vibration. They also highly appreciate compact design and light weight of the crossbow. The only disadvantage of the Ravin R20 Sniper is its high price tag; however, most shooters claim it is worth every penny. The level of comfort and performance of this Ravin Crossbow makes it unrivaled in the world of crossbows. It delivers hard-hitting kinetic energy, blistering velocities, and repeatable pinpoint accuracy. So, if you need a compact and lightweight Ravin Crossbow, Ravin R20 Sniper will be a great option for you.

Ravin Crossbow Pricing and Rates

The official website of the manufacturer sells R20 Sniper Package at the price from $2,549.99 to $2,649.99 depending on some insignificant factors. There are also other wonderful options available in the store. R29 Crossbow costs $2,549.99. R26 Crossbow is priced at $2,049.99. You can buy R20 Crossbow for $2,049.99 - $2,149.99. R10 Crossbow will cost you $1,549.99 - $1,649.99. ravincrossbows.com also offers a wide choice of accessories. Ravin R26/R29 Hard Case can be purchased for $309.99, while you will may only $134.99 for Ravin R26/29 Soft Case. Ravin R9/10/15/20 Soft Case is even cheaper - only $109.99. If you need some arrows, you may choose from Ravin .001 Premium Arrows for $109.99, Ravin .003 Arrows for $74.99, Ravin .001 Premium Match-Grade Lighted Arrows for $109.99 or RAVIN .003 Match-Grade Lighted Arrows for $74.99. Ravin Arrow Case will cost you $54.99. R26 Strings and Cables are priced at $109.99. You can get Ravin Backpack Sling for $59.99, Ravin "Trucker" Hat for $24.99 and Ravin LED Lighted Sign for $249.99. If you need some hunting clothes, you will probably like Ravin T-Shirt for $34.99.