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Red Copper Flipwich

The Red Cooper Flipwich is a cooking device that promises to grill your sandwich fast and easily mainly due to its double-sided design. The product has a unique two sided copper construction as well as a ceramic interlocking grill chamber with non-stick surface. This appliance is manufactured by a division of product manufacturer Telebrands called BulbHead. Telebrands offers hundreds of many other "As Seen On TV" products, including those that have been on sale on popular retail stores. At present, the company holds a C rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is a poor rating, I should say.

According to the BulbHead official website, the Flipwich is s lightweight device that is also easy to use and clean, due to its dishwasher-safe design. The device is also claimed to be used on almost any type of stovetop, from gas, to glass, electric, and even induction systems. Today, it is no surprise, especially when taking into account the fact that cookware is becoming more and more personalized. However, Red Copper Flipwich seems to perform a very specific function in the kitchen. It is said to be an effective utility in your culinary arsenal. But can it really live up to the promises of its manufacturer? Let's take a look at how the product works in the next section. We will try to determine if it might be a suitable option for you and your family.

Customer Reviews - Does Red Copper Flipwich Really Work?

Before we move to the real customers' reviews available online let us discuss how to use the Red Copper Flipwich. The manufacturer of the product claims that the product has a secret to its functionality. It lies in its double interlocking grill chambers that create a sealed-off environment to prepare a wide variety of dishes namely grilled cheese, sandwiches, burgers, paninis and others. But when we took a look at the Flipwich, we understood that it is very much like a traditional panini or sandwich griller. The only difference is that it is not powered by an electrical outlet. What you will need to do is to simply put your ingredients on the ceramic surface and ensure that the future dish is positioned to cook as evenly as possible. The device has a non-stick surface, so your dish is not expected to get burnt too quickly, even though it may happen.

After you have loaded everything on your Red Copper Flipwich, you will need to press it, flip, and cook. You can find an explainer video on the official website of the product which can be of great help for you. The device claims to provide you with even cooking without any mess. It allows grilling sandwiches of all kinds, as well as cooking s'mores, hamburgers, pitas, hot dogs, french toast, and more. The main sign showing that it can be grilled up is its ability to fit in the Flipwich. Now that we know how this device works, we need to find out what real users are saying about it in their testimonials online. After that, we will summarize everything we have learnt and check how much the Red Copper Flipwich will cost you. Actually there is a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites, including on Amazon.

One customer reports that her food started to stick to the surface of the appliance after the second use already. The woman is disappointed and says that it is total waste of money. She still uses it but she usually has a hard time cleaning food off. Another woman reports that her device broke at the hinge after she used it only two times. The red part of handle came loose, so the grill has become completely useless. Another user sys that this kitchen appliance does not work as advertised. Foods do not even cook on all sides. The product itself is poorly made. According to one buyer, it came apart when he unpacked it. The customer was unable to get it back together again. The man also noticed that the red paint flaked off when he washed. Some customers report that the product bought on TV functions much better than that bought from the site or retail stores. The concept is usually appealing, but for the product is still overpriced. One user wrote in her testimonial that the Red Copper Flipwich fell apart as soon as she got it out of the box. She writes that she would never order this product again. A traditional panini press is much cheaper. Some people report that the device is not nonstick. On the contrary, foods often stick to its surface and the device is hard to clean. But food doesn't brown properly. The handle is also too short. The whole product is very cheaply made. Even a cast iron pan is better. Many other customers agree that this product is very bad. Is the product worth buying or is it better to save your money? Let's find out by reading actual customers' testimonials.

"I used my Red Copper Flipwich two times only and on the third attempt the two pieces broke apart. It is difficult to connect them again. I now have two separate units now. If the manufacturer of this product can tell me how to put it back together, I will be grateful. The problem is that I cannot reach anyone from their customer service department. I would like to get a new Flipwich. In any case, I cannot recommend this device to anyone."

"RedCopper Flipwich is my worst purchase I have ever made online. The company says that you can separate the two halves; however, it is impossible to reassemble them again. So the product cannot be used properly. This thing was probably designed by an idiot. There is no way to put it back after separating the halves. Now I am left with two pieces that I cannot use. So not buy this product."

"I bought the Red CopperFlipwich because my family loves making pudgy pies. I bought this device to be able to make a similar sandwich in home surrounding. I am disappointed with the fact that it does not close tight enough when you make a sandwich. I would like it to be deeper too. Washing it requires a lot of effort and time. I don't think that this product will last long, since it has poor quality. I read on the internet that it was dishwasher safe but my product directions clearly say that it is not dishwasher or oven safe."

My Final Summary

Considering everything we have learnt about the Red Copper Flipwich, it should be said that it is not as unique as it may seem. The modern market offers a great number of other grilling devices with similar functionality at a more reasonable price. The product we have discussed in this video has a number of drawbacks. It lid does not close well enough as to press food and its non-stick surface is sticky in reality. The device itself is made from cheap materials, so it is not going to last you long. Besides, the product is quite expensive. With this in mind, I cannot recommend the Red Copper Flipwich to buying. You can find some more cost-effective grills on the market.

Where To Buy Red Copper Flipwich In Stores?

The product is available through the product's official website. There are three main offerings for you to choose from. You can also order additional items including Red Copper Flipwich, Standard Pan, Forever Sharp Knife and Recipe Book. Each order comes with 30-Day Manufacturer's Warranty. One unit of the Red Copper Flipwich costs $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping. A double offer will cost you 29.98 plus $9.99. Deluxe Offer includes Deluxe Coating Red Copper Flipwich, Forever Sharp Knife, and Recipe Book. It is priced at $29.98 plus $9.99 shipping or $49.96 plus $9.99 shipping for Double offer. You will also get Three Year Guarantee. Bundle Offer includes Red Copper Flipwich, Forever Sharp Knife and Recipe Book.