Red Copper Mug Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Red Copper Mug

Red Copper Mug is a ceramic-infused construction with a dual wall that claims to create a seal. In this way, your coffee remains flavorful and fresh all day long. In addition, the mug will maintain the temperature of your drinks. Your coffee will stay hot, while your iced drinks will stay cold for several hours. According to the manufacturer, Red Copper Mug's leak-proof lid and patented drip guard make it suitable for enjoying your drink on the go. The bottom vacuum seal safely locks onto any surface. It means that you can hit the mug from any direction but your drink won't spill out.

The TV commercial says that the Red Copper Mug features a lot of useful benefits. The reason is the use of different coffee mug materials that are able to retain heat better than other similar cookware. For example, stainless rugged steel (from which many items of cookware are made) is extremely dense, but this material doesn't prevent electron transfer, and the item easily loses heat. On the other hand, ceramics feature a lot of pores (pockets of air), that can prevent this electron transfer much better. This way, drinks remain hot much longer. Red Copper Mug is made from ceramics that can prevent electron transfer, thus, heat loss.

Customer Reviews - Does Red Copper Mug Really Work?

Even though Red Copper Mug is a rather new product, it is associated with a great number of online customer reviews. There are both positive and negative testimonials but the number of the former ones prevails significantly. One of the advantages of the item is that it is manufactured by one of the largest companies in the industry. It is called Telebrands. The company is known for such products as TouCan Can Opener, Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, Pocket Hose Ultra, and many others. There is a whole line of Red Copper branded products, such as Red Copper Square Pan, Red Copper Roller Blade, and Red Copper Pan. What are customers saying about the Red Copper Mug? Like most ASOTV products, this item comes with four-star average ratings. The users appreciate the product primarily for its high functionality, quality, and good customer service. Of course, there are some minor complaints but they seem insignificant.

It is important to remember that although the commercial with Red Copper Mug mentions "vacuum", this only describes the bottom suction feature. It is not about the whole mug. There is no vacuum being created inside the mug. What's the point? It is not a vacuum flask, as many people may think. However, it does not mean that the mug cannot retain heat much longer than a traditional double-walled mug. The product demonstrates a significant performance that differs a lot from that of other double-walled flasks and insulated vacuum flasks. The Red Copper Mug is able to keep coffee at the necessary temperature for a few hours and this is what we all are looking for.

Most users are happy with the Red Copper Mug. They report in their reviews that this product is really effective for maintaining the stable temperature of the drink inside, no matter it is hot or cold. It offers a great opportunity to take this mug wherever you go. Your drink will remain as hot (or cold) as you like. One thing that was noticed by one user was that the mug with hot coffee would lift straight up to release, but the mug with ice water, no. The man had to slide it to the side to get it off. The man removed the rubber gasket on the mug's bottom, and there was no problem. It is high time to take a closer look at what real users of the mug think about it. Here are some of their testimonials left online.

"Red Copper Mug is a wonderful travel mug. I ordered two mugs on the official website of the company and I received my parcel in one week. As soon as I got them, I started testing my purchase. I filled one mug with ice and another one with hot water. After 24 hours, I checked the mug with ice, it still contained a third of the ice. The mug with hot water had still hot water after five hours. It was enough for me to understand that I made the right choice. I gave one mug to my daughter, while I use another one myself. The coffee tastes well even after six hours. I love this mug!"

"I am completely pleased with my RedCopper Mug. I always keep it next to my computer when I am in the office. I fill it with hot coffee in the winter, while I use it for keeping ice water in the summer. This mug always keeps my coffee hot for up to 8-hours. The mug does not leak. It is heavy enough, so that even my cat, Boss, cannot knock it over when he is running through. This investment is undoubtedly worthy the money it costs."

"My husband has often been disappointed when his coffee got cold before he arrived to his office and could drink it. This was until I ordered the Red Copper Mug for him. Now he can drink hot coffee even after several hours. The unit really works. My hubby is also happy that this mug is very tall. He likes to drink a lot of coffee. He says that it won't spill when he is driving a car or walking fast with the mug in his hand. My husband loves his mug. I am planning to buy two more for our children too."

My Final Summary

When it comes to deciding whether it is worth to buy the Red Copper Mug or not, take a look at the nest advantages this product offers. Your personal preference can be important in determining its value. Let's take two objective points: performance and price. The item's performance is really good, according to the numerous users' testimonials. This double-walled ceramic construction possesses all features to maintain the high temperature of your coffee for a long period of time. At the same time, it retains its original flavor. Speaking about the Red Copper Mug's price, it is necessary to say that the product is reasonably priced taking into account the price of other similar mugs available on the market.

As it was already mentioned, the Red Copper Mug is made of high-quality materials that have no negative impact either on your drink's taste and flavor, or on your health. The product can be easily ordered and purchased online. Another important factor in buying this mug is low shipping charges, which means that you can save your money on ordering this product. Based on these pros and cons, the Red Copper Mug can be rightfully recommended for buying. I am sure you will like this mug.

Where To Buy Red Copper Mug In Stores?

The Red Copper Mug can be ordered from the official website of the company. One unit costs $19.99, plus $7.99 shipping. During checkout, you can buy a second unit for an additional $7.99 fee. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy, less shipping. If you have any issues or questions, you can contact the customer service of the BulbHead (a division of Telebrands) at 855-668-1655. You can be sure that you will get professional advice and care.