Redbox Instant Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Redbox Instant

Redbox Instant (iOS|Android) is a service that allows you to manage your rentals from your tablet or smartphone. It also provides instant streaming of your favourite programs and movies, but the streaming catalog is not on par with other services such as Netflix. In order to start using the service, you will need to become a subscriber or to create an account using your credit card (just like Netflix). This will provide you with access to the service. The good news is that you will immediately get a one-month trial completely for free. You will be able to see whether you want to stay on board. After you have set up, you will see the home screen for the Redbox Instant app (like Netflix's) with categorized movie posters. In the bottom of the screen you will notice buttons that are easy to use for navigation of each of the sections. The movies can be browsed by using a drop-down menu in the upper left corner to see Redbox-curated collections and choose from available genres.

Redbox Instant website is very easy to use, even though it offers a number of features and opportunities. For example, one of the most beneficial features is that you can look at the My Redbox section and check movies you have planned to watch later, as well as your viewing history, and your earlier purchases. A locations button demonstrates all their locations in your area. You can use an account button to see how many rentals you have left for the month. The preferences section can be used to restrict content, for example, in order to prevent your children from watching inappropriate videos when using the device. The movie page is the most interesting, to my mind. It allows you to watch such movie info as the cast, genre, release date director, and some other data about each movie. You also can thumb through customer reviews for the movie. On the right there is a "more like this" section that helps you to find similar movies to those you have already watched. If you wish to try something new you will undoubtedly find it.

Customer Reviews - Does Redbox Instant Really Work?

Redbox was one of the few companies that managed to enter the media rental market and had almost a monopoly in the industry really soon. With the emergence of such online streaming services as Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, its business suffered a bit. This in combination with the change in market conditions made the administration of the company reconsider their strategy. Thus, Redbox Instant decided to adopt an exclusive online video streaming model by combining the DVD credits with subscription plan. The redeeming could be done at any local Redbox kiosk. In addition, the company offers a free 30-day trial period during which you can decide whether this is the right service for you or not.

A great number of customers share their experience of using Redbox Instant online. The majority of them are pleased with its performance. They are satisfied with the fact that this provider offers strictly movie content and does not include TV shows. The customers' main motive for signing up seems to be the access to movies. However, for some users it is a real disappointment. Instant's movie selection is good. In fact, the streaming movie selection is better than Hulu Plus (it focuses on TV shows). Probably, the main factor that makes Instant a major choice is their combination of the 4 DVD credits per month and unlimited streaming. According to the people's testimonials, they find the monthly price quite reasonable. Throughout our testing of the service, the quality of streaming has been constantly solid. Streaming via a web browser may require you to install Microsoft Silverlight, but it is really easy.

Another thing appreciated by Redbox Instant users is the ability to stream several movies at a time with no hiccups. But if you do not have a high end Internet package, you might experience some buffering delays. People like the fact that they can just go to the website and choose some movies at random. There is no need to deal with a cashier who is trying to sell a candy and popcorn at cosmic prices. It is really cool that you can rent through their locations or stream online. Redbox Instant always has pretty decent movies, even some newer ones. One user writes that he had been dying to see We're the Millers and the service had it! $1 is too little for such service, to his mind. We are going to take a look at some of the actual customers' reviews left online.

"I like using RedboxInstant because I don't have to wait to get my dvd from Netflix any more. It offers a great selection of newer movies and I usually use coupons to get free rental. I have nothing to complain about! Every time I want to watch a new movie, I check out my local Redbox. And I always succeed. In the past I have used many websites but I was charged too much. Now I'm able to catch movies for $1.20, not $10!"

"I am in love with Redbox instant! It is fast and easy to use every day of my life. In addition, they have the most reasonable prices I have encountered online! What I found on other websites for about $10-$20, I can find for only $1.20 in the Redbox. I appreciate the fact that it costs only $1 s well as the convenience factor. At present I am completely satisfied with their selection of movies. By the way, I receive their promotions via email regularly. It's a great way to choose movies with no hassle."

"Redbox Instant is a perfect movie service! I can watch movies in the comfort of my home whenever I want for an extremely low price. Sometimes, I have a chance to use more promo codes for free ones. It is amazing to be able to watch movies for about a dollar! I do recommend this service to all of my friends!"

My Final Summary

Good Redbox Instant is good to manage your rentals, bookmark movies you wish to watch, and to watch a movie instantly. Finding a desired movie is really easy in the catalog provided on the official website of the company. The Redbox app proves to be useful for managing your account and renting movies. This is a solid streaming service that takes over a large portion on the market and continues to flourish. They use an excellent business model with the reasonable pricing and many devices supported for playback.

The customer reviews seem to be mainly positive, but some of them wish their instant streaming selection was wider and had more desirable titles. Luckily, the administration of the site is constantly improving the service. If you are looking to rent or stream movies, Redbox Instant is a worthwhile investment. But if you are looking to watch TV shows, you should better to check elsewhere. If you have any doubts, you can try the free trial. I would recommend Redbox Instant to everyone.

Redbox Instant Pricing and Rates

The subscription for Redbox Instant costs $8 per month with four DVD rentals. Streaming will cost you $6 per month. That is compared with Netflix's $8 per month for streaming and an additional cost for DVDs. It should be mentioned that Redbox Instant carries 4,600 movies without TV shows. It still makes sense for you to use the service, especially taking into account such a low cost. Its app is perfect for browsing through titles, managing your rentals, reserving movies at the Redbox in your area, and watching a movie via streaming.