Reddi Wip Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Reddi Wip

If you like whipped cream you have probably seen Reddi Wip products popping up all over the internet. Are they worth giving a try? Let's find out by taking a closer look at what they offer. These whipped creams are classic because they are made with grade-A dairy cream and do not contain any hydrogenated oils. The company has recently presented an original lineup of creamy whipped toppings that can be used for a variety of drinks and desserts. Those who have already tried some of these products report they are really delicious. Here are some of the most popular products from the brand. Reddi-wip Original can be used as tasty addition to your favorite cocoa, coffee, fruit, or any other dessert. It contains no hydrogenated oils and has great taste of dairy whipped topping. The serving of two tablespoons contains only 15 calories and 1g of sugar. Fat Free Reddi Wip comes with the taste of Reddi-wip Original but it contains much less calories - only 5 calories per serving (two tbsp). It is ideal for topping smoothies and fresh fruit.

Reddi-wip Extra Creamy is a whipped dairy cream with a rich taste to top different kinds of sweet treats. There are 15 calories per serving, 1g Fat, 0.5g Saturated Fat, 1g Carbohydrates and 1g sugars. Chocolate Reddi-wip is a nice dessert by itself. It's made with chocolate cream. Sweet Foam Coffee Topper will create a smooth layer of foam on top of your favorite coffee. It is made from real non-fat milk and cream of rich and velvety consistency. This light and easy-to-use topper will bring you true pleasure with every sip. It contains 45 calories, 1.5g Total Fat, 1g Saturated Fat, 5mg Cholesterol, 10mg Sodium, 7g Carbohydrates, 6g Sugars. Non-dairy Almond is a delicious cream with Almond milk without dairy ingredients, artificial flavors or sweeteners. Use this cream to top off fruits, desserts, and coffee. This gluten-free treat contains only 10 calories. Nitro Coffee Creamer will perfectly go with hot or iced coffee creating velvety layers for you to enjoy an authentic coffeehouse experience. It is made from real non-fat milk and cream. There are 40 calories per serving. Non-dairy Coconut is a very delicious creamy topping made with Coconut milk. There are only 10 calories in two table spoons.

Customer Reviews - Does Reddi Wip Really Work?

There is a great number of customer testimonials about the Reddi Wip products online. Most people appreciate the fact that they come without artificial flavors or sweeteners. They can be perfectly used as topping for desserts, drinks and fruits. They are gluten-free and some are even fat-free. The company has recently presented two new varieties made from coconut milk and almond milk both of which are liked by the consumers a lot. The creams are both gluten-free and dairy-free. The price of Reddi Wip products is another thing customers like. It is quite reasonable when compared to similar products available on the market. They also like the fact that these toppings contain a small number of calories per serving, which makes them a great option for people on the diet of those suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Those who are concerned with possible inclusion of mono- and diglycerides in the creams may get calm about that, since Reddi Wip products are free from these substances. The additives are made in order to keep water and oil from separating. They usually come from hydrogenated fats, which may have trace amounts of trans fatty acids (animal products). However, they are still used in margarine, peanut butter, baked goods, and candies. The majority of consumers of Reddi-wip products are pleased with its taste. Some of them are big fans of the coconut milk whipped cream with a tender texture and coconut flavor. Those who tried the topping confessed it was great addition to fresh fruit, coffee, or a tropical pie. The coconut whipped topping is described as, smooth, creamy, and sweet. It has a strong coconut flavor, but not overpowering. The topping brings rich mouthfeel, so you should be ready to grab a few cans at once. The tasters were a less thrilled with the almond milk whipped cream, though. Its texture is still fluffy and creamy, the flavor is a bit off-putting, and there is a light almond aftertaste. It may be a bad option for those who don't like the bitter flavor of almond milk, these people should better opt for the coconut version. However, if you are a big fan of dairy-free alternatives you will want to try them, especially with fruit salads and summer pies.

There are especially many testimonials from those who have tried Reddi Wip Nitro Coffee Creamer. They say it suits hot or iced coffee. For instance, one man reports he uses it on his coffee every day and he loves it. It adds a wonderful flavor and creates a nice foam. He likes the fact that it comes out like whipped cream. With this creamer his coffee feels and tastes like a coffee from the coffee shops; however, it saves him a lot of money. Besides, the product has no artificial taste. And the best part is that the consumer doesn't need to give his coffee any other flavor. He just wishes it was sold at local stores. He can't find it anywhere except online. The man thinks he is already addicted and he likes that. It is perfect for him because he likes to drink coffee with whipped cream in the morning. He also wishes the creamer was more reasonably priced but it is worth a splurge. The customer recommends to try Reddi Wip Nitro Coffee Creamer to everyone who loves coffee.

Reddi Wip Original Whipped Cream is also associated with a great number of customer reviews. It is said to be very delicious, creamy but not too sweet, which is good. It tastes well in coffee, tea, and hot chocolate as well as on ice-cream, pies and cakes. One female user says it is unbelievable goodness of heaven in a can! This is so tasty that you can squirt it right out of the can into your mouth. The woman says she can eat a whole can of this cream by itself. She loves this whipped cream so much! By the way, the product can be bought at bjs for a lowed price and then to stock it up in the fridge. Let us take a look at some other testimonials about Reddi Wip Original Whipped Cream.

"I love this Reddi Wip whipped cream just with everything - desserts, coffee and hot coco! It can perfectly dress up anything you put it in. It is also not expensive at all. I usually buy it on sale in bulk at Costco. I can eat the whole can on my own! I try to keep some of this product in the fridge all the time but it is hard to do. I use it with different kinds of snacks and drinks. I have created many recipes already. This cream helps to turn anything I bake into perfection. I would highly recommend Reddi Wip Original Whipped Cream."

"Once I tried Reddi Wip Original Whipped Cream I immediately fell in love with it! I use this on iced coffee mixed where I also add some chocolate syrup. This is a simple addition that can be easily used every day. It really makes my every day nicer. Sometimes, I take a bowl and add some of this cream to maraschino cherries and chocolate syrup. It tastes very well. It is not the healthiest dish but I can afford myself to eat it from time to time."

"I like Reddi Wip Extra Creamy Whipped Cream because it is creamy and delicious. I prefer to put it on a pumpkin pie or ice cream. It is a perfect covering for all kinds of pies. Even my little son likes to spray it directly into his mouth. And I like that it is not expensive and the size of the can is really big and full of the cream, unlike other products I have bought for my coffee. I will definitely be buying this whipped cream in the future."

My Final Summary

The whipped toppings have become very popular because most modern people adore coffee and certainly different toppings to this drink. Unfortunately, many whipped products contain chemical additives which can be harmful for the human health, especially when consumed on a regular basis. Reddi Wip products are different. They contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. While some of them contain 40 calories per serving, others boast containing only 10 calories per two tablespoons. The company also offers dairy-free varieties with only 0.5g of total fat and without any saturated fat. For comparison, most of traditional dairy creams contain 1g fat and 0.5g saturated fat per two tablespoons. Both dairy and non-dairy Reddi Wip toppings contain up to 1g of sugar per serving. This kind of product is not a significant source of dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin D, potassium, or iron, though. The brand is associated with highly positive customer reputation. Most consumers have reported that they liked the delicious whipped creams from the company saying that they were perfect for adding into different kinds of recipes. Reddi Whip Cream can be used on a daily basis on the top of various coffee drinks, both hot and iced. It creates a tender creamy taste. The are several flavors for you to choose from including almond flavor and coconut flavor. So, if you like to decorate your desserts with whipped cream you are recommended to try Reddi Whip Cream. It is a great sweet treat even for those who are on a low-carb diet.

Reddi Wip Pricing and Rates

Reddi Wip products can be purchased not only from the manufacturer's website but also from different retail stores such as Walmart or Costco. The 6-ounce can of the product is suggested to have a retail price of $3.99. Walmart sells Reddi-wip Original Whipped Dairy Cream Topping (13 oz.) at the price of $3.88. Reddi-wip Fat Free Whipped Dairy Cream Topping (6.5 oz.) also costs $3.88. You can buy Reddi-wip Non-Dairy Made with Coconut Milk Vegan Whipped Topping (6 oz.) for $3.38. Reddi-wip Non-Dairy Made with Almond Milk Vegan Whipped Topping (6 oz.) is also priced at $3.38. Reddi-wip Extra Creamy Whipped Dairy Cream Topping (6.5 oz.) is not in stock at present.