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Redwood Credit Union

Redwood Credit Union (RCU) is a company providing personal and business banking services, such as checking and savings accounts; insurance products; home, auto and personal loans; free online and mobile banking; low-rate credit cards; investments and retirement planning; SBA and commercial lending; a no-haggle auto sales center; free access to over 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide; free financial education; debit and credit rewards; etc. The company was established in 1950 as a not-for-profit financial cooperative. In this way, it has provided financial services to communities and their members for more than 69 years already. What differs Redwood Credit Union from other financial organizations of the kind is the affordability and high quality of their services. They focus on meeting the needs of their clients, not on the profit, which is why they charge lower and fewer fees for their banking services. At the same time, the company offers better returns on savings and affordable rates on credit cards and loans. They consider their mission to be serving the interests of their clients and helping them to thrive financially. They began as a team of seven County of Sonoma employees in 1950 and now their institution includes $2.2 billion; however, one thing has remained the same: they are passionate about serving the their members, communities and employees. They appreciate the opportunity to serve the financial needs of their clients. Redwood Credit Union has its headquarters in Santa Rosa. It is the 8th largest credit union in California. It is the 43rd largest credit union in the country. It June of 2019, it had 265,237 members and 597 employees in eighteen locations. The company's CD rates are 61% higher than the average in the USA, and it boasts to have an A+ health rating. The business website of the company is If you have any questions, call the their phone number (800) 479-7928.

Customer Reviews - Does Redwood Credit Union Really Work?

You can become a member of Redwood Credit Union if you live or work in the California Northern Bay and San Francisco area, including Lake, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Mendocino, Solano, San Francisco, and Sonoma Counties. You will be able to achieve your goals with the help of banking tools deliver by the company. Your membership will involve affordable credit cards and loans, a free checking account with rewards, a regular savings account, and convenient access to your accounts. It is not difficult to open an account. The application process usually takes about ten minutes. In order to apply you will need to provide your email address and phone number, as well as Social Security number, your physical U.S. address, date of birth for all account holders, account or debit card information for funding new account. In is also important for you to feel good about banking with Redwood Credit Union.

This financial organization is associated with a great number of customer reviews with the majority of testimonials being highly positive. For instance, one man reports that he feels thankful to the whole team and especially Sammie working for the Redwood Credit Union located at 1390 Market Street. All of them took their time, effort and initiative to solve a problem for the client just before closing time. The man was impressed with the customer service provided by Sammie's. The customer has had three friends who switched over to this company from banks! The client himself switched over from a leading bank and I could not be happier! At this credit union, he feels like a highly respected person that is taken care of. The man recommends everyone to switch from their bank to Redwood Credit Union and to enjoy being real cared about. Another reviewer also joined Redwood Credit Union, which happened four years ago, and he praises it a lot. He is happy with the service saying that the online banking is seamless and even fun to use. According to his words, their new San Francisco branch on Market Street is simply impressive. A rep named Sami Gowara has helped him to resolve some problems associated with managing his money. The man was referred to Mark who is going to handle the client's investments. It is pleasant to realize that things work smoothly. The team is awesome.

Some testimonials about Redwood Credit Union are left by females too. Thus, one woman says that, in her opinion, this is the best bank in her town. She went there to get a credit card for line of credit she was approved. The client talked to Sammie about auto loan. He informed the customer about a 24.95% interest rate and payments of $327 per month to a 6.89% and $215 payment per month. The representative of this credit union really helped the client to save a lot of money, so she feels it was a good idea to come and talk to him about her credit situation and financial needs. The woman says this is a great bank with wonderful and very knowledgeable people. One man has been a long time customer of J.P. Morgan Chase, since credit unions had always interested him. He was the client of big banks because he believed they were more convenient than smaller ones. However, he has changed his mind once he walked into Redwood Credit Union at the Downtown SF location. He was met by Mr. Luis Cocom, a charismatic individual in terms of providing high-quality customer service. The client was amazed with his professionalism and patience through the whole process of opening a Builder Secured Credit Card. The man was nervous about dealing with any credit card companies but Luis reassured him, answered all of his questions and showed him how Redwood Credit Union cares for its members in real life. Luis made the customer's first experience at the union very enjoyable, so that the man decided to open a savings and checking account soon after. Luis successfully worked through the complex financial process. Here are some more customer reviews about Redwood Credit Union.

"I came to Redwood Credit Union for a secured loan and I was impressed with the top level of service the bank offered. My bank rep was professional, friendly, and fast. I received my money in just a week! I got approved for a $2000 credit card with almost no credit history. By the way, when I came to the bank I did not have to wait or get nervous. Everything was very quick. Once I forgot my debit card at home, and they printed a new one in just a minute. I recommend Redwood Credit Union."

"I want to share my experience with Redwood Credit Union. It was marvelous. The guys employed at this company were are helpful and professional. It took 20 days from the very start to the very finish to fund a Heloc on an investment property. The representatives of this financial union are good at communication with their clients. They can solve any issue you may face. My assistant named Lauren overcame all difficulties and was very pleasant. I highly recommend this financial institution. Thanks to Laureen I worked with."

"I was positively stunned with Redwood Credit Union and have nothing to complain about. I have had several accounts with them for 25 years and I have enjoyed the positive service every time. My experience with this company has always been awesome, which is why I have been their client for so long! Redwood credit Union is about working not for profit but it's all about serving others. They are helpful for so many people. I don't believe any of the negative stories about them."

My Final Summary

Redwood Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union chartered by California. It was established in 1950 and was known as Sonoma County Employees Credit Union. The company was created by seven County employees who gathered their own funds to provide loans to each other. The company called Redwood Credit Union was formed as it is in 1982. It started providing financial services to their communities at affordable terms. Despite the significant growth of Redwood Credit Union, they still focused on serving to their members and employees, since their major philosophy is helping people. This Federally Insured State Chartered Credit Union features eighteen branches and assets of $2,027,400,716. Its headquarters is located in Santa Rosa, CA. Based on the customer feedback, the company has often exceeded their clients' expectations. If you need financial assistance, feel free to contact the any time. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of Redwood Credit Union, we can certainly recommend this credit union.

Redwood Credit Union Pricing and Rates

The company offers a lot of different services, so their rates vary a lot. Redwood Credit Union has reasonable new and used auto rates. Minimal APR is 3.59%. APR for 60 months is 3.59% with min amount of $5,000. APR for 72 months is 3.79% with min amount of $10,000. APR for 84 months is 4.09% with min amount of $20,000. There may be certain restrictions. New autos are vehicles with less than 1,000 miles and may be financed up to 125% MSRP. Used autos are up to 10 years old and may be financed up to 120% NADA value. New Recreational Vehicle (RV) Rates may also vary. APR for 84 months is 4.74% with min amount of $10,000. APR for 120 months is 5.24% with min amount of $20,000. APR for 180 months is 5.49% with min amount of $50,000. APR for 240 months is 7.24% with min amount of $175,000. Here are Money Market Rates. Dividend is 0.50% and APY is 0.50% with Minimum Deposit of $100.00. Dividend is 0.50% and APY is 0.50% with Minimum Deposit of any sum from $500.00 to $100,000.00. APR is 8.99%.