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Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is a company that offers electricity plans at affordable prices across the state of Texas for businesses and homes. To see which one is perfect for you, you'll need to browse their Texas electricity rates. In fact, Reliant is a child company of a larger one known as Fortune 500 company NRG. They provide residential customers and businesses of all sizes with electricity throughout Texas. When choosing an appropriate Texas electricity provider, over 1.5 million Texans turn to the company for business or residential service. Its parent company, NRG Energy, Inc., helps Reliant Energy to provide leading energy innovation and to simplify the way you power your business, your home, and all your life. Being one of the largest electricity providers in Texas, they can boast having a wide variety of Reliant Energy plans for their customers to choose from and enjoy what they need. In this way, Reliant seems to offer more than just electricity. In order to sign up, call Reliant Energy at (281) 612-3085. Energy rates are not the same across the board, since the Texas electricity grid was built by the regulated monopoly providers. The placement of generators caused the increase of energy prices. But since 2002, Reliant Energy started offering electricity depending on the grid part you will be pulling from.

One of the energy plans offered by the company is a fixed-rate energy plan. It gives you a fixed energy rate on a monthly basis. This option guarantees stability, security, and consistency with your electricity. It is a good choice for those who have a family or just don't want to constantly worry about their changing electricity bill. This type of plan comes with different contract lengths, but the most common options feature one or two-year contracts. It means that you will agree to the set rate and the contract length at the beginning of your term, and you won't have to worry about your electricity when your contract remains active. Once it is over, you can either renew it or switch to a different plan. There is also a variable-rate energy plan, which the opposite of the previous option, but still you may love the idea behind it. This plan does not involve any contract, set rate or commitment. It allows you to do what you need to; however, this option runs on a month-to-month basis. In this way, you will be able to end your plan when you need to without any cancellation fee or penalty. This type of plan doesn't give you a fixed electricity rate, so you will benefit from lowered electricity rates during some periods in the year, but you may have to pay more during some other times. Your rates will change throughout the year with the changes in the energy market. If you are interested in this plan, check out the variable-rate options offered by Reliant Energy. The official website of the company is

Customer Reviews - Does Reliant Energy Really Work?

Reliant Energy offers many different options for you to choose from in order to save money on energy. Reliant 100% Solar Plan allows you to save the environment with the use of solar panels. The plan involves a fixed 12-month contract and 24/7 customer service. With your own solar panels you will be able to generate your own power. The company offers a free consultation and makes installing solar panels simpler than you may think. Simple Solar Sell Back 12 Plan allows you to put extra energy back to work. You get credit for all surplus electricity generated by your solar panels. It is automatically added to your monthly bill. These are 12 month contacts that can really help you take charge of your energy rate. Local Solar plan lets you power your home with 100% renewable solar energy. In this way, you can easily use renewable energy to power your house. Reliant Energy allows you to use solar energy even if you don't have solar panels. You'll receive your energy from local Texas solar farms at a low price. This plan allows you to save money, the environment and help local solar farms.

On of top solar energy plan options is Secure Advantage 100% Wind Plan that allows you to power your home with another type of renewable energy, known as wind power. It is one of the simplest ways to power your home. Besides, you will get some other benefits including price protection throughout the term of your contract. There is no need to worry about unexpected changes in your energy rates. You will also enjoy 24/7 customer support over the phone and online. There are energy plans for business, which can be used to power your business. You can opt for several services at lower prices. Reliant Business Stay and Save 36 Plan allows you to benefit from reduced electricity rates by 10% at the end of a year. This plan is three years long, so you can get lower electricity rates during this term. Reliant Business Power Plus Plan is a fixed-rate energy plan that allows to power your business without worrying about fluctuating energy rates. With this plan, you will have a constant energy rate for the duration of your contract's term. Reliant Business Power Plus Flex Plan is a plan of variable-rate energy designed to power your business. It can be canceled at any time if you need without any penalty. It runs on a monthly basis rather than is based on a set contract. Your energy rates may fluctuate each month based on the changes in the energy market.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Reliant Energy online. While some people appreciate the services provided by the company, others complain about their plans. The majority of users report that their plans are helpful. The company's reps are open to explain how you can benefit from this or that plan. For example, one customer reports that the rep explained to him that a new thermostat for his AC unit would reduce his consumption by up to 20%. The man researched this device and learnt that Google themselves purchased it for 3.2 billion dollars! So, the man has posted the link for others to read. The customer says he got a quick update to his home just switching over to Reliant. He still thinks it is crazy for an electricity company to offer such a product at no charge. When he received his Nest, he installed it and started waiting for his monthly bill. As a result, the man really did not get charged for that money-saving product. He was very excited about his new Nest. The rep told the truth that Reliant Energy does not charge for electricity on the weekends. The man, though, needs to pay his service provider only 4 cents per kwh. That plan cut down his old TXU bill by half from $198 to $90 a month. The man had been with TXU for eight years before that and now he is glad he switched to Reliant Energy. He recommends it to everyone who wants to update their home and would enjoy free energy on weekends. Let's take a look at some other customer reviews available online.

"I had a new electronic meter installed several months ago. As a result, my electric bill has increased significantly within these months! I contacted the people who installed it to me and they were going to charge me another $75 in order to check their new meter. Some of my friends I have spoken to about this had similar problems. Then I called Reliant Energy and with one of their reps we chose an appropriate plan. Now, my electricity bill has reduced again. At last I pay a reasonable price for energy."

"At first, I thought I was overcharged by Reliant Energy. The problem came from smart meter which was controlled by Oncor. However, the company helped me to solve this problem and now I feel grateful to them. So, if you are overcharged do not be afraid of contacting the company. They have pleasant staff who are ready to help any time of the day. They corrected everything after I complained."

"Reliant Energy is an energy carrier for Centerpoint Energy in Houston. We have always had positive experience with the company despite any issues. Believe it or not but they worked 24/7 to restore power to parts of the city after Hurrican Harvey. The company's representatives proved to be very professional. I do recommend them."

My Final Summary

Reliant Energy is a company providing a number of electricity plans at affordable prices. These discount plans are suitable for those who are looking for better deals on their electricity bill. According to some plans, you can use energy for free at night and on weekends. The company also offers rewards for their users, including bill credits, airline miles, and more. There is a move center to help their customers set up their utilities in a new place when relocating. Reliant Energy provides great customer service, since it employs highly professional employees. The majority of users are pleased with the customer service provided by the company. You can contact Reliant customer service in three ways including via online chat, over the phone or through email. The customer service location in Houston enters top 10 call centers in North America as determined by BenchmarkPortal. It is available 24/7. Reliant usually charges less for electricity delivery when compared to other companies Texas. It is a great option for residential customers, businesses, including small and bigger ones. The company offers a wide variety of payment options for you to choose from. With these pros and cons in mind, we would recommend Reliant Energy.

Reliant Energy Pricing and Rates

Reliant Energy offers a wide variety of plans. We have already discusses some of them. Truly Free Weekends Plan provides free electricity every weekend, so you'll enjoy 100 days of free electricity per year. You won't be charged for energy from 8 pm on Friday to 12 am on Monday. This plan allows you to make the weekend even more joyful. This is a good choice for those who work during the week and stay at home during the weekend. The plan comes with a free Google Nest Hub which costs $149. This fixed-rate plan lasts for 12 months and when it ends, you can renew it or switch it to another one. Truly Free Nights Plan provides free electricity every night from 8:00pm to 6:00am. This is a good plan for those who work during the day and are home at night, using the majority of their electricity at this period of time. This plan also comes with a Google Nest Hub. This fixed-rate plan prevents you from worrying about changing rates. Truly Free Nights plan for 18 months costs $0.127 / kWh.

Secure Advantage Plan is simple, as it comes with fixed rates. The prices will not fluctuate during the year. This is a good option for medium-to-high energy consumers. This plan offers consistency and security with your plan. Secure Advantage plan for 12 months costs $0.121 / kWh, while the same plan for 18 months is priced at $0.117 / kWh. Clear Flex Plan offers simple electricity, but it is more variable than fixed. It comes with no contract or cancellation fee. This plan runs on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel or change it whenever you wish. This is a perfect short-term option with a lot of flexibility and freedom. Clear Flex for one month costs $0.131 / kWh.