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Remitly is a web-based money transfer provider that allows you to send money from the U.S. to over twenty countries of the world, especially the Americas. The service works really fast at reasonable prices, unlike other speedy competitors that offer delivery of money within a few minutes at higher fees. Remitly tries to do its best to balance speed with low prices. This money transfer company has been recognized internationally. It focuses on remittance-oriented transactions. Remitly was founded by Matt Oppenheimer, who is also its chief executive officer. Today, the company serves the needs of thousands of immigrants, migrant workers, citizens permanent, and residents across the USA. This company works hard to provide a decent international money transfer service, as well as secure, safe and cost-effective method of transferring money to other countries of the world. The company has different investors including such leading companies as Stripes Group, QED Investors, Tomorrow Ventures, DFJ, Founders Co-Op, Trilogy, IFC, and others. Remitly is present on such social media sites as Twitter, Facebook, and G +, and the in-house blog. You can easily find information on how to send money, as well as security protocols, rates and fees, and objective customer reviews on TrustPilot. There are apps for mobile remittances, the App Store, and those through the Google Play Store.

Let's find out how Remitly works. As it was already mentioned, the company significantly simplifies the process of sending money to other countries. The first thing you will need to do is to create a free account by entering your email and password. Enter the amount of money you would like to send, and you will learn how much the recipient will receive. The next step for you to make is to select the Delivery Speed. For instance, if you choose the express option, the money will be transferred instantly. If you choose a low-cost alternative - the Economy Option - the money will be transferred within three-five business days. You will need to decide whether the recipient will get a cash pickup or a bank deposit. There are numerous banking institutions and cash pickup partners at present. You can track your transfer by informing the company where the remittance is going. Remitly is responsible for getting your money to the recipient on time. If it doesn't, you will get your money back. You can send money in three ways, namely bank account transfers, credit cards and debit cards. There are special offer rates for money transfers, based on the country where you are sending your funds to. The popular options are as follows: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya, Honduras, Nicaragua, Philippines, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Peru, and Vietnam.

Customer Reviews - Does Remitly Really Work?

Remitly has a great number of advantages that are highly appreciated by the customers of the company. First, it offers different ways of receiving money because of thousands of banking options available including Elektra, Soriana, Banorte, Banco Azteca, Globe, Banamex, Kotak, Axis Bank, BBVA, CitiBank, BDO, Metrobank, HDFC Bank and others. You can receive money in two ways - cash pickup or bank deposit. With bank deposits, the funds are transferred directly into the banking account of the recipient's. The other option is available at many locations in different countries of the world. You can benefit from full money tracking for all remittance transfers. The company is notable for its high transfer speed. You can see the details of delivery times under the FAQ section. There are two options when sending the funds - the Express option and the Economy option. The first one transfers money within a few minutes, while the second one transfers it at no fee within three-five business days. The fee of the Express Option is $3.99 if you are using a debit card.

The customers of Remitly claim that it is a safe and reliable company to send money with. It uses different secure technologies to protect your transfers. Starters can benefit from a robust security system in order to protect the integrity of their accounts. 256-bit encryption provides bank-level security for your money transfers. All pages on the company's site are secure and well-protected. In addition, all servers used to store customers' data are firewall protected, so there is no risk of unauthorized access of your data. Security guarantees are assured by way of PCI-DSS compliance regulated by oversight authorities. Remitly is authorized to send remittances in international transfers across the USA. The company also works on the territory of Canada, except for Quebec. They have licenses for each of the states from the respective regulatory authorities. In addition, Remitly offers mobile international powerful apps that are available through the App Store and the Google Play Store. The latter has a rating of 4.4/10 from about 5000 reviewers, while the App Store has a rating of 4.8/5 based on 30,100 ratings. It is also rated #105 in finance.

Customers are happy with the fact that they can easily contact support representatives by calling at the telephone number: 1888 -REMITLY. Customer service operates in three languages: English, Tagalog, and Spanish. Support representatives are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns, even in the middle of the night. You can also contact the customer support department via an email address ( or You can also use the online contact form to send them an email. After taking a closer look at the customer reputation of Remitly online, we can conclude that the majority of users are pleased with the service. They are glad with the ability to be able to deliver money to their close people within minutes. They can even use free a transfer option, but it will deliver the money within three to five business days. The company offers many ways to pay, as well as bank and cash pickup delivery options. Let us read some of the actual customers' testimonials.

"I have been using the services of Remitly for almost five years and I did not face any issue in transferring money within this period of time. The customer service reps are all user-friendly. They quickly respond any time of the day or night. The only thing that I don't like about it is the exchange rate for current customers. I agree that the first time promotional rate is hassle-free, but it would be great to have good rates. I am a loyal customer."

"Remitly is one of the most reliable money transfer services available at present. Whatever date you need, they will deliver your money to any destination. They have good first-time transfer rate. I have been using this service for four years and I have never had problems with it. It is a very easy method of transferring money. Opt for this secure way of sending money to your close people with the best conversion rate."

"Remitly has better first time transfer rate than Beat Google rate. To my mind, it is one of the most reliable money transfer services. I do recommend this quick and hassle-free service, that is easy and painless to use. All of the customer representatives are highly professional and helpful. My last transfer took less than thirty minutes as promised."

My Final Summary

Remitly is a great international money transfer company that operates in more than 100 countries and is licensed to send money to the Philippines, Central and South American countries, Asia, and some African countries. It is perfect for new immigrants and migrant workers. The customers can use Android and iOS apps that are easy to navigate. Money cab be easily tranfrered at the click of a few buttons. The services provided by the company are cost effective when compared to other establishments of the kind. The customer service of the company stand out with its readiness to help whenever you need it. Remitly significantly simplifies the process of sending money to other countries. The company has operated since 2012 and continues its growth. All money transfers to other countries are protected by bank-level security protocols, including PCI-DSS compliant certification and 256-bit encryption. The company's rates and fees are affordable. For instance, when you are using the Remitly Express option, you will need to pay just $3.99 and your transfers will be expedited within a few minutes. You can use the Remitly Economy option for just $0 but your money will be delivered within 3-5 business days. For credit card transfers, there is a fee of 3% of the transaction amount, but your transfers will be processed within several seconds. There are special promotions to new customers on transfers to the Philippines (up to $500). Remitly has a stellar rating on outside review websites. From over 10000 reviews available online, 86% of the customers are pleased with this money transfer company. Since Remitly is completely authorized to offer money services by the US Department of the Treasury, we can certainly recommend this online money transfer company.

Remitly Pricing and Rates

There are two options when sending the funds. The Express option transfers money within just a few minutes, while the Economy option transfers money at a fee of $0 within three-five business days. The Express Option Fee is $3.99 if you are using a debit card. The fees may be higher if you are using a credit card (3% of the transaction fee). Let me remind, Western Union takes $7 with the debit card, while Xoom takes $5.99 with a debit card. In this way, Remitly is one of the most cost-effective methods of making international remittances (when you are using the Express option).

The rates and fees at different international money transfers depend on the country you are sending your money to and the currency volatility. Remitly offers a locked-in exchange rate to help you to determine your transfer amount easier. The credit card transfer fee may reach 3% of the transaction amount. Remitly recommends its customers using debit cards when processing express transfers. The company has fixed fees about $4 for sending money based on the payment method and the country you are sending it to. There is a bank account. You will be required to pay a 3% fee when sending money with a credit card. Usually Remitly's exchange rates have a markup from 1% to 3% that mainly depends on the payment method and currency. What is a markup? Well, first-time users receive a cheaper promotional rate for a limited amount of money, based on the country they are making a transfer to. Remitly can change expiration dates on these promotions at any time.