Ring Doorbell Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Ring Doorbell Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is designed for security of your home and convenience of usage. This smart doorbell has a camera that automatically records those who visit your house. In addition, you can use its microphone and speaker to talk to anyone who comes to your threshold. This is handy when you need to deal with visitors and couriers while you are out. The device can be used for safety to have a talk when you are at home but you don't wish to open the door. The Ring Doorbell features an improved battery charging, interchangeable faceplates and Full HD video. This makes the new product very flexible and functional. Besides, the device provides everything you need for installation, including wall plugs, screws, a masonry drill bit, a two-headed screwdriver and mini-spirit level.

There are also three mounting brackets: the first one is meant to angle the doorbell down when it is necessary to mount it higher than 4ft; and the second one is a corner bracket that is meant to mount the camera on a wall that is located at 90 degrees to your front door; and the third one is for Ring Doorbell owners for them to replace their current bell with no need to drill more holes. You may need to use the corner bracket if the doorbell is too wide for the door frame. This appliance ships with both black and silver faceplates for you to choose the most suitable style. It has a nice design that is usually appreciated by most users. In order to understand whether Ring Doorbell is worth buying let us take a look at its major features and customer testimonials left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Ring Doorbell Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the device on different websites on the Internet. Most of them appear to have a positive nature, as the users are highly satisfied with their purchase. They claim that the system functions very well and the device offers a number of important benefits. You can choose from several installation options. If you have a doorbell attached to an 8-24VAC transformer, the Ring Doorbell can be hard-wired into its place. If there is no cabling you can use the doorbell free from wires, as it can work on a battery. The company has made the battery removable, which means that it can be charged through its micro-USB port. A single charge lasts from six to twelve months, according to the manufacturer. A spare battery can be bought separately, enabling you to perform a direct swap with no need to have any doorbell downtime.

Most users claim that the Ring Doorbell comes with a free replacement service, so if it is stolen, you can file a Police report and have a new doorbell for free. Even if you use your bell on wires, these prove to be handy for mounting the device to the side of the door. The doorbell is weather-resistant and can easily handle any temperatures and weather conditions including rain and snow. Once powered up, the device should be hooked up to the smartphone application for it to connect to your network. The Ring Doorbell supports 2.4GHz 802.11n networks, which is enough for the video of high quality. Once installed, the device looks great and despite its big size, it isn't obtrusive. The doorbell is able to send alerts to your smartphone when the button is pressed and when it detects motion. The ring can be disabled easily. What is even more useful is that you can adjust how the motion detection functions. It is a very flexible system, allowing you to control the detection distance and motion detection zones. With these functions, it is trivial to configure motion detection so that the doorbell won't pick up a neighbor or anyone who walks past your door.

Ring Doorbell uses integrated PIR sensors. It means that there are no false positives, for instance, from the sun causing shadows. This can be a serious problem with video-based motion detection. A motion detection schedule can be set for you to be able to disable motion alerts at definite times. Any customer can sign up for the newsletter to regularly get news, special offers and competitions directly to their inbox. All of these features that attract most users of the product, that is why they like it so much. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left on different websites online.

"I got RingDoorbell for Christmas. I was looking forward to installing it. As a result, I spent 4.5 hours trying to hard wire it to my doorbell. The app and Wi-Fi worked well; however, I had to buy a wireless doorbell that I mounted near to the "ring", a piece of crap as a doorbell. I am satisfied with both the video and sound. This wireless doorbell is really compatible!"

"The Ringdoorbell was rather cheap when I ordered it. It has worked for a few months already and I am pleased with my purchase a lot. Remember that you will have to drill in order to install this device. It means damaging your home a little bit, but it was not a big problem for me. What is more important is that the customer service is just perfect! I have talked to their representatives who were very professional and helpful."

"I love Ring Doorbell very much. The device works as advertised without any issues with functionality or connectivity. The battery stays charged as it is hard wired to my old doorbell. I sometimes use the video which I find to be very helpful. The only drawback is that it is a little pricey. It was not difficult for me to install it. I do recommend this device to each family."

My Final Summary

The Ring Doorbell is a highly beneficial device that costs about $200. It has 1080p HD video resolution and an attractive design that will fit any house's exterior. Another advantage of the doorbell is a removable battery. It is expected to serve you from six to twelve months. In addition, it features smart motion detection, so you will always know whenever any stranger comes up to your front door. But what is even more important is that the device has clear audio and video. It allows you to hear and see well your visitors.

The only drawback of Ring Doorbell is that it is quite large and that there is no choice of ringtone. Some people claim that it has a space-saving design. Some customers say that you have to pay $3 per month for cloud video storage but this information has not been confirmed. This doorbell is associated with a great number of positive reviews from satisfied users. It is truly a solid smart buzzer with a high-resolution sensor, bundled brackets and removable battery. Taking into account all pros and cons of this device, I do recommend Ring Doorbell to buying.

Ring Doorbell Pricing and Rates

The company allows you to get a free month's trial of the Video Recording Plan. This will save motion and ring alert videos to the cloud. After the trial period has finished, the Basic subscription costs $2.50 per month or $25 a year. Buying the Protect package will allow you to get unlimited cameras for $8 a month or $80 per year.