Rocket Fishing Rod Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Rocket Fishing Rod Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Rocket Fishing Rod

Rocket Fishing Rod is a new fishing rod specially created for children. It is claimed to shoot like a toy gun, so it will not be difficult for your child to cast a fishing line. The official website of the product is it was registered in 2006; however, the product has been on and off of that domain for twelve years. The advantage of the product is that the safety bobber releases the hook only after it hits the water, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your child. With this fishing rod, no casting is needed. All you will have to do is just shoot where the fish are.

The idea of Rocket Fishing Rod seems to be very attractive to parents, since children can shoot their line into the water with no need to cast a traditional rod. The product combines the real-world fishing with the fun of a Nerf gun that is so popular among children all over the world. The kid simply has to pump the handle, launch, and reel it in. the rod is made from rugged high-tech precision engineering. Does the Rocket Fishing Rod really work? We will answer this question by taking a look at the consumer testimonials further in this review. For now, we will only say that the manufacturer of the product is quite reputable in the country.

Customer Reviews - Does Rocket Fishing Rod Really Work?

We took a look at the consumer rating of the product on Amazon and found out that it holds a four-star rating, which is not bad for the product of this kind. We found many testimonials saying that it rarely works as advertised, that it is a great item and that it is worth the money it costs. The product also has high ratings around the web (including Toys R Us). There are many positive reviews from people who bought Rocket Fishing Rod as a gift. It should be noted that the idea of this rod is clever and it was well-implemented. The device seems to be durability due to the sturdy construction and high-quality materials. However, some consumers reported that that their rod broke shortly after they used it for the first time. Well, all people are different and may use the product differently. Even a high-quality product may break really fast. However, the majority of users recommend Rocket Fishing Rod to others. The television commercial of the product can also be watched on YouTube. The video demonstrates the problems that potential users may have with the product. In general, this thing is expected to last at least for ten casts. Let us take a look at some of the actual users' testimonials found on third-party websites.

One customer reports that the Rocket rod he bought for his son is just great! It is very easy for the boy to use it. The rod can cast about 20 feet or even more depending on arch. According to his words, his son succeeded to catch fish with the rod. So, be sure that if there are fish where you are casting the item you can catch them! Another woman gave these rods to her grandsons as Christmas gifts. In general, they are fond of fishing and the woman thought these would be great gifts. She was not mistaken. Both boys immediately fell in love with their new rods. They are simple for them to shoot them into the water. They don't have to fight with lines, reels and trees anymore. They absolutely love their rods a lot and use them every time they go fishing. Another woman reports that it was a Christmas gift for her son, as he had been dreaming about a fishing rod for a long period of time already. His dream came true because Rocket Fishing Rod was just what he wanted. Even though it was very cold to try it out yet the boy was so excited he went fishing with his parents. He was very happy to catch several fishes.

Another advantage of the product that most buyers appreciate is the reasonable price it can be bought at. Besides, the product is can be found on the official website of the manufacturer and on many retail stores online. You can find a lot of comments from real users online if you are in a doubt whether this rod is worth buying. For instance, one guy says in his online testimonial that they saw this product on television one evening. Their eight-year old son asked them if he could have it for Christmas. He was happy to see that Santa brought it to him. Now the family can't wait for the spring to arrive so they can go fishing to the river and take it out too. However, they have tried it at home. Rocket Fishing Rod is super easy to use. The family is going to have hours of fun fishing when it warms up. This is really a great gift for children of all ages, both boys and girls. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews found online.

"Rocket Fishing Rod arrived really fast and in great condition. My son has been begging it for several months so he was extremely happy with this item. It is lightweight and easy to use, even though it isn't the strongest fishing rod. It's clear, since it is meant for children. My son was excited about his new fishing rod and even took it for fishing several times. He caught some fishes. It definitely works!"

"I purchased Rocket Fishing Rod for my five-year old son and he loves this item a lot. This pole is a good learning rod for children who are fond of fishing. I am satisfied with the product completely. In the past I have bought several rod combos for my son from other brands but this one attracted his attention most of all. All my sons have difficulties with casting but this concept solves that problem very well. I would definitely recommend this rod to all children."

"I bought Rocket Fishing Rod for my nephew who wants to learn how to fish professionally and even to go to a fishing tournament. He liked this rod and uses it regularly. It is really good for children and is safe to use. I would advise buying the product for smaller children. Older kids may want to have a more professional fishing rod. Thank you for getting my purchase on time. The product is certainly worth the money it costs."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about the Rocket Fishing Rod during our research, this product seems to be awesome for kids who are learning how to fish, as well as those who experience certain difficulties with casting a traditional rod. People who have bought this item report that is can be helpful for catching fish on a river or a lake. They rated it with five stars. The product may serve a great gift for birthday or Christmas. Children adore to go fishing with this rod, based on the customer reviews available online. Besides, the product is reasonably priced. Rocket Fishing Rod is lightweight and easy to use. Most customers are very satisfied with their order. Children of all ages with like this fishing rod, including girls. The shipment is very fast and the customer service is great too. The reps of the company will consult you on any issues or questions you may have. If you are looking for suitable fishing rod for your child, Rocket Fishing Rod can be a great solution. Taking into account all of these advantages, I do recommend this fishing rod to buying.

Rocket Fishing Rod Pricing and Rates

Rocket Fishing Rod can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer where it costs $39.99 plus $8.95 shipping for a total of $48.94. This item can also be found in some stores, such as Toys R Us, where it costs about $40. Amazon sells Rocket Fishing Rod at the price of $41.15, which is much cheaper than on the official website.