Rocket Lawyer Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a company that provides legal services and advice for businesses and individuals at affordable prices. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters based in California. It is necessary to admit that the company has financial and technical backing from tech giants like Google. Their secure portal and qualified attorneys simplify the process of creating customized documents with detailed instructions. You can always ask for advice and ask your questions. The company claims to have helped more than 20 million people with their legal needs with no need to pay high fees. Rocket Lawyer's online platform is designed in such a way as to help clients to create legal documents and/or find a suitable attorney. You can sign up for a monthly membership or buy some services on an a la carte basis. Both members and non-members of the company can create many different legal documents on their official website. While the members can receive these documents for free, non-members can buy them for a small fee. All documents are designed for the client's state of residence.

All consumers of Rocket Lawyer can access the Legal Help and Information section on their official website for free. This section's articles provide detailed and comprehensive information on topics like divorce and debt collection, estate planning, and many others. The company offers free one-week trial, so you can sign up for it. You can use the services during one week and if they don't meet your needs you can cancel your trial. Rocket Lawyer provides legal assistance online, which means that members can ask their legal questions on the company's site and then contact a Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney who will answer their questions in a fast and easy-to-understand manner. The company has discounted rates. If you have more complicated questions that are hard to answer online you can opt for a designated Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney and pay 40% less than their standard hourly rate or 10% off a flat fee service. This company is a great option for those people who are looking for a convenient and quick way to create legal documents.

Customer Reviews - Does Rocket Lawyer Really Work?

There are numerous positive reviews about Rocket Lawyer on third-party websites. Most of them carry a positive character as customers like the ease of using the company's form builder. The input fields are well-organized, and contain many useful tips based on state law, which makes it easy to complete the form. Clients also appreciate the ability to quickly get ahold of customer service on the phone, with no need to wait too long. However, there are some negative opinions too, mainly about the necessity to provide your credit card information in order to access the free trial. Some people forgot to unsubscribe and got billed, but it was their own fault. Remember, if you sign up for the free trial and within a week decide not to buy the membership, cancel your account by contacting customer support or by attending your account profile online. Let us take a look at some real customers' testimonials left online.

One customer shares in his review that he has completed a number of Rocket Lawyer documents and was pleased with the customer service. The representatives of the team gave him all the necessary directions follow for next steps while making each of the documents. The customer has asked many questions but the lawyers answered them without any difficulties while showing their respect and professionalism. The customer was glad to have received sound pieces of advice that helped him with the documents his family needed to handle, especially those linked to the man's niece's estate. He has completed a durable power of attorney form, wills, and has begun several other documents. The completed documents were alright. Recently the customer spoke to Karch, one of the customer service representatives, and he proved to be willing to help the man with his questions. The whole man's family are grateful for the Rocket Lawyer service. Another customer of the company shares her experience with Rocket Lawyer. She says that the representative who started to cooperate with her made a mistake but another rep named Paula picked up the customer's account and made the necessary corrections. She called her every morning with follow ups and before her shift finished she would call her. Paula expedited the necessary paperwork and managed to do everything within just a few days. So, the woman recommends Paula to everyone who is going to form a corporation. She went above and beyond to satisfy the needs of her customer delivering A+ customer service. According to the customer, she is truly an asset to the company. The woman is thankful to this rep of Rocket Lawyer. She is also a person with great values. The client is grateful for her time sensitivity too.

One man needed a Power of Attorney form and was amazed with the number of the forms available on the internet. He did not know which to chose. The form the company provided was what his parents needed. The rep of the company included valuable details to ensure that the client's mother would be able to handle the money and other estate issues as his father is having Alzheimer's. The man put his credit card information in and saw that he had a free 7-day trial membership. He was going to cancel it within seven days not to be charged. Even though the man could choose an option to be charged $1 per month for a limited membership that would give him a chance to be upgraded when needed, he canceled the following day. the man was surprised that Rocket Lawyer would still keep his parents' POA on file giving the client full access to it any time. The man appreciates the service and does not understand how others got disappointed in the company. The entire process was comprehensive and upfront. The man appreciated the professional and detailed documents his parents received. Let us take a look at some more customer reviews available online.

"I called the customer service of Rocket Lawyer and was answered by a gentleman named Joseph. I told him that I needed to cancel my subscription to the company's services. Joseph managed to accomplish my request in a professional way. He proved to be a competent and courteous worker and provided an amazing experience to me. Initially, I had a billing problem that was treated very well. There were no arguments or pressure sales tactics. My credit was processed really quickly over the phone. Well done!"

"Rocket Lawyer is a great company and its site is formal-looking and easy to use. I was making a rent-to-own document and the reps of the company gave me helpful straightforward prompts to fill out the form. They didn't seem to have a landlord-tenant act clause, though. It is necessary for all rental contracts. So, I hired a local lawyer but had signed up for a membership accidentally. I contacted the customer service and was responded by Justina who helped me and refunded the charge. Thank you very much!"

"I was impressed with Rocket Lawyer, especially Naomi, a friendly assistant who explained everything clearly to me and spoke with a positive attitude. She was professional and offered the best solutions as well as the new promotion that was suitable for my needs. She also created a new account for me and made sure I was able to use the program. Naomi is a good representative of the company who knows what she is doing."

My Final Summary

Rocket Lawyer is a well-known reputable financial company that has a great number of advantages. First of all, it provides online legal advice, unlike many online legal services that require their clients to speak with a lawyer over the phone. Rocket Lawyer allows you to ask your question online and to consult an experienced attorney. There are the so called "on call" attorneys whose job is to answer the questions of their customers. You can choose an attorney of any of the available specialties, including contracts, business law, and intellectual property. It can be helpful for small business owners who are limited in time and want to resolve their legal issue without spending too much time talking on the phone. To ask an unlimited number of questions you are advised to sign up for a specific membership plan. The company has an intuitive form builder for creating contracts and legal documents. You will need to answer a number of questions about your business. Another important feature of Rocket Lawyer is Document Defense. It synchronizes with the company's form builder. Most customers of the company are pleased with the provided customer service. There is email, phone, and live chat support. According to the customer reviews, the reps really try to help their clients and don't try to impose unneeded services on them. The service can be tried for free for seven days, which means that you can cancel it within a week without paying anything. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their monthly membership is reasonably priced and provides a wide range of legal services. Taking int account all pros and cons of Rocket Lawyer, we can recommend this company.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing and Rates

Rocket Lawyer membership costs $39.99 per month. It allows to use some services for free including creating custom legal forms, 30-minute phone session with a lawyer, online Q'A with a lawyer, document defense for Rocket Lawyer documents. Let's take a look at some of the services the company provides and their price for members and non-members. An individual without membership) will have to pay $39.99 for creating one document, for a 30-minute phone session with a lawyer, for an online Q'A with a lawyer per question. They will have to pay $9.99 for each document defensed by Rocket Lawyer. The member will have up to 40% discount off attorney's normal rate when hiring a Rocket Lawyer attorney. This option is unavailable for non-members. Forming a corp, LLC, or nonprofit for members is free during first business formation and it is $99.99 plus govt. filing fees for non-members. Registered agent service is available to members at 25% off discount, while it is $149.99 per year for non-members.