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Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff is a natural liquid rodent repellent that is designed to keep pests away. It is available in the form of non-toxic spray and has a patented formula that includes natural peppermint oil. This spray is easy to use in any area that is inhabited by pests. It has a pleasant minty scent, but it is mortal for critters. Having this product you will not need to use any poisons that can be hazardous and harmful for children and pets. Rodent Sheriff is a pesticide free repellent. It promises to remove roaches, mice, raccoons and other rodents that can be undesired guests in and around your house. All you will have to do is to spray the liquid around the garage, trash, basement, entry points, attic, and just about everywhere where pests may live. Rodent Sheriff has a handcrafted formula made in the USA. It has been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory. One bottle of 8oz contains enough liquid for 1,000 sprays.

Rodent Sheriff is a great solution with peppermint-based liquid that is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Believe it or not but pests hate the smell of peppermint. This ingredient repels common pests well whether in the form of spray or any other. These insects include ants, mosquitoes, aphids, fleas, some beetles, and more. Not only can peppermint keep these beings at bay, but it can even kill them. Peppermint is also known to repel rodents like raccoons and mice. These animals just hate its smell. Are there any drawbacks of using Rodent Sheriff? Is this peppermint-based repellent really effective? Let us try to answer these questions in the next part of this review.

Customer Reviews - Does Rodent Sheriff Really Work?

You can find a great number of users' reviews about this peppermint-based repellent online. The first concern of potential users about Rodent Sheriff was the safety of this peppermint spray for pets. Although peppermint oil is safe for humans, many animals find its smell repulsive. What about your furry four-legged friends? After making a thorough research I found out that peppermint is able to keep pets free from fleas all year round. It seems to be mostly safe for dogs, but there is a supposition that peppermint oil may induce aspiration pneumonia in cats. Fortunately, there is no scientific evidence to prove this assumption. In any case, some cats and dogs may be especially sensitive to peppermint just like to other substances. That is why it is highly advised to consult your veterinarian before using Rodent Sheriff to repel pests.

This peppermint spray is not very expensive, according to the reviews of its users. Rodent Sheriff is a natural product, which means that it cannot lead to any side effects in animals and humans. It is believed to be safe for both children and pets. Ensure that Rodent Sheriff will be safe and effective by looking and analyzing user reviews left online. According to many of them, this liquid is sprayed onto the areas inhabited by pests. It works by creating an invisible natural gateway that acts slowly to scare off rodents. Thus, Rodent Sheriff forms a protective barrier for undesired critters for a long time. Besides, it assures to provide you with 1000 sprays with a capacity of 8 oz. per bottle. Here are some of the users' reviews.

"I had a lot of problems with keeping mice out of my shop where I kept my travel trailer. I have tried so many products but they seemed to be effective for a few days only. The situation has drastically changed after I sprayed Rodent Sheriff. I haven't seen any mice since then. I used the spray around the inside edges of my shop building. Several months have passed but I can see no pests there. This spray really works. I have also noticed that it removed bugs from my shop!"

"I have used RodentSheriff before to get rid of mice in my mom's house. Now I have trouble with raccoons around my cottage. I have learnt that there is a new Rodent Sheriff in our town. I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. This spray bottle is very small, but it works much better than its predecessor. It runs rodents away very fast. It can be safely used around your pet's food too. I even used it around my computer to keep roaches away. This spray did the job perfectly. I have unwanted pests no longer and I am very happy!"

"Rodent Sheriff really works! I bought this spray to use it under the hood of the car and on the tires to keep the rats away. Due to this stuff we don't have trouble with these pests trying to build their nests anymore. This repellant seems to work as advertised. I also bought one bottle for my mom who complained of raccoons who came too closely to her house. She noticed it due to the emptied bird feeders every night. She told me that they don't come anymore."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend using Rodent Sheriff due to many positive features it has. First of all, this repellant is all natural as it is made from peppermint oil. Thus, it is not harmful to the environment, your kids and pets. This spray can be safely used in areas where children and pets play. It can be safely used around fruit trees and garden vegetables. The product comes in a spray bottle that can be conveniently and easily used with one hand only. It has a pleasant scent and contains natural ingredients, which makes it possible to use indoors and outdoors, including in your garage, your kitchen, your basement, your shed, around your fruit trees, around the garden, your barn, around your garbage cans, even in your car! It doesn't smell bad.

What I like about Rodent Sheriff is that it is easy to apply. I know that it is made of natural ingredients and I don't have to worry about my kids and pets getting sick. The repellant smells good and is not expensive. It can be used almost anywhere. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Each bottle contains 1000 sprays. So, if you have problems with any pests, Rodent Sheriff will be of great help for you.

Where To Buy Rodent Sheriff In Stores?

The product can be bought directly from the official website or from a number of different retail stores. If you have decided to buy Rodent Sheriff, there are two purchasing options for you to choose from. One bottle (8oz) costs $10 plus $7.95 shipping. Four bottles can be bought for $30 plus $7.95 shipping. No matter which option you will choose, you can also buy one "free" bottle at checkout for $1.95 shipping. All Rodent Sheriff orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee. It is important to note that by the time you ship the product back to the company, you could spend $10 for shipping. If you have any questions or need a refund, you can reach customer service at 866-881-1975. Rodent Sheriff can be also bought at a local Walmart for $9.98. This will allow you to save money on shipping charges, as well as simplify a refund process in case if you are not satisfied.