Roto Sweep Reviews - What Is It?

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Roto Sweep

Roto Sweep is a new manual sweeper presented by the company known as Fuller Brush Co. There is an official website (, which was registered in December 2016. This product has a built-in dustpan and three rotating brushes that rotate 360 degrees. This makes it suitable for hard floors. Besides, its functioning does not require electricity or batteries, has no bag and weighs less than two pounds. Roto Sweep promises to work on tile, wood, marble, vinyl, and linoleum. It creates no sound, so you may use it while your children are doing their homework or the baby is sleeping. Its three brushes work to lift, loosen, and channel debris. The fold flat handle also helps you to reach under appliances and furniture, as well as to store it.

Roto Sweep is convenient to use and store, which makes it worth your money. These are not all beneficial features that the product has. If you take a look at Roto Sweep, you will notice that it significantly differs from other rotating hard floor sweepers. It is light-weight, has no bags, cords, or batteries. Three brushes rotate full 360 degrees. All debris are collected in a built-in dustpan. You can easily remove and clean it. The Fuller Brush Co. offers other quality products. It has been on the market since 1906. The company also provides very friendly customer service. If you have any questions about Roto Sweep itself or placing an order online, you can contact the company Monday through Friday by calling at 1-877-604-9465.

Customer Reviews - Does Roto Sweep Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, Roto Sweep was created for hard floors. The company will also provide you with a bonus handheld sweeper for use on upholstery, carpets, tablecloths and more. However, you will need to pay separate shipping and handling fees. Unlike other products of the kind, Roto Sweep has enough customer feedback. For instance, had nearly 350 reviews at the time of our research. Most compliments concerned lightweight design, ease of use, effectiveness at gathering dirt and debris. There were some complaints related to the design of the product. Some people didn't like that the handle was too short. However, all customers are pleased with functionality and ease of storing. Roto Sweep really has an interesting design. Some people, on the contrary are very satisfied with how it looks. I think that this is the case when it can be said that tastes differ.

The official website of Roto Sweep provides a lot of information about the product, ordering procedure, its use and storage. According to the company, this product is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding individual. There are only two Better Business Bureau complaints. These refer to the problems with getting a refund. You can hardly find any other complaints about this great device. It would be nice to have a look at some users' reviews left online. Here they are.

"I ordered Roto Sweep on First of all, I was pleased that it didn't cost much. I bought this product for only $16.44. Besides, there are a lot of colors to choose from. I also liked that the shipping was only $5. I highly recommend purchasing this device from You will undoubtedly love it. I am sure that it is the original sweeper. It is the best option for me."

"I decided to try RotoSweep after reading and seeing a lot of advertising and claims about this product. It is really a great product for cleaning your house. The company has licensed the use of their name. I was also offered to buy the hand cleaner for additional shipping costs. I thought I did not need it, but I was mistaken. It comes in handy quite often. This product looks and works great."

"I bought Roto Sweeper because I had read a lot of positive reviews about the easy of using it. this sweeper turned out to be really wonderful! It does everything it claims to do on the official website. I bought the product through QVC's website and I liked their customer service very much. I also received a discount. If you want an efficient sweeper, read the reviews on Roto Sweep and you will also want to get it."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend Roto Sweep to usage as it is associated with a great number of advantages. As it was already mentioned, this sweeper is ideal for all hard floors, including marble, tile, wood, and laminate. As the commercial states, it can be also used for recreational vehicles and boats due to its edge-cleaning technology. It allows the Roto Sweep to reach in and under almost anything in your house. The sweeper is not expensive. You can get one for $19.99 through the special television offer. You will have to pay only $7.95 for the shipping and handling it was said higher, you will also receive the handheld sweeper. The manufacturer will provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee. All you will have to do is to simply return the product with the pre-paid postage label. Personally I have never seen reviews from people who refused to use Roto Sweep.

One drawback of Roto Sweeper is that it cleans only hard floors. You will not be able to use it for cleaning your whole household, unless you have no rugs, carpets, and other similar flooring. It is recommended to vacuum soft surfaces regularly. I have reviewed a lot of ASOTV products over the years, and I have concluded that Roto Sweep is really beneficial for household. With this in mind, do not hesitate to buy this unique product. You will certainly like it. Roto Sweep has a number of positive testimonials left by people who have really used it. They say that it performs much better than other options of the kind. This device claims to work without any noise.

Where To Buy Roto Sweep In Stores?

Roto Sweep for hard floors and one bonus handheld sweeper can be bought $19.99 plus $15.90 S'H from the official website of the company or some retail stores. In addition, a $2.00 web surcharge fee is added to all orders. The total sum will be $35.89. It is not expensive when compared to the most of competing models on the market. Besides, Roto Sweep comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It means that you will immediately lose about $16 in S'H if you decide to return the product. You can reach Roto Sweep customer support by calling at 877-604-9465.