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Rozerem Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Rozerem Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Sleep is undoubtedly very important for our body that needs to heal itself from the day's activities. Without good rest, you risk suffering from a variety of health problems. Due to proper sleep you may achieve balance in your life including your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, many modern people suffer from sleep disorders. The inability to fall asleep and sleep well is called insomnia. This condition can have a negative impact on your function at home and at work. If this continues quite long, your life could suffer a lot. The modern market offers a wide variety of treatments for insomnia. One of them is Rozerem. This sleep aid promises to help you fall asleep more easily, improve your sleep patterns and your health in general.

There may be different reason for insomnia, including taking certain medications and improper lifestyle. Your internal clock can be interfered with a few factors such as stress, diet, habits and lifestyle. You are advised to take a look at which sphere of your life needs correction. Drugs may certainly be helpful for you but it is better to make some changes in your own life. The matter is that most sleep aid products carry certain health dangers and should not be taken for a long period of time. Try to schedule your days properly, switch off all the lights and electronics. There is no information about the manufacturer of Rozerem online. This is probably a not very popular or reputable company in the country. It does not seem to manufacture any other products. The official website of the product is low-informative and lacks basic information about the drug.

Ingredients of Rozerem - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Even though the company's site does not provide enough information about the medication we did our own research and found out how Rozerem works. It is what doctors refer to as a melatonin receptor agonist. Melatonin is the hormone naturally found in the human brain that is responsible for your sleep and wake cycles. The major and only active ingredient in the drug is ramelteon which is an orally active hypnotic. Each tablet also includes the following inactive ingredients: starch, lactose monohydrate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol 8000, magnesium stearate, copovidone, yellow ferric oxide, titanium dioxide, and ink containing shellac and synthetic iron oxide black.


Ramelteon has a number of contraindications. Those who develop angioedema after treatment with this compound should not be treated with the drug again. Patients should not take ramelteon in combination with fluvoxamine (Luvox). The product should not be used by children, pregnant or lactating women, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, hepatic impairment and renal impairment. We are concerned with the fact that the manufacturer does not provide dosage information on the official website, which means that the drug may either be ineffective or cause side effects. This sleep medication is claimed not to be habit-forming. Let us take a look at possible advers reactions associated with the use of Rozerem.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As it was already mentioned, the official website of Rozerem does not say much about possible side effects associated with the use of the product. However, these issues do occur. The most common side effects may include dizziness; drowsiness; nausea; tired feeling or worsening sleep problems. Get emergency medical help as soon as possible if you notice the signs of an allergic reaction: nausea; hives; vomiting; swelling of your face, tongue, lips, or throat; difficult breathing. Some people using this drug may experience memory problems and be engaged in such activities as having sex, eating, driving, or making phone calls without remembering doing so. Stop using ramelteon and contact your doctor if you have hallucinations, unusual behavior or thoughts, worsening depression, a missed menstrual period; thoughts about hurting yourself; loss of interest in sex or nipple discharge. You should not use ramelteon if you have severe liver disease or in combination with fluvoxamine (Luvox).

There are quite many users' reviews about Rozerem on third-party websites. Some people report that it is a scary product saying that they were unable to be on this medication for a long period of time. They suffered from increased depression. It is also very expensive for not being effective. Many users confess that they took the product and were awake till four or five o'clock in the morning. They say it is impossible to get a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It is not only difficult to fall asleep but also to stay asleep. One guy reports that Rozerem increased the time it takes him to fall asleep from about three hours to six hours. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"Rozerem does not really help as well as promised by the manufacturer. I feel a bit better but it is still difficult for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I took this drug for two nights and noticed that my heart was racing like crazy. I am going to get back to my other medications which worked better."

"I just started to take rozerem but I am not pleased with this medication at all. I have been up all night. I know that it may take a while to straighten out your sleep cycle but I think such an expensive drug must start working from the first usage. I will stay with it for a while to see if it works. I hope I will not get addicted to this sleep medication. I am also going to try Valerian Root."

"I have tried Rozerem two times and both times it did not work for me. I was actually hoping to benefit from this drug the very first time already but I stayed awake till three o'clock on the morning. I used Zolpidem which worked well but insurance wouldn't offer it anymore. I am disappointed."

Where To Buy Rozerem?

The product is available in bottles of 30, 100 or 500 pills of pale orange-yellow color. You can buy this drug from the official website; however, there is no price information available. The company does not offer money-back guarantee.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about Rozerem, this product does not appear to be a worthy sleep aid. It has too many disadvantages. The most commons concerns include side effects, drug interactions, and contraindications. Many of the patients who have tried the medications report that it has not helped them a bit to fall asleep and stay asleep. On the contrary, some of them felt more active after using the product. Rozerem is very expensive when compared to the competition available on the market. The official website does not provide price information but we know this due to the testimonials from unpleased customers. Based on what we know about this drug, I don't think that you can turn to Rozerem for help. There is lack of evidence showing that this sleep aid is really safe or effective. There is no proof that the supplement isn't addictive either. If you have trouble sleeping, you should look for another sleep aid available on the market, the one that would be able to set your clock right. I cannot recommend Rozerem to people who need serious treatment for their insomnia.