RushCard Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


RushCard is a tool that can be used for deposits, day-to-day purchases and long-term saving. It comes with the Direct Deposit program that allows cardholders with qualifying deposits to get their funds within 48 hours. There are seven card options and two different plan options for you to choose from. RushCard is a prepaid Visa card that allows consumers to load their money onto the card that can be further used for their own needs similar to how a debit card is used. It allows cardholders to set up recurring payments, pay bills, transfer money and perform many banking services. RushCard is FDIC-insured. It can help you to build credit even if there is a Visa logo on the card. The card allows to set up email and text alerts to inform you of your recent transactions and current balance. You can use the mobile app to view your transactions, check your balance, and transfer money. You won't need to pay for the app, it can be downloaded in the Google Play, iPhone App Store, or the Amazon store. RushCard is very convenient: it has over 23,000 Fee-Free MoneyPass ATMs for cardholders to withdraw their finances easily and quickly. There can be a fee based on the chosen plan.

The card has a one-time fee that ranges from $3.95 to $9.95, based on the chosen card design. There are two plan options for you to choose from. The Rush Unlimited Fee Plan is the one that has a monthly fee of $5.95 if you use direct deposit or $7.95 if you don't. With this plan, you won't have to pay fees on signature and PIN transactions. The second plan is known as a Pay As You Go Plan. It has no monthly fee but you'll pay $1 for each signature and PIN transaction. Each of these two plans may have some other fees, so you will need to read the Fee Chart provided on the RushCard website. The card comes with zero debt, which means that cardholders use the card that doesn't allow debt to add up. It is a perfect option for those who can't get a traditional bank account but are looking for the way to pay their bills and make purchases. RushCard Company was founded in 2003, so it has over 16 years of experience to offer you high-quality services. The address of the headquarters is P.O. Box 42482; City: Cincinnati; State/Province: OH; Postal Code: 45242, United States. Their phone is 866-787-4227 and official website is

Customer Reviews - Does RushCard Really Work?

There is a great number of customers' testimonials about RushCard on third-party websites. Most of them are highly positive, since cardholders appreciate its features a lot. This prepaid Visa debit card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. That includes purchase activity, as well as access to cash through ATM machines. The card can also be used to manage monthly bills with Online Bill Pay, set up recurring payments, and shop securely online. The customers like the fact that there is no need to have good credit in order to apply for a card. RushCard doesn't perform a credit check. There are two different plans for you to choose from: the Rush Pay As You Go Plan and the Rush Unlimited Plan. They differ in the fees you need to pay for each of the plans. The Rush Unlimited Plan comes with a monthly fee and provides unlimited PIN purchases and signature. The Rush Pay As You Go Plan does not have a monthly fee, but you need to pay a fee of $1 for each purchase. Both plans offer the same features. RushCard is more than a simple debit card, it offers certain services found in checking accounts. For instance, the card comes with Online Bill Pay. It means that you can pay recurring expenses, such as loan payments and utility bills. You can also pay nonrecurring expenses, including your children's daycare center, doctor bills, and even rent. The Online Bill Pay feature has no fees or limits.

Another feature that cardholders appreciate about RushCard is the rewards it offers. The RushCard Refer-a-Friend Program provides you with a $30 bonus for every friend of yours who applies for a card, and funds their account. You can get $600 per year by referring friends. Besides, your friend will also get the bonus. You are entitled to discounts through the card with over 90 vendors and merchants. For instance, you can get discounts at select hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. You can set savings goals with RushCard. For instance, you can save for an emergency fund, a family vacation, or even longer-term goals, like paying for the higher education. You can set up any goals you wish, and the feature will track your progress. As a RushCard Reward, you will get a refund of up to $2 for every month you maintain an average balance of more than $500 in your goal account. The money held in every goal account does not earn interest. It's a great way to save money if you have had difficulty saving money or if you don't have a regular banking relationship. However, it does not allow to earn interest on saved money.

Further we are going to take a look at the actual customers' reviews about RushCard. At the time of our research there were 2,139,514 reviews on ConsumerAffairs. All of them have been verified. They are mainly positive, as the clients are pleased with the services provided by the company. One man says in his testimonial that the money gets in his RushCard sometimes earlier than expected. It allows him to go ahead and receive money orders out of the way to pay his rent. It also allows him to do his online purchases. He has had no problems when using his debit card to make purchases online or from traditional stores or getting them to pay for some of his medications. The man is happy that he got RushCard, so when he needs any over-the-counter stuff or medications, he just goes shopping. Sometimes, it is busy for RushCard during the first month, though, and many people don't have their money there yet. It also may be hard to get through the card after the 27th. Whenever the client spoke to the reps at the company, he saw they were ready for the conversation, which kept him more motivated. The man also got the deposit with RushCard and has enjoyed a number of benefits. The card is affiliated with Chase Bank, which means they are doing very well. Overall, the customer can recommend RushCard to everyone. Here are some more testimonials from actual cardholders.

"Whenever I call RushCard the reps take proper care of whatever issue right away. I am glad that my direct deposit is always on time. They post it and inform me that it is there exactly. The company always keeps me well-informed of what is going on with emails. I wish they had a debit card with the chip to allow cardholders to use it like a credit card, for example, for traveling and to rent a car. It would be more convenient to use for more things. To my mind, RushCard is better than NetSpend and many cards advertised on television. I do recommend it to everyone."

"I got RushCard to order stuff online and to pay bills. It is easy to use. I just put money in it and use it whenever I need. Today, I got an email from PayPal informing that my automatic payment didn't go through. I called PayPal and RushCard right away and the problem was handled really quickly. They made an investigation and put my money back on my card. The reps of the company were knowledgeable and helpful. I like my card and the company behind it."

"I have had RushCard for over a year already and I have been pleased with my experience. I like the fact that I get wages before everyone else in my job. With this card, I spend better and I save too. I pay my bills online within a few minutes. 7-Eleven and CVS are some of the reload relocations not far from my place. Their customer service is nice too. They get all my issues solved immediately if I have them. RushCard is a great card to have. It is convenient and easy to use. It is set up on my direct deposit."

My Final Summary

RushCard proves to be an excellent choice for those who don't have a banking relationship. It comes with the benefits of a debit card. It is a great option for making purchases online, unlike a credit card, with which an online vendor will have access to your financial accounts. Your credit history does not influence your approval for RushCard. It doesn't perform credit checks. This card is safer than carrying cash. Even if it gets lost or stolen, you can activate Pause Protection. Another option is to cancel the card and order a replacement one. Like a traditional credit or debit card, RushCard comes with $0 liability for fraudulent charges. The feature of tax refund deposit is a good option for those who don't have a bank account to get a refund. Probably, no card is perfect, RushCard has some disadvantages too. Money held in a RushGoals account doesn't earn interest. It is more suitable for consumers who don't have access to a traditional bank account. Another drawback is that this card is not accepted by some car rental companies. If you have any questions, you can contact the RushCard Support Team by phone or by email any time of the day. Taking into account all pros and cons of RushCard we do recommend this card to usage.

RushCard Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, RushCard Prepaid Card is available in two plans the pricing of which may vary significantly. None of them requires One-Time Card Activation Fee. Both Unlimited Plan and Pay as You Go Plan have One-Time Card Fee of $3.95 - $9.95. The first one comes with the Monthly Fee of $5.95 (with direct deposit) or $7.95 (without direct deposit), while the second one has no fee at all. There is no fee for Direct Deposit. Unlimited Plan has no Pay Transaction Fee, and You Go Plan requires paying $1.00 every time you make a purchase. Neither plans has Bill Pay Service Fee or Card to Card Transfer Fee. Card to Card Transfer Fee for both plans is $0.99. There is no ATM Withdrawal Fee In Network). ATM Withdrawal Fee (Out of Network) is $2.50 for both plans. Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee is $2.50. There is no fee on Call with Live Customer Service agent or Toll Free Telephone Balance Inquiries. ATM Balance Inquiry Fee is $0.50 for both plans. Expedited Card Fee is $30.00. Replacement Card Fee is $5.00. Expedited Cash Fee is $30.00. Unlimited Plan has no Maintenance Fee, while Pay as You Go Plan requires you to pay $1.95 except where prohibited by law. There is no ATM Decline Fee. The first plan has no International Transaction Fee, while the second has $2.00 fee. Currency Conversion Fee is 3% of transaction amount.