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Samsung FlexWash

For many years, manufacturers have been trying to create washing machines with proper capacities to meet the needs of large families. However, those large drums are not suitable for washing your favorite pair of jeans. Samsung has resented a good solution to this problem with the Samsung FlexWash washing machine. It is actually two machines in one as it includes a one-cubic foot-sized washing chamber on top for delicate loads, and a five cubic-foot chamber on the machine's bottom for bigger needs. The technology is not cheap, though. Each unit is priced at $1,900 on the official website of the company, while some retailers sell it for $1,400. Let's find out how this appliance works in reality. The product is made by a popular manufacturer and has got a 2017 Digital Trends Home Award. It was called the Smart Home Product of the Year. Its size is 47 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 34 inches deep. It is just huge when compared to most other washing machines available on the market.

The major drawback of Samsung FlexWash is that it requires a lot of space. The black washer is made from stainless steel and features a blue LED display, chrome trim, and a curved look. The top drum of the FlexWash is big enough for washing a sweater, a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt. To place clothes into the upper washer, you will need to open the handle on the machine and open another sealed chamber beneath. Remember that you will need to use only liquid laundry detergent. It is transparent, so you can see how your clothes are being rotated inside the small drum of the machine. There is a separate power button and you can choose from a number of cycles to, including delicate, normal, active wear, and rinse plus spin. The temperature can also be adjusted manually. The top washer is simple to use, but the bottom washer provides more functionality. You can put at least ten large towels in the bottom chamber. Its power button provides twelve different washing cycles including normal, whites, heavy duty, sanitize, perm press, delicates, towels, quick wash, active wear, bedding, eco cold, and rinse plus spin. You can set the machine to spin or rinse as well as to control the temperature manually.

Customer Reviews - Does Samsung FlexWash Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about the product on third-party websites. The washing machine is being praised by those who prefer to wash two loads at a time. You can wash three sweaters in the top washer, turned on the setting, and watch them churn. The LED displays how much time is left in each cycle in both drums, while a blinking indicator tells which part of the cycle each of the loads is on. Even though the manufacturer promises that you can wash two loads at once it is not always so. Many customers complain that one of the drums does not work. Besides, they don't always have as great results as promised by the manufacturer of this washing machine. It concerns, first of all, removing stains. What people like about the product is that it plays a nice digital chiming tune every time the cycle is finished in any of the washers. But some users feel irritated when it continues longer than expected. Fortunately, one can turn off or change the annoying tunes.

Another important aspect of the Samsung FlexWash is that the bottom washer offers a quick wash cycle. It is claimed that your clothes will be cleaned in just thirty minutes. The manufacturer says that the quick wash cycle is effective for erasing a ketchup stain off the fabric during the normal cycle. The device offers a steam feature that works well on stains, including those caused by peanut butter. However, not all customers are impressed with how clean the washing machine can make their clothes. According to the official website, both the top and bottom washers are quiet but some people report that their little kids cannot fall asleep when the machine is working and the laundry room door is open. They are also unpleasantly surprised to hear a chime tune alerting when a load is finished. The product comes with the special app that may be helpful when you want to start a load being in another room. Remote control has become possible because Samsung has connected the FlexWash to its Smart Home app. The latter is available for iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.0 or higher. It enables you to start a load of laundry in via the app; however, it doesn't have all the functionality of the touchscreen. You can pause cycles in the app, but you cannot turn your washing machine on or off. The machine must be on and connected to Wi-Fi before it can be controlled. However, few people use the app at all. Is Samsung FlexWash really a fantastic appliance? Is it worth almost $2000? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a look at the real customers' reviews.

"I received my SamsungFlexWash on March 5 and faced a problem. The top and bottom washers could not function simultaneously. The smart control did not work and I received error messages. Since it was under warranty, they told me that they would send a technician. In a few days, they confessed that they could not find a technician in the Washington, DC area. They offered a refund but I have not received any confirmation yet. I don't know what to do with the units. I cannot reach the customer service of the company."

"I ordered the Samsung Flex Wash and dryer. As soon as I received the machine I tried to run the very first cycle. As a result, the machine lost its power almost immediately after starting up. I am now having terrible experience with the customer service. They told me they couldn't get a technician to see my machine. I have faces five service appointments within the last two weeks. I have wasted fifteen hours telling the same story to different representatives of the Samsung customer service. I have not had any positive changes yet."

"I only had the Samsung Flexwash for one day. I purchased it from a local home improvement company and I noticed a problem the day it arrived. The bottom washer didn't work. The top washer worked. I called to Samsung and arranged for a replacement on a certain date but there was no delivery that day. Samsung moved it to another date without informing me. I learnt this when I called them to complain. No one was going to be at home on the date they set, so we had to move it again. However, the delivery company arrived on the day when no one was home. The rep on the phone didn't apologize until I asked to connect me with a supervisor."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Samsung FlexWash, this hone device does not seem to be worth the money it costs. It does feature two drums for simultaneous functions but very often one of them fails to work. Not all people are pleased with the results of washing their clothes. Besides, this washing machine is very expensive. The only advantage of the product is that it has an attractive design and offers a wide variety of cycles. The unit also comes with a three-year stainless tub warranty, a one-year labor and parts guarantee, and a 10-year washing component warranty. Many people complain of facing different problems with this machine. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend the Samsung FlexWash to buying.

Where To Buy Samsung FlexWash In Stores?

Samsung FlexWash can be bought directly from the official website for $1,900. You can also buy the product from the number of retail stores. It can be purchased from for $1,399.99. sells the unit for $1,699.72. It is available on Sears for $1,549.00. The product is available on AppliancesConnection for $1,549.40. Abt Electronics offers the washing machine for $1,549.00, while it can be purchased from for the same price.