Samsung Gear Fit 3 Reviews - What Is It?

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Samsung Gear Fit 3

The first model of Samsung Gear Fit was a fitness tracker with a tinge of smartwatch. It was released in 2014 but since that time many similar options have emerged on the market, including the Fitbit Blaze and Microsoft Band 2. Samsung Gear Fit was one of the first to hit the scene due to its Super AMOLED display its balance of smart and fitness functions which helped to differentiate the device from the others. After two years, Samsung Gear Fit 2 came into the market. It has the same look but featured some improvements in nearly every function. Some of the greatest changes included a more refined look, impressive value and broader compatibility. It was an Android and iOS-friendly device with quite functional wearables. It was not very pricy despite offering some exclusive features for active people. Let me remind that the second-generation Gear Fit entered the market in June 2016.

Samsung Gear Fit 3 is a new member of the Samsung family and it can boast even better new features. The gadget comes with great protection from dust and water, many customization opportunities, and in a compact shape. Judging by the description, this device appears to be a third-generation Gear Fit fitness tracker. It features a built-in calorie tracker and an algorithm for tracking the user's weight. The product also comes with certification documents with a lot of information about the unique novelty. The new model has a built-in GPS-tracker, a wide display, a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. It can also be used for storing music that you can listen to while training. In addition, it has got a smart-watch. You can monitor your heart rate, track your steps, and change music on your phone any time. The easy-to-use interface and touchscreen as well as a unique design make the device really fun to use. If you have been looking for a fitness-tracker hybrid, the Samsung Gear Fit 3 may be a great choice for you.

Customer Reviews - Does Samsung Gear Fit 3 Really Work?

The device has not got a great number of customer reviews yet because it is a quite new product but people who have shared their experience claim that it is worth the money it costs. This personal fitness appliance has all of the necessary features for tracking your fitness. Due to the app, you can see how many steps you have taken, distance you have covered, calories you have burnt and how much time you have been active. You can track your exercise with a heart rate monitor, while the sleep tracker will keep track of your down time. The device does not offer only traditional tracking features, but you will also get some additional features. Samsung Gear Fit 3 will allow you to track your fitness and benefit from a limited smart watch. Songs on your phone can be changed from the tracker with ease. You can also locate your synced device and check notifications from your texting app or email.

Another feature appreciated by many users is the curved touchscreen that has a much larger size and brighter display than other modern fitness trackers. Every time you raise your arm, the watch turns on and shows the time, so there is no need to push a button on your own. You can customize your device by changing the wallpaper. Even though its screen is much brighter, the battery lasts at least three days. Samsung Gear Fit 3 is able to motivate you to exercise more due to its coaching feature and goal tracking, so you will be kept on pace. The touchscreen is bright enough for you to see anything on it even during broad daylight. One-button navigation system makes viewing all your data really easy. To use this fitness device you will need two apps. The Gear Fit Manager will help you to adjust settings, while the S Health app will allow you to view your tracked data. Both apps are easy to use. A major drawback of the Gear Fit 3 is that it works with later-generation Samsung Galaxy phones only. The company offers a one-year warranty for the product, and you can reach technical representatives by email or phone any moment you have a question. The FAQ section and a manual are on the website will be helpful as well. Most customers claim that the Gear Fit is easy to use but it is still recommended to read how-to instructions. Let us take a look at the testimonials of real owners of the device to see whether they are pleased with their purchase.

"I really like my new Samsung GearFit 3 due to its function of counting steps I take every day. Today it recorded 12,100 steps and I was so glad with my result. I prefer to carry it in my pocket to eliminate the arm swings. Over the past three years it is the best tracker I have possessed. The device is very accurate. I am going to buy another GF3 for my wife who is also keen on sports. By the way, it features the most comfortable band I have ever worn. I am sure that I won't lose the device easily."

"Samsung Gear Fit 3 is a nice appliance! I can play the music from where the source file is. The watch has about 2 GB of space, and I can connect Bluetooth headphones to the watch, so that the music can be streamed from the watch. I already used this option when I left my phone at home. I can also use the default music app. There is an option to download the Spotify app and use that too. The device is convenient and super easy to use."

"I have bought Samsung Gear Fit3 just recently and I am very happy with my purchase. In fact, it is my first watch. I bought it in order to log my workouts. I like the way I track my progress during my workout. I can see how many calories I have burnt. The only drawback is that the watch started to unsnap on its own and fall off my wrist. I am going to have the band changed, otherwise I risk losing a $200 gadget. In general, I love it so much!"

My Final Summary

Samsung Gear Fit 3 is a fitness device that features a touchscreen system that allows you to view and deal with your fitness data. It has a comfortable lightweight design and changeable wrist bands. You can select the background color you prefer, as well as clock style and wallpaper. You can check notifications instantly and interact with your device via apps. The appliance allows you to improve your fitness results due to the heart rate monitor and S Health app. You will undoubtedly benefit from the advanced, curved Super AMOLED touchscreen display.

Another advantage of Samsung Gear Fit 3 is that it equips you with instant notifications of incoming calls, SMS, emails, and 3rd party apps. It allows you to control major functions with ease, such as quick replies to messages, rejecting calls with messages, and controlling alarms. With the Heart Rate Sensor, the device offers you real time coaching to support you in achieving your fitness goals. The Always-on activity tracking keeps track of your steps and movements every day. It also comes with reliable dust and water resistant protection. Samsung Gear Fit 3 is compatible with many Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Taking into account its positive characteristics, I certainly recommend this device to usage.

Where To Buy Samsung Gear Fit 3 In Stores?

The cost of the device may vary from site to site and from country to country. The average cost of the Samsung Gear Fit 3 is $200.