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SCANA Energy

The initial name of the company was SCANA Corporation that operated as a regulated natural gas and electric public utility. The company was located in Cayce, South Carolina. The company had four coal fossil fuel power stations, one pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant, four hydroelectric plants, and the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station, one combined cycle power plant, one "re-powered" formerly coal-fired plant with two combined cycle units and a natural gas-powered steam unit, and sixteen cycle combustion turbines. The total output of the company was more than 5,800 MW. Today, SCANA Energy is based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving over 425,000 customers and being the second largest manufacturer of natural gas in Georgia. The name SCANA is not an acronym, but it derives from the letters in South Carolina (S [outh]-C-A-[roli] N-A). The company known as SCANA Energy began serving commercial and residential customers in 1997. They are a subsidiary of SCANA Corporation that has been a vital source of energy in the Southeast for over 160 years. The company serves more than 475,000 businesses and households across Georgia. SCANA Energy was acquired by Dominion Energy in January 2019.

It is interesting to know that the company started its history in 1846, when the Charleston Gas Light Company was created by a group of Charleston business leaders. Its corporate structure was created in 1924, when the Broad River Power Company was formed. Broad River purchased the electric and gas properties of Columbia Railway, Gas and Electric Company in 1925. In 1937, the company changed its name to South Carolina Electric and Gas Company that acquired Lexington Water Power Company in 1942. The latter had built the Saluda Dam, which was the largest barrier artificially built for power production. The company sold Scana Petroleum Resources Inc. (for $110 million) and its retail propane assets (for $86 million) in 1997 and 1999 respectively. The company acquired Public Service of North Carolina for $673 million in February 2000. The company received 50,000 retail natural gas customers in March 2004. They spent $9 billion on and abandoned creation of two extra AP1000 units at the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station. Westinghouse Electric Company became a bankrupt. Some ratepayers and investors filed lawsuits against SCANA Energy, and the company replaced the nuclear capacity with solar and gas generation with shareholders. This helped to reduce the customer charges and costs of the abandoned nuclear plant.

Customer Reviews - Does SCANA Energy Really Work?

SCANA Energy is involved in the generation, distribution, transmission, and sale of electricity to about 719,000 customers in the area covering about 16,000 square miles (41,000 km2) in 24 counties of South Carolina. It is also engaged in the purchase, transportation and sale of natural gas to about 368,000 customers in the area encompassing about 23,000 square miles (60,000 km2) on the whole territory of South Carolina. There is a great number of customer reviews about SCANA Energy on third-party websites and most of them are positive. The clients of the company are happy that they have chosen it for their gas needs. The company has a perfect team of professionals. The majority of customers are pleased with billing and account management, order experience, customer service, plans, pricing, and promotions. They say that initial order set up is easy, all inclusive, and smooth without any issues. First billing is concise and clear. Those who have changed to Scana Energy say it was easy to do and they are happy with their experience. They also say their first bill was even lower than expected. In general, the company allows to have great savings in the future. According to the customer feedback, it is easy to sign up, and the customer service is just impressive. If you have any issues you can always call their team at 1-877-467-2262 (Monday-Friday, 7am to 8pm; Saturday, 8am to 5pm) and have your issues resolved.

One man writes in his testimonial online that he is a recent customer with SCANA Energy and he is impressed with his experience. From the moment he contacted the customer service department to set up the service the process was fast and easy. The company's rep was helpful and answered all of his questions and resolved his concerns. At first he thought that their billing was confusing but the rep explained everything to him in a clear and comprehensive way. The customer realized what kind of bills he was going to face in the future. The associate also directed him to the best options in his situation. Overall he has been pleased with the service and had no complaints. Another customer reported that he has been with SCANA for four years and liked the quality of their service. He says his bill is always right and he has no complaints. However, one time he missed a payment and was cut off and charged the bill in full. The man had to do another deposit. The customer understands that it was his own fault, though. Now he is more attentive with his payments. One woman claims she has been with SCANA Energy for over eight months and appreciates the amazing plans, referral program, rates, and regular usage reports from the company. She confesses she plans to stay with them in the future. She has already received an email with a direct link that moves her to set up service for the next year. The woman likes that this company makes the client experience worry-free and easy. She also loves the fact that initially she didn't have a deposit, however, it was easy to set up the service. Their customer service is outstanding and the woman hasn't had any problems. Let's read some more customers' testimonials found online.

"Previously I was the customer of another company but I actually did not like my experience (I would like to keep its name in secret). My supplier didn't offer me competitive rates. Then my friend told me that he liked SCANA Energy and recommended me to change the company. So I did and I do not regret. I came to SCANA Energy and was offered a competitive gas rate. The process was hassle-free and the transfer was pretty fast."

"I saw an ad about SCANA Energy about a month ago and I decided to sign up with the company as a natural gas supplier at a rate of $0.369 per therm for eighteen months. Yesterday I received a "Welcome to SCANA Energy" letter. I started reading it attentively and noticed that the rate was $0.5690 per therm. I panicked and neglected to read on, so I missed the Application discount of $0.200 per therm. I hurried to call the company and I was rude to the rep who responded to my call. The poor woman explained everything to me and I felt shame. I apologized to the woman."

"I had to move to another state, so I am a new resident to Decatur, GA. Relocating was not easy for me, to tell the truth, but I was lucky to address SCANA Energy. It was my realtor who recommended it to me. It was not difficult to set up a new account with the company, as well as to get connected to the electronic billing. This made my move less stressful. I feel grateful to everyone who helps me."

My Final Summary

SCANA Energy is also known as PSNC Energy (Public Service North Carolina Energy). It is a regulated public utility dealing with buying, distributing, transporting, and selling natural gas to about 563,000 customers in the area encompassing about 12,000 square miles in 28 counties of North Carolina. The company has its headquarters in Gastonia, North Carolina. The company had a regulated unit called Regulated Division. It was selected by the Georgia Public Service Commission. The company was selected a natural gas provider to serve people in the state. Based on the customer feedback, SCANA Energy has high reputation. Most people are happy with the company and the services it provides. The customer service is also said to have the highest quality. The representatives of the company are always happy to help their customers in a fast and easy way, since they are well-educated and knowledgeable. The customers are also satisfied with the pricing of the service. If you are not pleased with your membership you are free to cancel your account with the company any time you wish. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of SCANA Energy, we do recommend this energy and gas provider to usage.

SCANA Energy Pricing and Rates

SCANA Energy Natural Gas Plans vary in length and price. 12 Month Fixed Rate Plan costs $0.499 (rate per THERM). 6 Month Fixed Rate Plan is priced at $0.499 (rate per THERM). Introductory Variable Rate Plan (month to month) costs $0.329 (rate per THERM). 18 Month Fixed Rate Plan is priced at $0.499 (rate per THERM). These are current residential prices that are effective December 4, 2019 but they may be altered January 4, 2020. You may receive an initial bill with lower prices than a complete billing cycle or month. If you have any issues or questions contact the company by calling at 1-877-467-2262 (Monday- Friday, 7am to 8pm; Saturday, 8am to 5pm). Your fixed therm rate is guaranteed for the chosen period of time: 6, 12, 18 or 24 billing cycles. The actual number of days in each cycle may vary, since billing cycles average about one month each.