ScholarshipOwl Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Scholarships are an answer to many people who are frustrated with the high cost of tuition. It is true that tuition costs have doubled since the early 1990s. There is an opportunity to ask for a financial aid or to simply choose a cheaper institution, but not every college has a program suitable for you and not every individual qualifies for financial help. If you really want to save money on tuition costs, you should opt for scholarships. Applying for scholarships may be a time-consuming process, which is why many companies have created software to automate the process. Scholarship Owl offers an advanced platform that facilitates your application process and gives you access to scholarships. The website was created by Kenny Sandoriffy who saw the need for scholarship search tools when he was applying to schools. He is a native of Austria and became very frustrated that the system was a tedious process. He wanted to create a special network that would simplify the things and help families get access to the financial aid they are eligible for.

ScholarshipOwl is the company that simplifies the process of applying for scholarships, which allowing you to use one application to apply for various scholarships. The idea sounds great, so today we are going to take a deeper look at how this company can impact your scholarship application process. According to the site, ScholarshipOwl gives an opportunity to apply to hundreds of scholarships with one registration. The idea looks like Common Application. You will need to fill out one application form that includes your personal information including your age, ethnicity, gender identity, student status, high school GPA, high-education affiliations, area of study, etc. It can be used for applying to many scholarships. The platform features a broad database of potential scholarships that are further matched with eligible people. Then ScholarshipOwl submits an application to the scholarships on your behalf based on your profile. To get better results, you are recommended to spend some time on your profile essay to ensure that there are no errors. This will allow the company to match you with scholarships using your profile information.

Customer Reviews - Does ScholarshipOwl Really Work?

Scholarship Owl does not only figure out which scholarships you are eligible for but also simplifies and combines the process. The so called College Scholarship experts say that scholarship search engines can help you get the money. The whole procedure takes fifteen minutes and sends your application to numerous scholarships. As it was already mentioned, scholarship uses your information to match you with available scholarships you are eligible for. Ensure that you do not omit any information. Then you will find a lot of different scholarships you might be interested in based on your profile. Look over the details of these suggestions and decide whether you would like to apply for any of them. You can apply for all of them, which will naturally increase your chances at getting more money. Some scholarships need more information than what is provided on your standard Scholarship Owl profile. In this case, you will be notified and asked to fill in the necessary information. These additional tasks may include an essay or writing sample specific to the particular scholarship. Once you complete these requirements, the company will automatically update and apply it to your application. After that, you will need to wait for a response from the scholarships you applied for. Don't worry, Scholarship Owl will notify you when your scholarship applications get accepted.

ScholarshipOwl offers a great number of scholarships based on your information provided in the profile. Financial-Based Scholarships are available only to those people with specific financial situations, for example, those with low-income backgrounds. Merit scholarships are also known as "traditional" scholarships. You can get these based on your GPA or other achievements. To get these scholarships you will need to do well in school. Artistic Scholarships are similar to the previous scholarships. They are given to those who demonstrate some form of excellence in the arts. Demographic-based scholarships are awarded to an individual based on their gender, identity, race, and other factors. They are meant to help minorities to achieve academic success.

ScholarshipOwl also offers the so called "You Deserve It" Scholarship. It is awarded every month randomly to someone who has created a ScholarshipOwl profile. Despite the variety of the scholarships offered by ScholarshipOwl, there are two things that may hold it back. First, some scholarships need individual applications that the company cannot handle. Second, your essay is not tailored to all scholarships you are applying for. Even a high-rate essay may not work well for some types of scholarships, so you will need to get specific. What is good is that ScholarshipOwl lists every scholarship before you apply. It means that you can submit various essays to the scholarships worth special attention. It should be mentioned that the ScholarshipOwl official website operates on a "freemium" model. It means that you can sign up, create your full profile, and search for scholarships for free. But you should be aware of the fact that any type of applying should be paid for. Different levels of service provide different features, even basic plans offer automatic applications. Let us take a look at the actual reviews about ScholarshipOwl.

"I do recommend ScholarshipOwl to everyone who wants to get higher education at a lower cost. It is a great opportunity to save a lot of money. I have had a positive experience with the company. The customer service is just fine. They consulted me in all of my questions in a friendly and professional way. I feel satisfied with the service."

"ScholarshipOwl is not a deceptive company as some customers may state. I signed up for a free trial and when I was ready to apply for scholarships I learnt that is will cost me $15 per month. It is not too much, so I agreed. And I am happy I did! I had high hopes for this website and I was lucky to get one of their scholarships."

"ScholarshipOwl is a nice company that offers numerous scholarships for you to apply for. I have succeeded and now I am studying at a big discount. My family is not very rick, so it is a great chance for me to receive education. Don't hesitate and sign up for the membership too. It is not free but it is very cheap. You will not regret."

My Final Summary

Scholarship Owl is an absolutely legitimate company that has an official website with the numerous scholarships available for you to apply for. We have encountered plenty of valid success stories from students who received scholarship money due to the Scholarship Owl platform online. This system offers hundreds of real scholarships for students to apply for. All you will need to do is to create a profile on their official site and start applying for as many tuition rewards as you wish. This service will undoubtedly help you save money and time. If you want to get higher education, you have all reasons to sign up for the free version of this service. You will uncover some scholarships you will be able to benefit from. You can also buy the full platform to see absolutely all scholarships available. ScholarshipOwl offers a great aggregation service with the scholarships to you wouldn't be able to find on your own. That is worth paying for. The company earns high marks from many magazines, and online review websites. Even Forbes magazine expressed its gratefulness to ScholarshipOwl for providing students with scholarships. ULoop rated it as one of the best scholarship websites available at present. With all this in mind, I do recommend ScholarshipOwl.

ScholarshipOwl Pricing and Rates

The website of the company is absolutely free to use, but as soon as you wish to apply for at least one scholarship you will need to pay money. It costs only $15 per month. It is not a big sum of money when compared to what you can save on the cost of your education.