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Science Based Six Pack Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Science Based Six Pack Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Science Based Six Packs is another weight decrease program that intends to help men and women to shape their body. The creator of this system is Thomas Delauer. He is a nutrition, fitness and health expert who focuses on helping people to get the body they wish. He spent most of his life obese and he did not like his appearance. He was also bullied a lot, which is why Thomas tried everything he could to get the body of his dream. Since he didn't get the desired results following traditional weight loss rules, he went against them and created his own system. According to his words, it has changed his life and appearance forever. He has written a guide in which he describes important hints and methods that can help individuals to achieve their weight-loss goals. These methods combine cardio and a sound eating regimen. As claimed by the maker of Science Based Six Pack, it is difficult to grow muscles by fasting. So, it is vital to incorporate both aspects.

One of the things you will need to do is to start intermittent fasting. It is not actually a diet, since it allows to eat your favourite food and portions but in a shorter time frame. The program presupposes that you should spend less time eating and more time fasting. This method makes your body to use fat it has stored as a fuel for making energy. Intermittent fasting does not require changing anything about your diet, except for the time frame when you eat. The program also includes a plan with the specific nutrients which can boost the fat burning process in your body. By using it, you can eat the foods you like and still enjoy weight loss. The program includes a number of plans based on the speed in which you can lose weight. There are a fast-track plan and a base-track plan. The latter is suitable for those who are new to this weight loss plan, and the fast-track plan is meant for those who have tried to lose weight before but unsuccessfully. Let us take a closer look at the program's rules.

Customer Reviews - Does Science Based Six Pack Really Work?

Science Based Six Pack

What is unique about the program is that it breaks traditional weight loss rules. The first one is not to eat food late in the day. You will probably agree with this rule but Thomas Delauer rejects it. He says that this old rule is based on the belief that people cannot burn fat while sleeping. He is sure it is not the case. The key is to ensure that you maintain your fat burning process at its optimum level to enable your body to burn calories and fat. By following the program, you are promised to learn correct eating periods. The second traditional rule is that you should always eat breakfast. There is really an opinion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But Thomas Delauer believes that your body makes the transition from a state of being fed into a fasting state when you are sleeping. In this state, your body does not absorb any nutrients, instead it utilizes its stored fat. When you eat breakfast soon after waking up, you are stopping this state and signaling your body to reduce your fat burning hormone level. The author of the program claims that you are telling your body to start storing fat; however, many specialists in the sphere do not agree with this claim. On the contrary, it is believed that breakfast switches on metabolism.

The third rule states that to lose weight you need to have small meals throughout the day, but Thomas Delauer says that when you eat frequently, you are keeping your body in the state of being fed in which your body is less effective at burning fat. Science Based Six Pack program does not also agree with the fourth rule in which you have to change everything you eat. Many of these diets put a lot of restrictions on what is allowed to eat. Some of them offer results but many people fail to maintain them living in such a restricted way. These people simply cannot enjoy food.

There is a very limited number of customer reviews about Science Based Six Pack and the majority of them carry a negative character. They complain that this product can be found on Amazon for free advertising only. They think it will never be sold on Amazon.com because it seems that the product has been deliberately placed on this site and shown as "currently unavailable" to make potential customer search for it on some other websites. But even if you do, you won’t have the same rights to get a refund offered by Amazon.com! Thus, one customer writes that he found this product on Geary's website. He bought the trial offer for almost $100 but is still waiting for his order to arrive. Even though several weeks have passed, nothing has arrived! So the man went back to the website in search of email address. He found it and sent a polite message asking when he might expect the delivery. As a result, he only got an Auto-Reply explaining they get too many emails to contact each separate client. The man tried to contact them several times but received the same message every time. With these auto-replies he also received an invitation to visit other websites which actually contained the same contact email address. It is impossible to contact an alive person from this company. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials about Science Based Six Pack.

"ScienceBased Six Pack is nothing more than a ploy to get your money not giving anything in exchange. I never received my product. I had to login to their official website in order to get their workout videos. In reality, they never put these videos on my page. They also promise in the video they will help you. This is not true. No one reaches out to me or gives me any instructions. Save your money."

"I have been waiting for the Science Based SixPack program for two weeks. Let me note that I spent over $300.00 on their supplements. It is sad to realize but I have been ripped off by this company. All I wanted is to improve my health and my look to please my beloved lady. I am going to report to BBB about this crappy company. Don't believe them."

"Once you sign up and buy Science Based Six Pack, you will start to constantly receive emails with the invitation to sign for more. Personally I am tired of these emails. They send them every day. It is very unpleasant to get all this email spam. I did not get any worthy recommendation on nutrition. I am sure all of the positive reviews on this product are fake."

Where To Buy Science Based Six Pack?

The product can be ordered from the official website of the company. The retail price is $297; however, there is a limited time special offer for Science Based Six Pack on Thomas Delauer's site at present. Those who qualify for the limited time discount can get the program for $97. The Science Based Six Pack program comes with some tools including video tutorials, Master fasting guide and Intermittent fasting plan.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Science Based Six Pack, this program does not appear to be worth your money. It is associated with a great number of disadvantages. These are very few real customer reviews on this product online, and the majority of them are negative. The creator of the program does not seem to be a true professional in the field. Many of his clients report that they have been ripped off by the company that seems to take their money without giving anything in exchange. Some of these people never received the ordered product even though they had paid for it. There are many other negative people's stories. Don't be fooled and don't order Science Based Six Pack!