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Scratch Aide

Wood decor plays a very important role for each home. It adds a level of comfort and warmth and can be achieved with certain furnishings, but constant wear, scratching, and tear can make your new furnishings and floors look dingy very fast. Fortunately, there is a product that claims to prevent this in an easy manner. Scratch Aide is a new product created by the makers of Dutch Glow. It promises to be a wood scratch mender that removes scratches on wood almost instantly and can revitalize your wood flooring, furniture, and cabinetry.

To start working, Scratch Aide needs to be applied to the clean surface, then it absorbs the current stain color, making it match any wood type. As a result, your wood looks new again in just a few seconds, and you save a lot of money on repairs. In fact, the product is so easy to use that it works in three simple steps. First, fill the crack, second, smooth using the included spatula and finally let it dry. The crack is expected to be gone. As the manufacturer claims, Scratch Aide provides amazing results, no matter what type of wood you are repairing.

Customer Reviews - Does Scratch Aide Really Work?

This is a quite new product, which is why until recently it didn't have any online customer reviews. However, at present Highya has a number of user testimonials online. The average rating of this product on the site is three starts. While some users are happy with Scratch Aide, others are not. You can find more than 220 HighYa reader reviews. The most common complaint concerned the product's failure to work as advertised, even though other users said that Aide Really worked perfectly for them. While some people are satisfied with the delivery times, other said that they had to wait long for the product to arrive. The customers seem to be happy with the customer service provided by the company. I would not recommend these reviews. The best way to find out whether the product really works is to buy Scratch Aide of your own and check it.

Amazon has more users' reviews, 289 to be exact. People here seem to be more satisfied with the solution. One woman writes that she was a bit skeptic about buying it, but as soon as she started using her purchase, she understood that it was better than she expected. She used it for the door that was extremely scratched by her dog. The woman was surprised to see how in just a few minutes it looked like new again. There were no traces of any scratches. The woman also tried it on other doors and baseboards and experienced the same results. She ordered another bottle. So, many users say that Scratch Aide worked as advertised on its official website. One man confessed that it took him several applications to fill chipped areas on his table. But he was patient enough and enjoyed positive results. The main this, as he commented, was to allow the product stuff dry each time he applied it.

Another woman tried Scratch Aide on her dark walnut china cabinet that was scratched very bad. Due to the product, the scratches are completely gone. The woman didn't manage to take a before and after pic, the product worked so fast. She is very happy with her purchase. It should be mentioned that the product is manufactured by SAS Group, a company who also produces Dutch Glow (also known as Amish Wood Milk), another popular ASOTV wood finishing product. SAS Group holds a B rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most of the users' reviews carry a positive character, but there are also some complaints. Let us take a look at the actual testimonials left by real users of the product.

"I just received ScratchAide and started checking it immediately. I ordered it to repair scratches made by my dog on my antique coffee table. I was amazed how fast this product fixed my table for such a low cost! I would have paid $100 to repair this table. I am so grateful for such a great product. It does exactly what it promises to do. One word of caution, you have to follow the directions given on the box. Wipe off after two minutes. If you leave it on for longer, it can stain the wood."

"Scratch aide is a fabulous product I have ever tried for scratches on my furnishings. The last thing I used it for was my old dresser. Now it looks like new again. Besides, I used it for my table that was badly scratched by my dog. Bad scratches are all gone now. I am not afraid that my dog will try to get something down again. With Scratch Aide, I can cope with any scratches. I do recommend this product to my friends!"

"I bought Scratch Aide kit with a small bottle of Scratch Aide and a small tube of the wood butter and a scraper. All of these items can be purchased for just $9.99 at Kmart (at least in New Jersey). I used the product worked for dark and light wood. I don't know how long the scratches will stay covered for but at present I am pleased with the results. It's ok if I need to reapply it every several months. I did not even have to pay for shipping. I also like the Dutch Glow wood milk. It effectively removes grease and dirt from kitchen cabinets. My cabinets are not sticky anymore."

My Final Summary

I do recommend Scratch Aide to usage, as it works as well as advertised. The scratches disappear within just two minutes after applying this product. All you need to do is to apply it onto the top layer of the wood and let it stay for two minutes. You will be impressed with how well it performs. It proves to be effective not only for small scratches but also for bigger ones that penetrate the wood. In addition, the scratches immediately blend into the wood after the product is applied. Allow the existing stain dry on your wood and enjoy the results. Scratch Aide tends to absorb its stain almost immediately.

The manufacturer of Scratch Aide claims that the liquid should be applied onto the clean wood surface. This product seems to revolutionize the way people take care of their wood surfaces. Based on our experience and the experience of other users, this product provides spectacular results. If you are interested in Scratch Aide, you can order it online from the official website of from any of the reputable retail stores selling this product. I think you will like the effect.

Where To Buy Scratch Aide In Stores?

In general, one bottle of Scratch Aide costs $10, plus $12.90 shipping and a $2 "web fee." In total you will need to pay $24.90. For this price you are going to receive the following products: one bottle of Scratch Aide Scratch Mender, Microfiber dusting and polishing mitt, Wood Butter (conceals and fills gouges and cracks). Each order comes with a 30-day refund policy. It means that if you are not pleased with your purchase and decide to return it, you can get your refund. Remember that you will need to pay for the shipping in order to send the product back to the manufacturer. To request a refund, you will only need to call to their customer service at 866-561-8543.