ScrubTastic Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY ScrubTastic Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


What kind of emotions do you experience when you realize it's time to clean the tile, grout, and shower door? Do you feel chills up your spine? If yes, then, according to the manufacturer of ScrubTastic, this cordless machine with a rechargeable brush will be of great help for you. Its brush is able to spin over 300 RPM. With such high torque scrubbing power this little device will do "all the hard work for you." It promises to quickly blast through hard water, soap scum, and lime. The extension handle will easily reach high-and low- without bending, hard scrubbing, or kneeling. ScrubTastic can make cleaning the shower and bath an easy and even pleasant task, according to the maker of this device. Can it really change the situation or is it an overhyped piece of plastic? Let's try to answer these important questions in this review.

ScrubTastic is sometimes called the "rechargeable spinning sensation' as it can be recharged as soon as you are finished. Second, its brush possesses unbelievable spinning power that is able to clean anything in seconds. But it is not only the overall speed that makes the appliance a worthy product. It is important to mention that it is able to quickly reach high speed and support it for the period of time that is enough to do the cleaning job. This is a very effective device, I should say. The company behind the product is based in the USA and has great reputation among its users. But it would be wise to take a look at what real customers are saying about the experience of using the ScrubTastic.

Customer Reviews - Does ScrubTastic Really Work?

Doing this review we focused on helping you to make the right decision whether this popular product is worth buying. ScrubTastic is associated with positive customer feedback. The users are generally happy with the device, its quality, performance and available functions. We are sure of the company's name, as the manufacturer is also known for some other popular products namely Cabinet Brite and One Second Slicer. ScrubTastic has dozens of customers' reviews on Amazon. Most of them have a positive character with an average rating of 4.5 stars. There are few minor complaints that claim that the product didn't meet the users' expectations, but there are not details which exactly. Some people are not happy with the high price of the product. But I am sure that a high-quality product cannot be cheap.

We have tested ScrubTastic ourselves and we concluded that the device can easily clean the shower and bathroom. You are expected to enjoy the same experience too. These are elderly people who especially appreciate the product. They found it very helpful for their elderly bones because cleaning the bathroom is not an easy task for such people. Some of them can't get down on their knees anymore. Fortunately, ScrubTastic has an extended handle that can cope with the task perfectly. It's powerful enough to deal with the toughest stains. The main advantage of this device is that the owner does not have to apply much effort. The brushes, along with soap will do the work themselves. The battery charge can last quite long. Some users, however, recommend wearing goggles to avoid getting any soap spray in the eyes.

According to most customer reviews, the users are pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness and performance of the ScrubTastic. I have found out that certain brush heads are good for certain tasks. For example, the flat head is the best one for tile, while the conical shaped one is good for sink faucets and hard-to-reach places. A big is great for toilets. People with children also love this product a lot. ScrubTastic makes the toilet so much easier to clean. There is no need to get too close to the surface you are cleaning. One separate brush can be used for the floor around the toilet. Thus, several brushes can be used in different places without spreading germs. Let us have a look at several actual testimonials from real users of this product.

"I am middle aged woman suffering from lupus and fibromyalgia for the past 15 years. To clean a bathtub or shower is a great job for me. After such a hard activity I usually suffer from pain and inflammation in my arm up to five days. It is unbearable. But ScrubTastic brush is a real lifesaver for me! It can simply do the work for me. It has a head for every surface you need to clean - tub, sinks, toilet. This device cleans anything in half the time. If you have any kind of problems with joint pain, arthritis, or muscle deficiencies, this is a perfect purchase for you."

"I purchased Scrub Tastic on advice from a friend and I can say that it is really worth my money. It has made an unpleasant chore of cleaning the tub much faster and easier for me. It can be charged it overnight and I have no complaints at all. This device seems not to have any drawbacks. My wife is simply in love with it. Now she can easily scrub down our large double kitchen sink. We have had this appliance for two months already, I hope it has great durability. The device met my expectations and I often recommend it to my friends."

"I love Scrubtastic very much! This little machine works like a charm due to its multi-purpose scrubber. I don't have to bend for periods of time while scrubbing our tub and shower no longer. I was pleasantly surprised by the power of this device. It works well not only in the tub and shower, but also on the tile walls. A small stiff brush helped me to clean my cast iron skillet very well. This is a good product. Purchase it, you won't regret. It can be your life saver."

My Final Summary

I am here to help you make the right decision whether to buy ScrubTastic or not. You have got enough information to do it, but I feel necessary to summarize all pros of this product. So, ScrubTastic is a functional and effective cleaner for different kinds of surfaces in your house. There is publically available information that backs up the performance of this product. You can also find a great number of positive users' reviews online. Hundreds of people share their personal experience of using this helpful device. Most of them have all reasons to recommend this product for you to be able to easily clean your grout, tile, and shower doors.

The motor of ScrubTastic is powerful enough to cope with any task. The product is not expensive. The delivery is fast. The staff working in the customer service is highly professional and polite. If you don't like the product for any reason, you can return it and get your money back. To my mind, ScrubTastic delivers on its cleaning promises. That is why I can recommend it to everyone.

Where To Buy ScrubTastic In Stores?

One ScrubTastic unit costs $39.95 plus free shipping. It is possible to buy another brush at checkout for an additional $10 fee. The usual set comes with one powered extension wand, one ScrubTastic Cleaner, one round head, one angled head, and one flat head. All ScrubTastic purchases come with a 60-day refund policy. In order to ask for one, you will need to contact customer service at 855-721-3340.