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Secret Keepers

The Secret Keepers is a book by Trenton Lee Stewart, who is also an author of the best-selling Mysterious Benedict Society series. It is a slow-building mystery with numerous traps. The novel depicts 11-year-old boy named Reuben who is left alone when his mother heads off to work in the city. The action takes place in summer. He is a loner sneaking around the town like a spy and looking for ways to hide. One day the boy is in a narrow alley trying to hide from the Directions, mafia-like enforcers who are four in a group. Hiding from those guys he tries to climb as high as possible up on a ledge where he finds a package and brings it down. He finds a watch inside made from strange metal and with just one hand. In hope to get some money for it, Reuben takes the watch to different jewelry shops to see what he can get for it. The boy cannot find a fair price for the watch and almost gives up when he notices a small clock-repair shop not far from the train station. The proprietor named Mrs. Genevieve says that the Directions are looking for Reuben.

After experimenting with the watch, Reuben realizes that it gives him fifteen minutes of invisibility every time he winds it. The Directions are after the watch for their boss named the Smoke, who is a powerful force in the town. Reuben tries to avoid the group of dangerous people knowing that the whole city may be in danger if the watch gets into their hands. In this way, he follows a direction inscribed on the watch's case: "William Lighthouse." He finds out that it is not the name of a person, but a lighthouse north of the city. He goes there and meets the keepers of the lighthouse who inform him of the secrets of this watch. You will learn the continuation of this story if you read it. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization that publishes the book. Illustrator of the Trenton Lee Stewart's book is Diana Sudyka. Its genre is a mystery. You will find such topics are Adventures, Magic and Fantasy, Brothers and Sisters, Great Boy Role Models, Friendship, Great Girl Role Models, Underdogs and Misfits. Book type is fiction. Publishers are Little, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Publisher's recommended age is from 8 to 12. There are 512 pages in the book.

Customer Reviews - Does Secret Keepers Really Work?

The Secret Keepers is a book by Trenton Lee Stewart is created for readers who are patient enough to read more than 500 pages of the book. The story in it is developing very slowly and may seem boring to some people. It involves invisibility watches and deep family secrets. The story has a feel of a superhero story at the beginning, which gets attention of the majority of readers. This is when Reuben, a main character in the book, figures out how his new power works. He is an eccentric character who is endangered by a team of bad guys. The story starts losing its active pace but it remains just as thoughtful. The reader feels the loneliness of the boy's enemy, the Smoke, as Reuben tours the Smoke's home. The reader starts understanding what the power Reuben holds can do in the wrong hands. However, the Secret Keepers is not a book that can be read many times. Many readers confess that they get bored before they come to an end.

One reader expresses her impressions in her testimonial. She says that Trenton Lee Stewart had charmed her with The Mysterious Benedict Society. She liked the quick moving story line that was gradually opened on the pages. This was the reason why the woman had high hopes for The Secret Keepers too. But what she felt in reality was disappointment. First off, the story depicted in the book is much longer than it should be. It often has many pages where nothing is happening. The book never picks up speed; on the contrary, it loses it. The reader had to skim a fair amount of pages in almost each chapter and still didn't feel like she had missed anything. The story line is solid, interesting but lacks pace. It seems that the author intended to make it as long as possible. The reader never fell in love with the story's main character. Reuben is impulsive, foolhardy but not brave. Even though Stewart is constantly trying to show the reasons why Reuben behaved as he did, it never feels truthful. The reader is enamored with the idea of a boy who is ready to do anything to protect his mother. That being said, Secret Keepers doesn't seem to be a book that can capture the reader's imagination. It does not give a desire to tear through pages in search to find out what happens next. The story lacks excitement. Even the big climax didn't really come through, according to the woman's words. Many characters in the story lack real energy. This reader finds it difficult to recommend this book. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is much more interesting. Let us take a look at some other real customers' testimonials.

"I really wanted to like the SecretKeepers, but this is a too long book for me. I am nearing the 200-page mark and there is nothing interesting. This time Trenton seems to disappoint me. I loved the Benedict Society, but I cannot force myself to love this. I read it with long breaks in between. It is a boring story about a little boy whose name I have already forgotten. It is too slow for children, I think. What I like, though, is the mom/son relationship. I am stressed by the political climate, negative financial circumstances, and complete lack of wisdom. I wish I manage to read it to the end."

"To tell you the truth, the Secret keepers is far too long. Although The Mysterious Benedict Society was only a hundred pages shorter, the former managed to captivate my attention to the very end. There is so much waiting around in the book that it is hard to explain its characters' motivations. I have noticed some positive elements in this story here - Stewart has a talent for zany, tense scenes with suspense, fun ideas of the book. However, these positive features were drowned out by tiresome over explanation and intermediary situations. I feel disappointed with the book."

"I have to confess that I didn't get excited from the very beginning to this book. When I first read the synopsis of the Secret Keepers I thought it would be a more profound and mature story. In reality, it is more a story for children. The characters are typical and the plot is not as original as the title is. Unfortunately, I cannot approve or recommend this book."

My Final Summary

If you liked The Mysterious Benedict Society, it does not necessarily mean that you will like the Secret Keepers too. Unfortunately it appears to be a bit disappointing. The main character of the story never emerges as an interesting character. He is just too ordinary. The "secret" of the watch is not as exciting as desired. The reason why the "bad guy" wants it seems contrived. The character of Jack is confusing, so you cannot understand if he is working for the bad guy or not. The story itself develops very slowly, according to the real readers' reviews, so many of them stop reading the book in the middle. The book is too long to be able to read it to the end. The readers may benefit from the relationship of the main hero and his mother. If you are thinking about reading The Secret Keepers, go for it. But, based on what we have learnt about this book, we cannot recommend it.

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