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Senna Tea Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Senna Tea Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Senna Tea is a dietary product used to detox and cleanse the user's body. Its purpose is to remove toxins and waste that have accumulated in the body and may be harmful for human health. The supplement works by relieving constipation and easing the bowel movements. It acts with less chance of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. The product also helps to support weight loss significantly and to increase your intake of fluids, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of food you eat. The product also helps to remove undigested foods in the large intestines, which maximizes the absorption of vital nutrients from the food we take. If an individual has all the necessary nutrients they will feel full for a longer period of time.

Before we dive further into the ingredients of the product let us take a look at who the manufacturer of Senna Tea is. The product is offered by many companies available on the market. Some of them use it single handedly, while others have it as their main ingredient in different packages. Some companies include this kind of tea in different diet drinks saying that it is beneficial for weight loss. Today we are going to discuss the product by the company called Zokiva Nutritionals. The manufacturer of Senna Tea claims that this product is proven to be effective and safe for increasing muscle contraction to ease bowel movement and promote waste removal.

Ingredients of Senna Tea - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to many sources, Senna Tea is rich in glycosides, substances which are found in plants in certain organic compounds. These glycosides are able to relax your muscles easing the movement of digested foods through the intestines, which facilitates the movement of stool into the colon cleansing your body. The consumer of Glycosides is expected to achieve relief from constipation, proper digestion, and better absorption of vital nutrients into the body. Senna contains Glycosides which are also known as sennosides or dimeric glycosides anthraquinones. These are claimed to boost the amount of electrolytes and fluids in the human colon softening your stool efficiently.

Senna Tea

Generally, the Senna Tea is manufactured from the Senna herb which is also referred to as wild Senna, locus plant or cassia marilandica. It can be found in many tropical countries and has been widely used for many years in India due to its laxative properties. The pods and leaves are the main parts of the plant used for extraction and making medications. It helps to relieve indigestion and constipation, remove toxins and waste. There are some concerns about Senna Tea ingredients. Let us take a close look at possible issues.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is a number of precautions for you to take into account when using the Senna Leaf supplement. It should not to be used without the advice of a healthcare professional, especially if you have any medical condition or under any medication. People under 18 years of age, as well as pregnant or lactating women should not use the product. The supplement should be kept away from the reach of children. Even though Senna is considered to be safe for most adults, it should be used for a short period of time only. It can lead to some side effects including cramps, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. This product can be unsafe when taken for a long period of time or in high doses. Avoid using senna longer than for two weeks, otherwise your bowels may stop functioning normally and you may become dependent on laxatives. This can also change the amount of some chemicals (electrolytes) in your blood, which can lead to liver damage, muscle weakness, heart function disorders, and other harmful effects. Senna may cause diarrhea, dehydration, or loose stools. It should not be used by people with Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions such as abdominal pain, Crohn's disease, intestinal blockage, ulcerative colitis, stomach inflammation, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, or anal prolapse. If you have heart disease, Senna can make it worse by causing electrolyte disturbances. This compound may interact with some medications including Digoxin (Lanoxin), Warfarin (Coumadin), water pills (Diuretic drugs). It is recommended to take between 50mg and 100mg of Senna at a time. You are expected to experience the effects of the product between 5 - 12 hours after consuming it.

There are a lot of customer reviews about Senna Tea online. Unfortunately, most of them are negative. Many people complain of experiencing numerous side effects mentioned higher. At the same time, they report that the product does not work effectively to reduce body weight. Most of the users saw no difference when using this supplement, which turns out to be waste of money. The only positive thing about this product is that this supplement is affordable and can be easily bought from any sources, including traditional stores. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"If I could give Senna tea a big fat zero I would. I thought I could save some money from the Traditional Medicinals Senna Leaf tea; however, it simply does not work. The taste of this tea is terrible! It must be a cheap product but it is expensive. In any case, it does not work for me. And I don't want to take it because of its bad taste. I regret having bought two packages. It came Prime but I am unable to get a refund. It is not eligible for return!

"I was hoping that SennaTea would be rather powerful as they claim it is 100% senna but I had no luck attaining any weight-loss effect from drinking this tea. Avoid this pricey product from Zokiva Nutritionals and buy the YOGI brand senna tea. It works much better with just one cup of tea."

"Senna Tea did not work well for me at all. I tried to drink it several times but every time I had no effect. The only positive thing about this product is that it was a pleasant cup to tea to drink. I liked its taste, unlike other users. I still cannot recommend it to people who want to lose body weight."

Where To Buy Senna Tea?

The Senna Tea is a dietary supplement that is sold in different packages in the form of tea bags from different health food stores and online stores. The prices may vary depending on the store you are buying it from. for example, Amazon sells Senna Tea by Zokiva Nutritionals (30 bags, 100% pure) at the price of $10.05 plus $2.95 shipping. This herbal laxative is quite expensive.

My Final Summary

Summing everything we have learnt about Senna Tea, it should be said that it has too many disadvantages. It may support weight loss but it does not burn fat. It works by removing excess water from your body. It means that the lost weight may come back as soon as you stop using this supplement. There are many negative customer reviews about the product. The users complain of its unpleasant taste, even when it is mixed with another tea flavor. However, the major drawback of Senna Tea is that it works by causing diarrhea, which may be a bad option for most potential users. The only advantage of the product is its availability and affordability. Taking into account all pros and cons of the product, I cannot recommend Senna Tea to usage. If you want to detox and cleanse your body, you are advised to look for some other options available on the market.