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Sense Home Energy Monitor

We live in a world driven by information. The more data we have, the more power we yield. It is true in any sphere of life - whether world domination or just running your household more effectively. In response to this reality, a great number of new technologies have entered the market. These allow us to harness information like never before. One of such inventions is Sense Home Energy Monitor. It is a small device able to quickly connect to your electric panel and identify how much energy every of your home appliances uses. The information it receives is sent to your smartphone. You will get the information on your energy consumption compared to other homes in the neighborhood, how much your air conditioner is using compared to this time last year, etc.

You will also receive helpful alerts, for instance when the garage door is open, a specific light is turned on; the wash is done, etc. You will get an opportunity to save $257 a year by switching to CFLs. This little device can listen to each appliance in your home to make it more efficient and secure. Isn't it cool to have access to this information? Sense Home Energy Monitor is made by the company called Sense Labs that is based out of Cambridge, MA. It was founded in 2013 by three men: VP of Product Christopher Micali, CEO Mike Phillips, and VP of Engineering Ryan Houlette. This is the same team that offered advanced speech recognition technology to mobile phones including voice text messaging, voice search, and voice-enabled virtual assistant technology. Their products are used in Samsung and other mobile phones all over the world. They have launched 59 products.

Customer Reviews - Does Sense Home Energy Monitor Really Work?

The Sense Energy Monitor is a compact (5.3" x 2.6" x 1.25") rectangular device that attaches to the service mains of residential electric panels. As soon as it is installed, it starts listening to the unique electronic signatures of attached devices, and records the received information millions of times per second. Then, the device implements proper algorithms to distinguish those "voices" and one appliance from another. Finally, it sends this data to your smartphone app.

In order to get the Sense Monitor started, follow four steps. First, install it in your electric panel with the help of a licensed electrician. Download the iPhone or Android (available August 2016) app. Connect the Monitor to your in-home Wi-Fi. The device will automatically detect your home appliances during one day and provide you with the received information. Sense is able to find common appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) on its own. It recognizes other appliances, but may not be able to identify them. For this reason, it features a "Teach Me" technique that allows you to give an example of appliances you would like Sense to recognize.

There are numerous user reviews on the product online. Most of them carry a positive character. The customers find Sense Home Energy Monitor very helpful, especially for home automation enthusiasts. People are able to control how much energy their home appliances consume including a refrigerator and other traditional appliances. The big advantage of the device is that Sense gives an accurate view of energy consumption. It is developing new algorithms to detect more appliances. The monitor works regardless if these are modern or very old. Besides, it can be connected to townhouses, condos, and single-family homes with their own power meter. However, it can also work in apartment buildings if the electrical panel is accessible.

There is enough online customer feedback for the Sense to say that the product is really worthy. You can learn about Sense's functionality in the video provided on the official manufacturer's website. Based on what we know, this device is going to become more and more popular in future. Many people who have tied it describe the device with the words "super cool" "amazing" and "technological leap". Sense's app allows you to find out trends by the day, week, month, and year. You will see how much power each appliance in your house is using. Let us have a closer look at the customer feedback online. Common compliments referenced high accuracy of the provided information. Here are some of the actual reviews.

"SenseHome Energy Monitor is just a miracle. I am very happy with my purchase. It's like a new breath in my house. Due to this small device I don't have any trouble with multiple garage doors any more. Now I know how much energy each of my systems consumes and can regulate the amount of my monthly energy bills. I do recommend Sense to all of my friends and relatives. If you're interested in this device, it is definitely worth a few minutes of your time."

"Sense Home EnergyMonitor gives me an opportunity to track how much power my electronic devices are using in real time. I can check this information whenever I wish - daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. I had my monitor installed by a licensed electrician. I didn't dare install it myself. The installation took a few minutes. The monitor does a good job of identifying devices in my home. Despite its high cost, this device is certainly worth buying."

"Sense Home Energy Monitor does an excellent job of informing me how often my household appliances are on or off and how much electricity they have used over a definite period of time. This help me to manage my home's overall power consumption. $300 plus installation is not cheap, but Sense helps me to decrease my monthly utility bill by $20 per month. As a result I can save $240 a year. It may save me a bundle in the long run. So I am happy."

My Final Summary

Sense Home Energy Monitor is a unique device that offers a number of advantages. It makes it easy to view your home's energy consumption using the Android or iPhone app. It also works well with IFTTT. Sense detects your home appliances on its own schedule, so there is no need to manually control the work of the product. The only drawback of Sense is that you will probably need an electrician to install it. The device is sold at a reasonable price which makes it a suitable option for the majority of customers who want a whole-home energy output in real-time.

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Sense Home Energy Monitor, I think it can really improve your life. Its greatest ability is to tell what your home appliances are saying. This can help you control how much money is going on your electricity bills. For example, if your TV operates twenty hours a day, you can certainly decrease this time to two hours. As a result, you will save some money on energy. This sounds cool to me, that is why I can certainly recommend Sense Home Energy Monitor to purchasing.

Where To Buy Sense Home Energy Monitor In Stores?

The price of the product on the official website is $249. It may reach $299 soon. Shipping and handling was $13 at the time of our research, no matter to what address it has to be sent. Your order may be subject to sales tax. You will also have to pay to a licensed electrician for the installation of the Monitor, which could add about $100 to your costs. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy, as well as a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.