Sephora Play Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Sephora Play Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Sephora Play

Sephora is a retailer that offers haircare products, cosmetics, and other beauty accessories. The company was founded in France in 1970 and at present it operates about 2,000 stores all over the world. Their Sephora Play beauty box includes five samples from popular brands and a bonus fragrance sample. It is shipped throughout the territory of the United States. When signing up for this beauty box, you will need to fill out a Play! Profile where you will have a chance to share your preferences. Some of the products in the box may be customized according to your specific needs and preferences. You are going to get a bow on a monthly basis. Each Sephora Play! box comes with a pass to get a free individual consultation with a beauty consultant at one of their stores. The beauty consultant can teach you how to use their products, especially those included in that month's box. You will also get an additional 50 Beauty Insider points for using their Pass.

You can benefit from a Play! Date each month, during which you will be able to communicate with other subscribers and watch makeup tutorials. You are allowed to bring one guest. Sephora offers a rewards program known as Beauty Insider. It can be joined for free. It will give you access to free beauty classes and a gift during your birth month. Unfortunately, this may occur only once a year. You can accumulate points for each purchase, and redeem them for new products. You can also earn points for your monthly subscription fee. You will have access to video tutorials that are specially designed to help you get the most out of the product you have received. In this way, Sephora Play boxes are designed for women, makeup lovers, gift givers and selective consumers. The official website of the company is

Customer Reviews - Does Sephora Play Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Sephora Play on third-party websites; however, many of them carry a negative character. One woman reports that she picked up her box from the front office, opened it and saw that the tarte blush was completely broken. It got all over her box so the customer called the customer service number. As a result, they gave her only a $5 credit for buying online only. It is not the best service. Another young lady confesses that she only bought her Sephora Play box for the bag. Paying $20 for samples that are smaller than those in the $10 monthly boxes is a ridiculous thing. Still, the lady says she expected more out of that bag. Another woman says that when she got her first box she was not impressed. One of the products contained formaldehyde as one of its ingredients. She is going to give it another month to see what arrives and then cancel. The woman likes Ipsy as a monthly make up bag more.

Sephora Play is not worth it, according to many other clients! Sometimes some products from their boxes were missing as if it is hard for Sephora to check if everything is there. One customer reports that she often received mascara every month. She also received a lip product in a mud-colored shade. The other products were so-so. It seemed that the staff threw in stuff that does not sell. The woman is disappointed with her subscription. Sephora does not do a good job of customizing a bag for each person. A lot of the products will probably not cater to your interest or your hair or skin type. These are the reasons why many women decided to stop using Sephora and switched over to Ipsy. They like it more. Sephora Play samples are really small. It is much wiser to spend another $11 on full size products. What people do like is that they give a card for 50 VIB/Rouge points; however, you have to buy a full size product to get points. This is a well-thought marketing strategy.

Another common complaint is that the Sephora Play box is cheap and starts to fall apart in about a week. The products have low quality and represent different manufacturers. You may receive a lot of red lipsticks which won't fit you, or dry hair spray which you don't need. Some customers also report that they have received several broken items. Sephora does not replace such items. They only can give you points. One woman writes that she informed the company of her skin complexion and the preferred shades of lipsticks. However, they didn't seem to follow her complexion type, sending her inappropriate shades. A foundation would be too light for her skin. It is high time to take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"I am still waiting for my third Sephora Play box. It was shipped on 8/13 but the tracking shows that it will arrive not sooner than 8/20. I am very frustrated. The products were not so bad but I have faster shipping and bigger samples with Ipsy. I am thinking about cancelling Sephora subscription. Ispy is more beneficial to me."

"Sephora Play is only $10 per month, which is a good part, but I don't like that their samples are very small. In fact, they are completely opposite of what I expected. Besides, the only thing I really liked was the lipstick from Tom Ford. I am going to canceled the Play subscription. I don't recommend it to anyone."

"Sephora Play box is not worth the money. The bag was really nice but that was the only positive thing about it. There was nothing special about the mascara. The primer was good but I just purchased it the other day. The skincare items were definitely not worth $20, to my mind. The whole box was overpriced. I was really disappointed with this subscription. The worst $20 I have ever spent."

My Final Summary

The customers' expectations seem to be greater than what Sephora Play can really to offer them. In reality, there is nothing special about their monthly boxes. You may be extremely interested in what you are going to receive next but, as a result, you get a strange combination of products that do not fit you and even don't go together. Of course, the idea of sampling products seems attractive, but, as practice shows, most customers get disappointed with their boxes. We have studied real customers' reviews and found out that people often receive products of low quality and even in a broken state. It may be frustrating to get black mascara or a red lipstick each month. In general, most customers agree that the boxes are overpriced when compared to the competition. If you are more interested in having unexpected and fun events than if what you actually receive, then Sephora Play may be a good option for you. But if you want to receive suitable products of high quality, you should look elsewhere. Personally I cannot recommend Sephora Play.

Where To Buy Sephora Play In Stores?

As it was already mentioned, a customer has to complete a beauty profile and the team will select the products considering the answers. Each box comes with beauty tips to help you to use the samples correctly. The cost of one-month order is $21, it is $19.50 per month if you subscribe for the three-month plan, six-month plan costs $18.50 per month, and annual subscription is priced at $17.50 per month. You can cancel Sephora Play subscription any time by following the instructions provided on your Subscriptions page in your account or by calling their customer service at 1-844-PLAY-HLP. If your credit card payment fails, Sephora will cancel your Play subscription too.