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Shape Scale

Shape Scale is a revolutionary 3D scanning appliance that checks your body shape in just a minute. When you step on to the device, its mechanical arm extends and rotates around you 360 degrees to take numerous hundreds of pictures. As a result, it provides a 3-dimensional image of your body. When used at regular intervals, the Shape Scale will give you a better idea of how your body is changing. The device features a state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to capture a model of your body and to monitor changes in your body shape. It is also armed with an IR 3D Sensor Head providing you with a visual report of your progression. The device gives you the complete story of your physical condition including your body measurement, lean mass, fat mass, and simply body weight. It does not rely on tape measures or fat calipers to figure out your body fat percentage; instead, it uses its Sensor Head to take hundreds of pictures of your body in a 360-degree manner. After that, you can simply open its intuitive companion app, check the results and set up your goals.

Can Shape Scale really provide you with correct results of your fitness routine or diet? Does it work effectively enough as to help you see the whole picture of your physical condition? We will have to answer these questions further in this review, but before that let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online. The company that makes the product is called Shape Labs. If you have any questions about this appliance you may contact the company using the information below: Shape Labs Inc; 2898 Baze Rd; San Mateo, California 94043; United States. You may send your message to The Official website of the company is informative and is filled with numerous promising claims on the product. It says that the device is equipped with a 5-megapixel RGB camera to capture the texture of your body with millimeter precision. This technology sounds impressive but is Shape Scale as effective as promised? Let's find out by discussing what real users think about this device.

Customer Reviews - Does Shape Scale Really Work?

There are very limited customer reviews about this device, both positive and negative. Shape Scale does not directly measure body fat, despite the promise on the official website, the Shape Scale does not directly measure body fat. The idea of this appliance is that as you use it over time, you can see changes of your body. If you can see areas that are getting smaller it means that you are losing fat. However, if you can see, that some areas that are getting bigger, it may mean that you are either gaining fat or muscle. Because the device cannot measure body fat directly, the idea of losing body fat or gaining muscle is just an assumption. Even though there is some evidence for this, it is still an assumption.

Shape Scale cannot measure Visceral fat, the fat that can be found in and around internal organs. This fat may be associated with heat disease, diabetes and some other diseases. If you have less visceral fat, this may mean that you have less health problems. The device we are discussing today does not use ultrasound, x-rays, or magnetic fields to define the percentage of fat in your body. This is the reason why we cannot determine your visceral body fat. This function can be perfectly performed by a DEXA/DXA, CT or Sonographic scanning device. Another drawback of Shape Scale is that it cannot tell the difference between fat and lean mass. What is does is estimates changes in the user's body over time by taking pictures.

The official website of the company lists limited evidence to back up the accuracy of 3D body composition. One study involved just 39 healthy people. Another investigation involved 122 men and women. It focused on 3D body imaging technology which was proven effective in predicting obesity. The third investigation involved 92 people (age 6-83) with body weight between 52 and 400 pounds. It was not successful at all, since only 63 of the 92 people were weighed under water during the study. It can be concluded that 3D body scanning may be effective for predicting abdominal obesity but not for estimating body fat. There is still high risk of error in predicting and strong correlation, as well as with bioelectric impedance, a popular way to estimate body fat. The major drawback of these studies is that most of them involved only healthy people. Shape Scale is likely to be used by unhealthy and obese people, including those who have multiple sclerosis, cancer or HIV/AIDS. The scale itself is said to be not very light. It weighs 10 pounds (5 kg). The device can support an individual who weighs a maximum body weight of 359 pounds (160 kg). The product works on a lithium ion battery that can last for 50 scans between charges. The Shape Scale battery can be charged during four hours. The appliance does not come with wireless charging. Let us take a look at what real users are writing about the product online.

"I bought Shape Scale three months ago to track my weight and to enjoy some other functions; however, it does not seem to show how my body changes. I have visited the gym all that time but the device shows too slight changes only. It is not as a smart scale as claimed by the manufacturer. Besides, it is too expensive. I cannot recommend it to buying."

"Shapescale seems to be an interesting gadget, but it is not as effective as claimed by the manufacture. Its functions are primitive in reality and simply do not match its cost. I bought this device in hope that it would give me proper motivation to change my way of life, but it doesn't. Its robotic telescoping arm does not see the whole body, while the camera could show better photos or such a high price. This product is not worth the money it costs."

"I have one concern about ShapeScale. It is unpublished maintenance cost. You need to pay a lot of money for unlimited scans but according to Lilla Laczo (from Shape), mechanical parts in the product will be rated for a fixed number of cycles. This is expected to limit the number of scans before the replacement of those parts. $500 is definitely too much for such a gadget. You can make such a serious investment into another worthier product."

My Final Summary

This is up to you to decide whether to buy the Shape Scale or not. This three-dimensional body comp scanner may seem impressive but the customer feedback is not as optimistic. The product is very new, so it is associated with limited testimonials from real users. The device does not appear to improving exercise adherence in some people. It is also extremely expensive for individuals to buy. It can be found in some gyms and fitness centers. I do not recommend this device to people who will go into credit card debt buying it. This thing is not worth the money, based on the customer feedback. Some people failed to successfully scan their bodies. The unit may need to be repaired. This issue may be linked to certain headache. With all this in mind, Shape Scale cannot be recommended to buying.

Where To Buy Shape Scale In Stores?

The unit is currently priced at $499. Shape Scale could be reserved ahead of its official release for $349 (until 2018). The company also offers a few subscription plans which will give you an ability to have your scans stored in the cloud. There is a separate subscription price too. Subscription plans are more beneficial for personal trainers and health clubs who do scans on many people. These plans also provide software updates. There are two levels of subscriptions. Yearly subscription will cost you $9.99 per month, which is billed annually to your credit card. Another subscription plan costs $12.99 and requires a one-year commitment. Separately, you will have to pay the price of Shape Scale. An all-inclusive lifetime plan costs $699.