Shapermint Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Shapermint Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Each woman's body changes through time. Some women justify themselves with a recent newborn, busy lives or a difficult weight-loss journey. While being on your journey for a slenderer body you may benefit from the product called Shapermint. This is a slimming garment that was created by women. It is designed for those who want to shape their body with no need to pull or squeeze it. The manufacturer of this shapewear claims that you can walk with confidence allowing your inner light to shine through! Empetua by Shapermint is a daily tummy-shaping panty garment that can be worm on a daily basis. It is claimed to be ultra-comfortable and having been tested by thousands of customers. This garment promises to provide you with perfect balance of comfort and compression even after 12 hours of wearing it. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that this body-shaper panty will turn your world around with more power.

Unfortunately, there is limited information about the company behind the product online. The official website does not even provide any postal address of the manufacturer, which makes it impossible to send your purchase back in case you are not satisfied with it. The company offers a selection of other shapewear. However, the company's site is really informative when it comes to the promising claims behind the product. Shapermint is claimed to be the most comfortable slimming garment available on the market. Their shapewear is claimed to have high quality, which allows you to focus on yourself instead of being distracted by your shapewear. Will Empetua by Shapermint really leave you looking great and feeling amazing? To answer this question, we will need to take a look at what real wearers are saying about this garment.

Customer Reviews - Does Shapermint Really Work?

We have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Shapermint on third-party websites. They carry a mixed character, which means that there are both good and bad experiences. One woman says in her review that she ordered this garment in hope to enjoy all the benefits advertised by the manufacturer. The shaper turned out to be a bit snug, which the woman would have been fine with, but the band rolls down in the back. So, when she put it on, the back kept rolling down, making her look like a "busted can of biscuits". Another woman doesn't understand why there are so many positive reviews about this product. She has size 18/20 and she ordered following the size table exactly. The garment that arrived is too small for her, so that it pushed out her stomach and made her look pregnant. The back rolled down, too. Maybe it would be better for her to buy a size more. The woman feels disappointed and is going to return the purchase.

Many other customers report that Shapermint does not provide any tummy control, on the contrary, the product is also manufactured from too thin fabric. Besides, there is no panel in this garment and it is mainly just material. People complain of the small number of size options to choose from. The front and the back parts of the garment often roll down and provide no support. One young lady claims that the product was advertised as a more forgiving shapewear, easier to use and so much stretchier. She ordered the size recommended by the staff. After she put it on, she felt like a sausage in the case. She felt uncomfortable and it was hard to breathe. The woman simply took it off and put it in a drawer, where it still stays. This is not an item she can recommend to others.

Another woman reports that she just received her order and noticed that the packaging is in Spanish only. The size is not the same as the website said it would be. The woman wants to return the item. She says if she wanted to get some generic product from Mexico or China, she would have shopped on ali express or Amazon. This is not what should cost so much money! She is completely disappointed. She was paying for quality and the proper size; however, the packaging doesn't even say Shapermint. It seems to be nothing more than cheap China stock. The woman wanted to contact the customer service but did not find any phone number. She has to fill out return request. By the way, it just says: 110 amor Avenue Carlstadt, NJ 07072. The woman tried the garment on and found out that it rolls down in the back, and digs into her sides under her armpit. It is actually advertised to have an antislip and not to roll down. That's a lie. The item does not correspond the videos available about it online. The woman does not recommend wasting your time and money on this poor solution. Here are some actual customers' testimonials.

"Shapermint is a shocking company! I ordered my high-waisted Shapermint on the 26th of January. My order went through, I received a email confirmation and money was taken immediately from my credit card. Then on the second of February I got an email saying that the delivery was delayed. The next email told me that the item was out of stock. Can you imagine that it takes them a week to realize they haven't got the item?! Total rip off!"

"I am still waiting for my Shapermint. I have read many testimonials from other people claiming to be doing the same. There is still no shipment. My order number is SM877236. The tracking claims that it was delivered on January 23. I have been waiting for this package for three weeks already."

"Shapermint Company claims to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee but when something doesn't fit they refund just about 30% of your money. This is written in the fine print on their official website. Also pay attention to your order details when placing an order online. This is definitely a scam."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Shapermint, this thing does not seem to be worth buying. It has many drawbacks. A lot of people who have tries the product are disappointed with it. They often did not receive the proper size. They received either too big pieces or too small ones. They also complain of having received the wrong color. The garment itself does not support or control their body shape as promised by the manufacturer. It is manufactured from too thin fabric that cannot physically support the female body. There are numerous complaints about the customer service offered by the company. Those who have sent them emails have never received any answer. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are not guaranteed to get a 100% refund. Those who managed to request their money back were refunded only 30% of their expenses. Shapermint is too expensive taking into account the competition available on the market. It is much better to opt for similar products out there. With all these disadvantages in mind, I cannot recommend Shapermint.

Where To Buy Shapermint In Stores?

All Shapermint shapewear items can be purchased directly from the official website of the company, as well as some retail stores. Amazon sells Empetua Ultra-Thin High-Waisted Shaper Panty - Body Shaper at the price of $26.35-$26.95.