Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that promises to provide you with powerful suction. It's perfect for fast pick-ups and cleaning stairs, above floor surfaces, and car interiors. The product comes with a number of accessories including a TruePet Motorized Brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a stretch hose. TruePet Motorized Brush is an accessory that picks up loose debris, pet hair, and cleans deep surfaces. The cord is 15 feet long, thus, it provides good cleaning reach. You don't have to worry about changing batteries. It is very easy to empty the dust cup. All you will need to do is to hold the dust cup over the trash and press the release button to empty the cap. The bottom is located on the front. The vacuum has washable filters, so you will not have to spend money on their maintenance. The filters can be used many times.

Ordering a Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum you are expected to get the box containing the following items: a crevice tool, TruePet Motorized Brush, Dusting brush, and Extended-reach stretch hose. The device itself weighs less than four pounds, which makes it extremely convenient for cleaning. It has a TruePet Motorized Brush and an easy-to-empty dust cup that will enable you to clean a whole room without interruption. Product dimensions are 9.7 x 4.9 x 13.6 inches. It is a good idea to have a look at the customer reviews about this product to learn whether it really works as advertised by the manufacturer on their official website.

Customer Reviews - Does Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum Really Work?

You can find a great number of users' reviews about this vacuum cleaner online. There are both positive and negative ones, however, positive testimonials seem to prevails. Most users are satisfied with the work of this vacuum. It works much better than a regular vacuum cleaner. It can be used on different kinds of floors including carpeted floors and bare floors. Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is an industrial model that is why it comes with a canister vacuum as a bonus. The vacuum has a long tube attachment that is extremely easy to use for cleaning your house on a regular basis. There is also an upright attachment that is suitable for short carpeted surfaces. The device is has been popular among users for the last few years as it meets dusting and vacuuming needs. There are wonderful attachments on the canister: a long, pointed hose, a short bristle wide option and a softer bristle brush, that can easily pick up hair and fur. Then it directs debris into the tube with ease too.

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is perfect for houses with stairs. People are pleased with its cleaning abilities for other floor surfaces including kitchen floor, bathroom floor, surfaces covered with hair, cat fur or dust. It is not heavy, the vacuum's cord doesn't interfere with the process of cleaning the house. On the contrary it helps to reach the most difficult places. The vacuum does not create loud noise, so it is not as annoying as other vacuum cleaners available on the market. I researched hand vacuums deeply and I concluded that Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is associated with excellent users' reviews. People appreciate its suction power and accessories. Overall, it is excellent at performing its first task - vacuum stuff up. Users like the fact that its bag does not require to be replaced. The device itself is lightweight. Some people, however, say that the cord is a bit weird to deal with as it is rather long. But you can vacuum a larger area with such a long cord with no need to switch off the vacuum.

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum provides thorough cleaning, since it is easy to move around and to reach difficult places. Most users recommend the vacuum. What I was surprised with was the rate of four stars only. After I analyzed the reviews more thoroughly, I understood that users needed better hand attachments. The long crevice tool is alright. The pet brush is motorized, which makes it helpful for cleaning stairs and furniture. It can move horizontally and vertically with almost no noise when it switches between positions. It can be used on bathroom mats, for picking up hair and dirt. But the most used tool is the dust brush that is suitable for cleaning stairs and furniture. The brush is located on the outside of the front of the tool. The hand tool is used for simple dusting of solid surfaces, like window frames, moldings, furniture, etc. if you wish, you can buy a vacuum attachment adapter. Take the time to read a few positive reviews the vacuum.

"I am a big fan of Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum Big because this vacuum turned out to be a miracle. When I bought it, at first I thought it was horrible because I didn't expect that it would be so small. But in reality it is a great advantage. Due to its small size this vacuum is easy to use. At the same time, this device has a rather big dust bin with a cloth filer. The power is just fantastic, the suction is strong and the vacuum cleans very well. I have always had problems with cleaning the stairs, but since I bought this vacuum it is not difficult for me to clean the stairs any more. I just use the pet brush."

"SharkRocket Handheld Vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I am very happy that it has a cord. I used to have a cordless vacuum before that but I had to change the battery so frequently that I quickly got disappointed with that device. This was the reason why I started to look for a vacuum cleaner with a cordless and I found it. The Shark vacuum has a long and it's great. I found it on the Amazon website and I ordered it without any hesitation. The product arrived quickly. I can say that I am completely satisfied with the suction of this vacuum. It never leaves anything behind. Great product!"

"I have three dogs one of which is a German Shepherd. This dog breed is known for its abundant shedding. I have bought other shark products, but this time I decided to buy Shark Rocket HandheldVacuum. I am pleased with the high functionality of this device. The only drawback is that it has a cord, but at the same time, it provides the vacuum with high power and suction. So, I can easily deal with this minor inconvenience. I have a large house but the canister is large enough for me to vacuum all my house without emptying it."

My Final Summary

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is a great cleaner as it offers a number of important advantages. This vacuum is 30% cheaper than many other vacuums of the kind including the upright Shark Rocket. Its filter is washable, which significantly reduces the cost of maintenance. This hand held vacuum cleaner is made by a well-known and reputable company called Shark. The vacuum doesn't lose the power of suction even when the dirt cup is almost full. It has a flexible hose attachment, as well as a dusting brush and a crevice tool. Most of the tools can be easily attached to the nozzle on the vacuum or to the end of the hose. The only disadvantage is that there is no way to organize the tools. I can certainly recommend this unit as it is affordable and versatile. You will love it.

Where To Buy Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum In Stores?

You can buy a new item for only $99.99. Three-year protection will additionally cost $9.99, while two-year protection can be bought for $5.25.