Shark Rocket Powerhead Reviews - What Is It?

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Shark Rocket Powerhead

The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum is a quite new vacuum that promises to provide you with great cleaning power without the necessity to carry a lot of weight in your hand. The manufacturer has placed all of the features in its cleaning head. Its weight is centered onto the floor. In this way, you will need to carry only one pound in your hand. Besides, the vacuum never loses its power, as it uses interchangeable brushrolls to clean debris and dirt, as well as dynamic power steering for better maneuverability. But what is special about Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum? Will it make the cleaning process easier? Finally, is it worth your money? To answer these questions we will have to take a look at the features of this machine.

The greatest feature of the system is that it is its head that contains all of its cleaning components. As a result, the distance dirt has to cover is reduced by 80%, which significantly improves the cleaning efficiency of the product. In addition, the dust cap has the design that is highly suitable for the easier disposal of household debris. Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum has two different brushrolls. There is an all-surface roll that can clean anything from hard flooring to carpets, and a Gentle Touch brushroll meant for cleaning bare floors. These innovative brushrolls will make the cleaning process easy and even enjoyable. Other Powerhead features include a telescoping handle, LED headlights, and easy-to-use fingertip controls. The latter are responsible for transition between floor types. There is also a number of useful accessories.

Customer Reviews - Does Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum Really Work?

There are not many customer reviews about this vacuum on Amazon at present but most of them put five stars. The common compliments of the customers include power and suction, as well as maneuverability, low profile and lightness of the product. The Lowe's website also contains a few customer reviews on Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum. Here the product received an average of three stars. The customers are pleased with the effective cleaning of the device, its dual brushrolls, and the possibility to change between flooring types. One reviewer said that he lacked an extension or any attachments for better cleaning in corners and other tight places. In general, Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum is easy to control, can effectively pull out pet hair, and does not create loud noise during operation.

Another website,, gives the Shark Powerhead four stars. Peopel are pleased with the ease of use, good suction and maneuverability of the machine. It can perfectly work even when the dust cap is almost full. Some users didn't like the small size of the vacuum's dust cup, but generally the quality of the vacuum completely corresponds its price. Most replacement parts are covered under warranty. The cord is long enough to clean any area. We have discussed main features of Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum but is it right for you? Let us read what real users are writing about their experience of using the machine.

"I usually don't make purchases from infomercials but I had to buy a new vacuum as my old 15-year old electric broom did not work any longer. I paid about $291.00 for the Shark Rocket Powerhead together with the accessories. I noticed great difference. This vacuum has two brushrolls, so I can choose between two. The first one is for carpeting and hard floors and another one is for reaching hard spots. The suction on both brushrolls is good. I only experienced some difficulties with changing the hard and soft brush. If it is not lined up ideally, it won't work properly. You will see a green light on the head if everything is ok."

"SharkRocket Powerhead has been great since I bought it six months ago! I have two long-haired dogs and I have to use the vacuum every day. It picks up everything as advertised. I had the DC33 for about four years but I used to get tired every time I used it. My new vacuum is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. I can vacuum a big room in less than 10 minutes. There is a suction control for you to regulate the power of the vacuum."

"Shark Rocket Powerhead is a wonderful vacuum, it works great for hard floors and on carpet too. I have two cats, two dogs and two small children in my house. As a result, there is always a lot of floor filth. My new vacuum is powerful, light and relatively quiet. It does not leave debris behind. This is a decent vacuum that does its job flawlessly."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend Shark Rocket Powerhead as it is associated with a lot of pros. It has powerful suction abilities. It can easily vacuum up all the mess in your house with a little effort. The machine will easily pick up pet hair, cheerios, cat litter, broken glass soggy spaghetti, acorns, leaves, and even spilled flour in your kitchen. All you will have to do is to use the Gentle Touch roller. You will be amazed how much filth this vacuum can pick up from your floors. The second advantage is that Shark Rocket Powerhead has a two-speed roller that is able to maintain full vacuum power. You can use low speed for sweeping debris without scattering it. High speed is good at "buffing" the dirt off the rugs.

The vacuum has an easy swap roller and a low profile. This guarantees that the powerhead will do a good job of getting to dirt further than most vacuums. Shark Rocket Powerhead has a bagless dirt bin that is easy to empty. You won't need to touch dirt when doing the procedure. The vacuum weighs only nine pounds, so you will be able to clean your house almost with no effort. All the weight is on the floor and the vacuum is very maneuverable. Customers seem to appreciate the properties and features of the vacuum. Shark Rocket Powerhead can be a wonderful choice for your household. I am sure you will be glad to use this device.

Where To Buy Shark Rocket Powerhead In Stores?

Shark Rocket Powerhead can be purchased directly through the company's official website. One unit will cost you $199.75 or five payments of $39.95. Your order will include the following parts: Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum, Telescoping Wand, All Surface Brushroll, LED Headlights and 30' Cord. The shipping is absolutely free. You will also receive some bonus gifts (for additional $24.95 to ship these items): Hard Floor Brushroll, Shark Lift-Around Portable Vacuum and Brushroll Caddy. This vacuum comes with a 60-day refund policy. To request a refund you will need to call customer service at 800-798-7398. You can also shop for a Powerhead Vacuum through Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl's, Macy's, and some other third-party retailers.