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Shark Rocket Professional

This is a 14-pound vacuum from the company with the same name, Shark. The latter has its own official website that is professionally made and provides all the necessary information on each product. The company also manufactures a number of other vacuums as well as some kitchen appliances. Shark Rocket Professional is bagless and has a brush on/off switch, HEPA filtration, and a 30-foot, manual-wind cord. This vacuum is a lightweight, in-hand vacuum with a quite long cord. Its handheld portion weighs 4.2 pounds and includes the primary motor, the bin, and the power cord. The Rocket stays light and easy to handle even with attachments such as the floor nozzle and extension tube.

We performed major performance tests with the extension tube attachments and floor nozzle. The nozzle is 10.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It is low profile which means that you can easily clean under furniture. Shark Rocket Professional has two cleaning modes. There is a button to switch between them. The first mode is meant for delicate rugs and bare floors, while the second mode is more suitable for carpets. The second one activates the brushroll that can clean the carpet deeper. The cord of the vacuum is 27 feet long, which gives you an opportunity to vacuum a large area. So, you won't need to unplug and replug the machine to move from one place to another. At the same time, you won't have to worry about draining the battery.

Customer Reviews - Does Shark Rocket Professional Really Work?

In attempt to prevent space problems with the cord, the company offers you two options for storing the vacuum. It can be simply locked into the wall dock. Or the hand-held portion can be detached and hooked onto the base of the floor nozzle and extension tube. You may face a problem with the wall dock because you still have to attach the cord somehow. Even though this part of your vacuum may feel clumsy, you will certainly like other elements of the machine's design. The attachments include the crevice tool, extension tube, dusting brush, a floor nozzle, pet upholstery tool, and the Dust-Away tool. The latter includes a removable microfiber pad that is also easy to wash. There is also a storage bag to keep everything together. Shark Rocket Professional is a highly portable vacuum. This variety of tools allows the owner to use all the functions of the vacuum. Shark's official website also gives an opportunity to buy other attachments, including an extension hose and a car detailing kit.

You can find a great number of users' testimonials about Shark Rocket Professional online. Some of them are positive, while others are negative. Tastes differ. The usability of this vacuum deserves separate attention. It contains a bin and filter which need certain maintenance, however, emptying the bin is generally easy. Most customers are happy with the performance of Shark Rocket Professional. We put the vacuum through a few tests to see how it would deal with debris of different types. Our tests included a sand-and-sawdust mixture, Fruity Cheerios, human hair, pet hair, and collected from a hair extension kit. Each test was performed three times on different surfaces including mid-pile carpet, low-pile carpet, and hardwood/laminate floors. We also scattered 1.25 ounces of bobby pins and nuts on the low-pile carpet. The tests demonstrated that this vacuum is very powerful for cleaning any sortof debris. With the help of different attachments, we coped with all kinds of debris, small nuts being the most problematic ones. Because the vacuum is light, if wasn't difficult to vacuum the floor two or three times.

We have revealed another advantage of the vacuum. Its handle is able to lowers much farther than that in most vacuums. So, that you can rest your arm lower and you do not get tires that fast. This makes Shark Rocket Professional very convenient to use. One customer reports that he had never had a non-bagged vacuum before, but he managed to do the entire 2200 sq. foot house without emptying the bag. He was not even tired. Emptying the dust cup is a no brainer. This task can be done even by a child. It takes two seconds to click it off, take it outside and tap it in the garbage. Many customers like the fact that their house does not smell after cleaning. Let us have a look at some of the users' reviews left online.

"I bought Shark Rocket Professional for my daughter when her vacuum stopped working after ten years. She loved it so much that decided to make the same present for me. I retired my old vacuum to the ranch, so I could use a new one in my house. The first thing I was pleasantly impressed with was the suction. It was just tremendous. As soon as I started vacuuming my house, I noticed that this vacuum was much lighter than the previous one. It is also easy to use and maintain. The attachments are for rugs and wood floors."

"I love SharkRocket Professional very much! I just needed this vacuum because I have six dogs who lose a lot of hair every day. This machine is great for tile floors with rugs in my house. This vacuum is small and light, so the process of cleaning the house has become a pleasant activity of mine. I can clean my house much faster with this vacuum than with other ones I used to have. The attachments are easy to use. There are two lengths to attach them to. This vacuum can do the job between furniture and reach to the top of my curtains."

"I purchased Shark Rocket Professional for my 80-year old grandmother who cleans her home on her own. She is very pleased with her new vacuum. She says it is light and just perfect for her. Despite its small size, it is a powerful cleaning machine. My granny wondered at first how there was that much dirt in her carpets. She used to clean her house regularly with the old machine. Rocket looks cool in my 80-year old grandmother."

My Final Summary

Shark Rocket Professional can be recommended to buying as this machine offers a number of advantages. It is easy to use and maintain, it is lightweight, it has a compact size yet it is very powerful. This vacuum has a long power cord that is easy to use and store. Shark Rocket Professional is ideal for hard floors, which has been proven in a number of challenging tests. The vacuum has good suction, so it will easily cope with the fine particles an larger debris too. According to our tests, the Rocket collected 100 percent of the pet hair, 75 percent of the Fruity Cheerios, and 95 percent of the sand/sawdust blend. Most customers are happy with its performance. The machine can be conveniently stored almost anywhere in your house.

Human hair is not a problem for Shark Rocket Professional too, even though not all vacuums will cope with this task. It is quite easy to clear the tangles without much trouble. This is a great machine for the owners of long-haired pets. Finally, the Rocket even coped with the bobby pins and nuts scattered on the floor. Most replacement parts of the vacuum are covered with the warranty. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and you will enjoy Shark Rocket Professional for many years to come.

Where To Buy Shark Rocket Professional In Stores?

Walmart sells Shark Rocket Professional for $158.00. The price of this device on Amazon is $130.99 + $13.52 shipping.