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Shark Rocket TruePet

Shark Rocket TruePet is a small corded vacuum cleaner manufactured by the company called Shark. They are mainly marketing this vacuum as an ultra-light weight upright. It only weighs 8 pounds. According to the manufacturer, this device performs better than a DC40, a similar version, on deep cleaning tests on carpet. There are many positive reviews from consumers to confirm this. What is good about this vacuum is that it will never run out of energy since it is a corded unit, the downside is, it has a cord. It costs less than $230, which can be a wonderful deal for those who could not afford a more expensive vacuum with similar functionality. Another advantage of Shark Rocket TruePet is that it is versatile and lightweight. Due to its cleaning capabilities it never loses suction. There is a 32 foot power cord that makes it good for cleaning larger areas non-stop.

This vacuum comes with a TruePet Motorized brush that can be used for cleaning different surfaces. Hard floor genie has a microfiber towel to clean bare floor. There is also a crevice and brush tool. Shark Rocket TruePet has 10 LED headlights on the floor base and two foam filters. Both of them are washable. It has a low noise level and one-litre capacity. In fact, it is a bagless vacuum cleaner that offers 240v suction power. This device is very effective for cleaning pet hair due to its hand-held versatility and rotating brush. The product comes in a convenient package with a set of accessories, has a reasonable price and features a modern design. You do not need to change batteries in order to power the device. The bin slung is easy to remove. Due to its small size, Shark Rocket TruePet can be used for tidying up the car. Let's check what kind of experience real users of this device can share.

Customer Reviews - Does Shark Rocket TruePet Really Work?

The first thing most customers pay attention to after getting their purchase is the small size of the vacuum. It also has a small dirt cup. Emptying it is not hard though. Besides, it comes with attachments like the brush tool and crevice for above the floor cleaning. There is also the so-called hard floor genie that is designed for cleaning this kind of floors. The vacuum performs well for bare floors too due to two tools for cleaning bare floors. The brush roll cannot be turned off but it can be set at setting "1" not to damage delicate surface of hard floors. The floor genie doesn't have a motorized brush, it relies on suction to gather dirt. A microfiber cloth is attached to it to wipe the floor clean.

Most users are pleased with the vacuum's function to clean carpet floors. To do this perfectly, it is recommended to set it at least "2". According to the reviews, it does excellent job on the carpet and rugs. The swivel steering turns only to a 45 degree angle. Shark Rocket True Pet comes with a TruePet motorized brush specially designed for upholstery. It gathers embedded dirt on fabric upholstery (pet hair). That brush will works well enough. Another tool for cleaning pet hair is the upholstery tool with fabric strips on its sides to pick up hair on curtains, upholstery, or bed sheets. There are two foam filters that can be cleaned up. Both can be accessed by removing the motor cover. These can be washed about once a month depending on how much the vacuum is used. Shark Rocket TruePet comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

This product has received mostly positive user reviews from Amazon. According to most of these testimonials, it is maneuverable and gathers a ton of undesired items includng pet hair on carpet. This is the reason why pet owners love this device very much. Some consumers even compared this vacuum with Dyson's 2-in-1, the DC series. Even though it is a more expensive vacuum, many users said they would prefer Shark Rocket TruePet over the Dyson. Shark Rocket TruePet does not need any battery to work. The attachment clip is a wonderful addition. Some users are not quite satisfied with the small dirt cup. Some people said that it filled up too fast. Another complaint was that the device does not stand on its own, probably because the motor is too heavy. The cord is quite long enough for you to reach difficult places. The hard floor attachment is a good addition. The vacuum does not require much maintenance. All you will need to do is to cut off the hair off the motorized brush and to wash the filters once a month. This device will be of great help for people who have lots of pets. Here are some of the testimonials from real users of the product.

"Shark Rocket TruePet is a very good vacuum. It is lightweight and easy to use. What I love the most is its pet brush that can cope with my dog's hair easily. It is not difficult to empty the cup and there are no hoses to clog. This vacuum is good for hard floors and all the carpets in my house. I use it to dust down drapes and to clean my car's interior. It is so functional despite its small size! The only disadvantage is storage of accessories. They are a bit bulky. However, I managed to find some space in my closet for them."

"I have had a Shark upright for several years but recently I have purchased Shark Rocket True Pet. This vacuum is really unique as it beats all kinds of floors including the carpets. My vacuum just gets up an incredible amount of dust and dirt. The machine drives itself so you do not need to change batteries. It is light for you to use it for cleaning your car or under furniture. I have taken it to my mother's house to show them this wonderful vacuum. Now I am going to order the same for my mom."

"I am just blown away by the job of SharkRocket TruePet. This machine has done everything on my house in only a few days! I am a builder and I am good at commercial and residential vacuum cleaners. After using many of them within the last 20 years I can say that an expensive vacuum does not always mean high quality and performance. I have four dogs thus there is a lot of hair in my house. My new vacuum can cope with this problem even from the carpets and rugs. I am really amazed with this vacuum cleaner."

My Final Summary

Shark Rocket TruePet is a worthy product for you to consider. It has a number of pros. First of all, this machine is very powerful and maneuverable despite its small size. It works well of hard floors and carpet. Many pet owners in the country are pleased with this vacuum. They say that it can remove pets' hair quickly and effectively from any surfaces. This device is convenient to use. Besides, it comes with a wide range of accessories. As it was already mentioned, Shark Rocket TruePet is lightweight. Its weight is less than eight pounds. Nevertheless, it possesses strong suction properties and is able to deeply clean carpets. The product has bright LED lights, a 32-foot long power cord and a swivel steering. The dust cup can be easily removed from the motor. So, if you are looking for a vacuum that weighs less than a full-sized upright be sure, Shark Rocket TruePet will meet your requirements with the same cleaning power. I can gladly recommend this vacuum to buying.

Where To Buy Shark Rocket TruePet In Stores?

This vacuum can be found online only. The best price of the product can be found on Amazon. It is only $230. Beyond and Bed Bath sells this product at the same price. However, the best place to buy Shark Rocket TruePet from is its official website.