Shark Sonic Duo Reviews - What Is It?

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Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo is a product manufactured by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. The company is based out of Newton, MA. This is a complete cleaning system that promises to be a perfect flooring and carpet cleaning system breakthrough in the last years. According to the manufacturer, your carpets will get 150% brighter, and you will get rid of stuck-on dirt four times more than vacuuming only. The company's official website is informative enough for you to get all the necessary information you need about the product. The company behind the Shark Sonic Duo holds a rather high rating with the Better Business Bureau. There is also positive customer feedback online. The users claim that it works great on both carpeting and hard surfaces.

The Shark Sonic Duo's Trap and Remove Technology can easily remove different kinds of dirt, including stuck-in dirt, from the surface. As a result, you will get a healthier and cleaner indoor environment. The bottom of the Shark Sonic Duo has two vibrating surfaces that move independently 1,000 scrubs per minute. This helps to remove dirt from rugs, carpets and hard surfaces. The company claims that the vacuum also uses "airglide maneuverability" to simplify the process of cleaning, so you won't need to apply much effort to clean your house. A specialized pad is attached to the bottom of these vibrating surfaces. These pads include: Carpet Scrub and Stain" Removal Pad, Carpet / Rug Cleaning Pad, Hard Floor Cleaning Pad, Dusting Pad (Optional), and Hard Floor Polishing Pad.

Customer Reviews - Does Shark Sonic Duo Really Work?

Shark Sonic Duo is mainly associated with positive user reviews. People are satisfied not only with the quality and functionality of the product itself, but also with the professional team of the customer service. The customers confess that the representatives are always patient and courteous. Shark Sonic Duo comes with the five-year warranty. In addition to the hardware, the product comes with the cleaning solutions, which include: Wood and Hard Floor Cleaners (for cleaning hard surfaces), Carpet and Area Rug Cleaners (for effective removal of dirt trapped in your fibers), the Activating Pretreater Carpet Stain and Odor Remover (for removing stains and odor) and High Gloss Polish (for rejuvenating and restoring your floors).

One man says that he purchased the Shark Sonic Duo after he saw a TV commercial that also gave a telephone number. He received a big list of items in one set: Sonic Duo itself, 16 oz Polish, 8 oz Spot Stain, 8 oz Carpet cleanser, one Spot Stain pad, one Carpet pad, one Polish pad and two Reusable Bottles. He has mostly hard wood flooring in his house, and the machine works just perfectly. The company offered him an additional year supply of wood cleanser for $19.95. The man called customer care to ask some questions and each time he was politely consulted. He received his purchase within seven days. The man is pleased with the performance of the vacuum on hard wood flooring!

Another customer writes that the Shark Sonic Duo is a nice product. He uses it mostly for his light-colored carpet. The cleaner did a great job; however, he thinks that the device is not able to clean a very dirty carpet. He may be wrong in this point of view. The vacuum itself is very light, that is why it is easy to handle and can be even used by elderly people or those who are too weak to use the heavy Bissell vacuum. Shark Sonic Duo works great for many people. Current owners of the machine are sure that it will serve them for many years to come, as it seems to be made from high-quality materials. It is wise to look through the testimonials from actual users of the product. Here are some of them.

"Shark Sonic Duo is a real thing, I should say. It cleans the floors the way it is intended to do it. This device works well for both carpets and hard floors. I never feel tired when vacuuming my apartment. On the contrary, seeing real results brings great pleasure to me. I can recommend this cleaner to all of my friends and relatives, based on my personal experience."

"I have a disgusting old carpet that has served me many years already and I have been looking for a vacuum cleaner that would make it look fine again. My friend recommended me to try his Shark Sonic Duo, so I borrowed this machine. And I immediately started using it on my terrible carpet. Believe it or not but it worked wonders after one use only. I just used it again today to get rid of remaining stains that initially took up 25% of my carpet. It is just amazing how great it looks now! It is light and easy to maneuver."

"I bought my SharkSonic Duo a month ago and I can say that it is the best vacuum I have ever had. I watched the advertising a lot of times and finally decided to order it too. My light colored carpet has got much brighter since I used my new machine on it. All stains were removed. What I like about this vacuum is that it doesn't soak the carpet like the steam cleaner I had before. I don't have to deal with dirty water. This device possesses super-fast scrub power. Before vacuuming I use the pre-treater and carpet shampoo."

My Final Summary

Based on many positive online reviews, I can certainly recommend the Shark Sonic Duo to usage. According to most users, this machine appears to work very well on carpeting and hard surfaces such as wood and tile. The customers are highly pleased with the cleaning power of the vacuum cleaner. They claim that it is very light, easy to use but at the same time effective to get deep into the fibers. Another advantage of the product is that it is not expensive at all. The Sonic Shark Duo can be bought from the official website. The company offers 60-day money back guarantee. However, you can also purchase the product through a traditional retailer.

It is up to you to decide whether you need to buy the Sonic Shark Duo, but, based on our research, it is a worthy product. It is suitable even for older carpets. The device uses a powerful engine to clean any type of floors. Even the dirtiest carpets look much cleaner after vacuuming. It is due to the powerful brush that helps to get the full effect. If you are looking for a really effective vacuum cleaner, the Sonic Shark Duo will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Where To Buy Shark Sonic Duo In Stores?

The "As Seen on TV" Shark Sonic Duo package is priced at one single payment of $199.80 or four payments of $49.95, plus $29.95 shipping and handling. Each package includes Sonic Duo unit for Carpets and Hard Floors, 8oz Low Moisture -No Rinse- Carpet Cleaner (Concentrate), Reusable Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad, 16oz Wood Hard Floor Polish with Reusable Hard Floor Polishing Pad, 10oz Activating Carpet Stain Pre-treater with Reusable Carpet Scrub and Stain Removal Pad, two Reusable Bottles and two Full size bottles of Low Moisture-No Rinse-Carpet Cleaner (28 oz Concentrate) and two Reusable Carpet/Rug Pads. The product comes with a five-year warranty.