Shaw Flooring Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Shaw Flooring

Shaw is a company that started in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a business that dyed rugs. There were many significant events that contributed into the formation of the leading carpet manufacturer in the world. But the philosophy of the company has remained the same - to serve customers and to meet their individual needs by supplying the products they are looking for. In 1958, the company has earned $300,000 in sales and expanded its boundaries as Star Finishing Company. In 1967, a holding company was created to acquire Philadelphia Carpet Company that was founded in 1846. The next year the holding company added Star Finishing. The holding company was then called Shaw Industries, Inc. It had about 900 employees and $43 million in sales in 1971. In 1985, Shaw appeared on the list of America's largest corporations known as the Fortune 500 for the first time. At that period of time it had over $500 million in sales and 5,000 employees. The company generated its own yarn supply with the purchase of its first yarn plant in 1972. Shaw acquired its first dye plant in 1973 and significantly improved shipments nationwide by developing its own trucking subsidiary. The company expanded its direct sales to retailers dramatically in 1982, as well as established regional distribution centers across the USA. Since then, Shaw Flooring has become popular all over the country.

Shaw modernized its plants and equipment, allowing to manufacture stain resistant carpet. The manufacturing process started requiring lower consumption of water, fuel, and electricity. The company also introduced innovative recycling solutions and acquired Amoco's polypropylene fiber production facilities offering their consumers well-known Berber styles. In 1993, they started the rug division and in 1998 they launched the hard surfaces division and Shaw Ceramics, creating hardwoods and laminates. One of the vital intentions of the Shaw Company was to become a low-cost provider. Today, Shaw is a full-service flooring company with 22,000 employees and $6 billion in annual sales. With the leadership of CEO Vance Bell, it is more than a flooring company - they are people with the common vision of creating a good future for their customers, community and their company. Their mission is to serve people by supplying great products and providing great service. Their values are integrity, honesty, and passion. If you have any questions and are looking for the answers, contact the company customer service reps via online Chat! You can also call them at 1-800-441-7429. Choosing the necessary Shaw Flooring can be a challenge for some people; however, the FloorvanaTM app is specially created to help you in this task. It contains photos of their products. can make your decision a little easier.

Customer Reviews - Does Shaw Flooring Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from actual customers of Shaw Flooring. There are both positive and negative opinions. People like that they can choose either to have their floors installed or to install them themselves. There is Floor Care Center that provides proper maintenance of your floors after installation. The official website of the company is highly informative, which allows you to read many important detailed instructions, tips and how-tos. As you consider the Shaw Flooring that fits your design and lifestyle, take into account available Shaw's special financing offers. The company is a supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and intends to improve the overall childhood survival rate. You are advised to benefit from Share It Forward, an online program that guarantees transparent and trustworthy reviews from real customers. Their reviews are screened through a third-party moderation process to ensure to minimize the number of fake reviews. The Shaw company is glad to announce that their flooring retailers are well-educated to provide you with the best service ever. Buying flooring can be difficult, but their retailers are always ready to help you in every step you take. Suppliers of Shaw Flooring are selected based on the team's factor demonstrated in the following areas: technology, innovation leadership, service, quality, price, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, logistics, and diversity. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

One customer reports that he and his family are happy with Shaw Flooring that has been perfect after one year or usage. The man says he read numerous reviews of similar floors before making their choice. He learned that the company had been in business for may years already and decided to give it a try. The man's family did 1500 square feet of flooring last year over on top of solid oak hardwood. They strictly followed all directions, including taking moisture readings. They drew up a floor plan, broke it down in 40 square feet sections and took readings. According to the customer, each meter of that flooring could be ordered for about $30 on Amazon. After studying related information, they decided to install the flooring on their own with the help of a nail gun. They bought a Dewalt nail gun with a protective rubber tip that protects the material from negative impact of the device. The process was successful except for the issue that the tip wore out after about 700sq ft. It caused chipping and tiny cracks in the coat, so they replaced the tip and the chipping stopped. Any boards that were damaged were replaced. Ever since, the family has had no problems with Shaw Flooring. It has been a year now and it is pretty nice, like new, despite the fact that they have two 100lb dogs. In some areas they have got some scratches but they were caused not from walking or running on them. They have had no delamination problems. They have had water spill on their floors, which they quickly cleaned up without any negative consequences. According to the man's words, Shaw Flooring still looks fantastic. Here are some more testimonials from the customers of the company.

"I have installed a few flooring systems from other manufacturers but I can confidently say that Shaw Flooring was the most effective and the easiest one I have ever installed. It is really sturdy and the tongue was hard to break. It clicked together but it was able to come apart. I have installed 260 feet of this flooring by myself even though I am a 60-year old female. If I managed to do it on my own, anyone can do it too. It looks great and I like it very much. I am going to buy this flooring again. I have never worked for Shaw and this is an unbiased opinion. I would certainly recommend this brand of flooring to anyone, even those who prefer do-it-yourself projects."

"I love my Shaw Flooring. I had 2000 square feet of Shaw Hudson Bay Schoolhouse engineered hickory flooring installed two years ago in our Florida home. All I can say is that it is gorgeous. We have chosen the Schoolhouse color, which is a medium to dark chocolate brown. The rustic look is provided by the texture with some open graining. I was trying to match the floor to dark brown kitchen cabinets. The store sample showed on the website was what was delivered and installed. At present we are building a new home and we are going to use the services of this company again. I recommend Shaw flooring to everyone."

"Shaw Flooring is just great made from high-quality materials. I had a Shaw Epic hardwood installed in our family room area and kitchen more than a year ago. The wood is Hickory of a natural color that I really like. I am happy with this flooring. It is tough and has a good look. It is easy to clean with the Bona hardwood cleaner. I clean it once a week without much effort. I have got no dents on the floor, even after my husband rolled the fridge across the floor several times. I love it."

My Final Summary

Shaw Flooring is the flooring provided by the company with a high reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. Its vinyl plank flooring has become very popular lately. All of their products are optimized for proper human experience in classrooms, homes, offices, playing fields and playrooms. The company's team works regularly to help customers to design their homes as they wish and to meet their performance needs. They know their ambitions and realize the places where they raise their families. The company has been very successful in business in the 21st century, mainly due to its desire to constantly understand their customers' preferences, improving their products and investing in people's lives. Over the past five years, the company has invested over $1.5 billion in current and new facilities in the USA alone. In 2018 and 2019, major investments included expanding manufacturing space at their carpet tile facility, modernizing plants in flooring manufacturing; investing in distribution and logistics network; acquiring STS - a Scotland-based carpet tile manufacturer. The company is honored to have been recognized by Ethical Corporation and Forbes in the past year for their diversity. Their education and training programs deserve separate attention as they are specially created for new employees. Their product innovation achievements have been recognized not only by their customers but also at The Edison Awards. Even though there are many other companies that offer flooring products, Shaw offers high-quality flooring that is less toxic and is available in a wide variety of styles and shades from rustic to trendy looks, or classic styles like hickory and oak. The company offers options for any budget. So, if you are looking for beautiful flooring for your home, you can find one at Shaw Flooring.

Shaw Flooring Pricing and Rates

Shaw Flooring varies in pricing a lot. The cost of vinyl plank floors per square foot depends first of all on the place where you live. The prices usually range from $1.50 (economy style World's Fair LVP) to over $4 per square foot (high-quality Premio). Installation is also charged. For example, to install laminate flooring you will need to pay between $2 and $8 per square foot. This cost includes the cost for a foam underlay and other glues or adhesives that are necessary for the project. You can install Shaw Flooring on your own and save your money.