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Shed Defender

The Shed Defender is a comfortable and safe garment for the dog intended to be worn by your dog to protect the surrounding environment from dirt, hair, allergens, and dander. It can be worn in the car, house, or anywhere you wish to allow you to take your dog anywhere with no need to worry about leaving hair. This product is Veterinarian approved as safe for your dog, kids and the environment. It helps to control shedding due to the fact that it can catch dander and loose hair within the suit, allowing your dog to shed naturally but without causing any discomfort to the surrounding people. The Shed Defender is also designed to reduce anxiety, since it puts a mild pressure around the dog with a snug fit, giving it a calming effect. The garment can be used to replace the uncomfortable, bulky, medical cone to cover up surgical sites, wounds, hot spots, etc. It can also be helpful with allergies and some other skin diseases. However, you are recommended to consult your veterinarian before using this garment for any medical purposes.

The Shed Defender has some other uses too. It offers UV protection for dogs with thin coats and hairless dogs, protecting them against cold and wind and preventing their fur from freezing. It also keeps your pet clean, reduces exposure to allergens, and protects it against ticks, stickers, and more. According to the manufacturer, the garment is made from a high-quality, eco-friendly fabric that is breathable and lightweight to ensure that your pet stays comfortable and cool. It is a four-way stretch fabric, which allows the animal to move freely. The fabric is durable, so it can be used every day. Is the Shed Defender really as good as claimed by the manufacturer? To find an answer to this question, let us take a look at the company behind the product. Unfortunately, there is very limited information about the manufacturer of the garment, so it cannot be trusted to the fullest in terms of quality and safety.

Customer Reviews - Does Shed Defender Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from real buyers of the Shed Defender; however, not of them are as positive as the manufacturer's claims. Many people are disappointed with the quality of the garment saying that the fabric is too thin and that the zipper broke within a few days. It seems that this product is not worth buying. Let us take a look at the actual user reviews available online.

One guy thinks that the concept behind the Shed Defender is wonderful but the product itself is not well-made. The man had read numerous reviews about this defender and decided to give it a try. It seemed that people were divided into two categories who love and hate the item. The very first time this guy's dog used it in the car she put a lot of tears in it. It was the right size for her but she managed to get all four paws into the suit's lower part and made the tears with her nails. The man got his dog's paws back into the leg holes and maximally rolled up the sleeves but on the way home, her paws were back in the belly part again. The product is definitely not worth the money it costs. The man was disappointed in his purchase even though he loved the idea of this product.

Another man agrees that the Shed Defender is a great idea but it has terrible quality. He ordered the extra-large size for his 125-pound mastiff. It fit quite well but the zipper broke within the first day of usage. The main is frustrated because he cannot put a cheap plastic zipper on the item to repair it. He also says that the fabric is not durable. His dog ripped it quickly too. He decided to return it to the seller but was denied. This was a waste of $60. The customer service is also disappointing. Another customer reports that both of her dog's onesies fit well (Labradors), but both ended up with their legs stuck in the belly cavity. When I saw them they looked like helpless potatoes. I returned both onesies in hope to receive my money back.

One man initially ordered the size Medium (using the size chart) but it turned out to be too big. As a result, he returned it in exchange to the Small one. It fit well for the first several days but then stretched out and did not stay in place even after washing. The neck part did not stay up but slid down all the time. The body part was too stretched and my dog's feet come out of it when she was laying down. The sizing chart was incorrect and then the garment stretched out. The man expected more for his $50. Another customer also faced a size problem. He measured his dog's back and chest length and neck and ordered what he believed would fit her. He has a long and tall Dobermans. When the item arrived, he put this on her and left it for a week hoping that it would keep the shedding. But when he took the item off her the man saw her short hairs were all pulled off into the zipper's lining. What is even worse was that the leg openings had cut into the dog's skin. The man has attached the pictures to his review on Amazon. This was a horrible purchase. Let us take a look at some other testimonials.

"My dog simply hates the Shed Defender. She looks miserable in it and every time she changes her position from laying down to up her back legs come out of the holes and she starts crying. The dog cannot normally move or walk when wearing this item. She tries to pull it back over her legs and feet. I wish I could return this item but it is too late. Waste of money!"

"I have a French Bulldog, 26 lbs. I purchased Shed Defender using the size chart but the suit just doesn't fit her or stay in place. My dog has a square body and thick short neck. The garment rolls every time the dog moves. She looks like a purple worm wearing this suit. Her short hair shed like crazy now. Can anyone advise anything more?"

"I can give the Shed Defender only one star because its legs were too tight for my Jack Russell Terrier. There is small fit on the whole body despite the size chart I used when making an order. I think it was made for a dinky chihuahua that has very slender legs. I had to send it back and I received a refund. I bought a jumpsuit that fits well everywhere from K-9 Topcoat."

Where To Buy Shed Defender?

You can buy the Shed Defender from the official website of the manufacturer or from some retail stores. The price of one item varies from $39.99 to $59.99 depending on the size.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about the Shed Defender, this dog's garment is far from perfect. It has many drawbacks. The majority of dogs seem to hate it because it is not comfortable and dog's legs get into the holes or belly section all the time. The dogs simply cannot move or walk while wearing this garment. Many customers also report that their dogs shed through this body suit and they still have a lot of hair all over the house. This product is also very expensive despite being made from cheap low-quality fabric. Zippers tend to break really soon. The item does not live up to its name and is not worth the price. Taking into account so many disadvantages and negative customer reputation, I cannot recommend the Shed Defender to buying. There are much better dog's garments available on the market which are manufactured from high-quality materials. Be careful when choosing a comfortable garment for your dog, especially if they like to turn and move all the time.