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SherpaShare is a mileage tracking application that tracks any trips you take automatically. The app is designed for freelancers who drive for delivery and rideshare companies. But it can be used by any person who needs a mileage tracker. The company behind the product was launched in 2014 by Jiaming Zhou and Ryder Pearce. It is currently based in Menlo Park, CA. Pearce is a Harvard graduate who was with the company from 2014 to 2016. At present he runs a different startup. Zhou has an extensive background in engineering and is now SherpaShare's CEO. A few other popular companies offer mileage trackers including TripLog, MileIQ, and Everlance. Each of these companies has a unique history and mix of features. What makes this application unique? Are there better options over there to choose from. This review intends to provide you with a clear picture of what the company offers and how its product differs from similar apps. We are going to see how this application works, its features and prices as well as how these prices compare to the competition. Let's see how users feel about this app and what pros and cons SherpaShare has but at first it is important to check how the app works.

Just like with other mileage apps, SherpaShare's sign-up process is said to be quite simple. You will need to give them email address and a password. Once you are in the application, you will have to give it access to your location so it will be able to automatically track your trips. Every time you take a trip, the company sends you a notification it is tracking. When the trip is done, you will be required to classify it as work or personal. It is necessary for tax purposes, since you can earn deductions for each mile you drive for medical, charity, business, trips or work-related moves. SherpaShare is marketed toward delivery and rideshare drivers, so their default "Work" classifications include Lyft, Uber, Amazon Flex, TaskRabbit, and more. Is SherpaShare really worth your attention? To answer this question we have taken a look at the experience of real users of the application.

Customer Reviews - Does SherpaShare Really Work?

To get a good understanding of what it is like to drive with SherpaShare is to take a drive with it. Probably, the first thing you will notice will be that this tracking is in the background. All you will see during your trip that concerns the work of the app is a notification. You won't see anything that would give you a real-time peek into how many miles you have gone, where you are driving, or the mileage deductions you have earned. According to many users of this application, it is a drawback that there is no visual representation of tracking. It would be an easy way to know that the app is really tracking. But the manufacturer claims that the way how this information is presented has no impact on the accuracy of its deduction calculations and mileage. It is vital to remember that the app is working while you are driving. Of course, new users of SherpaShare need a visual cue to tell whether the app is working. It is high time to take a look at the public opinion about this application.

You can find more than 2,000 reviews from real users on the Google Play store online. These have a mixed character with nearly 75% having five stars. A significant complaint came from a driver who did not want to renew his membership. He contacted the company in order to get a copy of his IRS mileage report, but he was told that to get the information he had to sign up for a one-month membership. According to Jennifer Israel, SherpaShare Head of Marketing, customers have access to their tax documents during their membership and a grace period after the cancellation of their membership. They do not give tax information if the grace period is over for security reasons. The reviews about the app were somewhat worse in the iTunes store that gave it an average rating of 4.2 stars based on 75 users. In one review, a user noted that the number of app's ridesharing tools is similar to the number of drivers in your area. Thus, if ridesharing is not big, then the offered Pro Tools may not produce the level of information you need. Another user complained that it was hard to cancel their membership because of the difficulty contacting the company's customer service team.

One customer writes that one thing that SherpaShare lacks is the ability to see instructional information after reading it. You won't be able to "choose" a plan based on your notifications but you will only be able to choose payment frequency. The application has some features that are usually not used. Another customer does not understand how the hot spot works. It told him that his home address was a hot spot, just like some other residential addresses. The use also noticed that heat map was not accurate at all. He also found it to be quite annoying when the app is constantly running in the background. It would be better if it only came on when the Uber or Lyft apps were turned on. It is impossible to turn it on and off whenever you want. It seems to be another mileage tracking app with false claims. Let us take a look at some actual customer reviews.

"Sherpa Share app works well but if you have a question do not expect it to be answered. The reps of the company's customer service neglect to respond. They are rude and argumentative. What I like, though, is that I don't have to do anything to track my driving. There are free mileage trackers over there that are 100% free but they work just as fine. The positive reviews are probably left by app members who have been paid for. Buyers beware!"

"I downloaded the Sherpashare app to check it out but I was unaware that my one month membership has already started. I hadn't really used it at all. I wish they started the trial period from the first use of the app not from the day of ordering it. I am not going to use it for money. I believe, it will be useless when the new driver app is released with new notifications."

"I am not pleased with SherpaShare for one basic reason. The reps of the company want you to refer your friends for five dollars. To my mind, this is an expensive app. In fact, it is not worth more than $2.50 per month. $60 is too much. This product is not worth your attention. Besides, you have to enter all your expenses. It is not a reliable company."

My Final Summary

Before choosing the mileage tracking app you will have to realize why you are using it first. SherpaShare is suitable for Lyft and Uber drivers because the rideshare-related tools are quite powerful in areas crowded with drivers. These tools are an advantage of the application. Another positive point is that the app offers local, global, and trending chats. However, the application has a lot of downsides too. The major one is that the mileage tracking does not provide mileage, live map, and deduction data. Another application does (Everlance). We also found out that the app's mileage reports are less visually appealing than Everlance's, for example. If you don't have an app to track your rideshare trips yet, you might like other apps more, as they will provide you with additional features. With all this in mind, SherpaShare cannot be recommended to usage.

SherpaShare Pricing and Rates

What sets SherpaShare apart from other apps of the kind is that it doesn't offer any free version but there is a 30-day trial period. However, some people say that their app told them they had 15 days of a free trial. When this period is over, you will need either to pay $5.99 a month for using the app or to make a yearly payment of $60. SherpaShare can be used by any person but the offered tools are more focused on those who drive for delivery or rideshare services. You will get a series of features known as "Pro Tools" with a number of capabilities. Another tool for drivers is the Expenses feature, which allows you to add any work-related expenses that can be written-off during tax season. The final major tool is a chat feature that allows you to talk to other SherpaShare drivers via a popular chat site called Slack. The company creates IRS-compliant logs of your trips that include the deductions you earned and the distance of each trip. The IRS-approved deduction/reimbursement rate per mile is $0.545.