ShiftWear Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


ShiftWear is a company that offers customizable digital sneakers that are claimed to be the future of footwear. These high-tech sneakers make use of flexible HD display panels on both sides of the shoes. The panels are able to display both still and animated images chosen by each individual wearer via the Shiftwear app that can be used on your smartphone. It means that your smartphone keeps all the videos that can be displayed as you tap on any of them. You have an opportunity to save your favourite designs in a playlist. There is also a timer that will allow you to choose the length of time to display a design. The designs can be downloaded, bought and sold on Design Marketplace. The flexible screen allows you to display your beloved designs. This makes each pair unique. The product was designed in New York. The shoes feature WO-FI and Bluetooth connectivity. Wireless connectivity will allow you to pair with any device. You can generate energy while waling which is very convenient. To charge the battery you may also put your shoes on a charging pad. There is no need to plug in. By the way, the batteries powering HD panels last a month.

The smartphone app communicates faster than you perform three clicks of the heel. Heel and toe caps are available in five color options. Because ShiftWear sneakers are not cheap, the brand has extended their life by coating the soles with Kevlar fiber. It requires lower maintenance than your laptop. There is no need to use a fancy screen cleaner. According to the brand, their shoes are machine washable and waterproof. According to the brand's Indiegogo page, their team consists of a group of futurists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who intend to disrupt the fashion and technology fields. The company was founded by David Coelho ho is currently its CEO. ShiftWear started as a campaign on the crowd-funding website that was already mentioned (IndieGoGo). The campaigns goal was to raise $25,000 in order to develop the company. The campaign closed on December 23, 2015, and was extremely successful. It was supported by many investors. At present, ShiftWear has no working prototype or proof of concept design.

Customer Reviews - Does ShiftWear Really Work?

ShiftWear has succeeded significantly as a great number of investors have backed the company with their funds. There was a period of time when they faced criticism due to the lack of action, but CEO Coelho explained to The Daily Dot that they needed to gather $25,000 in order to boost the product beyond the prototype phase and to start its mass production. They still aim to continue gathering funding through IndieGoGo or on their website until they reach the mark of $2 million. The company is trying to raise funds by providing advance units. Coelho claims that ShiftWear's technology used for making their shoes has existed for about a decade. In his opinion, it is the same e-ink that Amazon uses in the Kindle. Thus, walk-to-charge technology seems to be developing very actively and is going to enter the market on the mass release basis. This position is quite rational. All of these technologies have been combined in a single product. The company started to manufacture the shoes in Fall of 2016.

Even though there is lack of legal recourse for backers, there are many people who have already purchased ShiftWear sneakers. They appear to be highly satisfied with their purchase claiming that they are happy to be the first owners of high-tech shoes. As these shoes have been on the market for only one year, there are not too many customer reviews online. Those who have tried the new product claim that it is a wonderful concept. It is appreciated by fashionable young people. The shoes are highly functional and come with an easy-to use app. The latter allows choosing from thousands of designs. The material of the shoes is durable and waterproof. At the same time, ShiftWear sneakers are washable. It would be a great idea to take a look at the actual testimonials left by real owners of these unique shoes. Here are some of them.

"Shift Wear sneakers offer an amazing concept! I purchased these for my 15-year old daughter. She had never been so happy before saying that it was her best birthday gift ever. They are really expensive but they are worth the money. Now my son also dreams to get the same sneakers. I will certainly order a pair for him too. The shoes really work."

"I was pleased to receive my Shiftwear sneakers. I ordered them from the official website three weeks ago and they were delivered within a week. I was happy to get my purchase at my door without any delays. These are my favourite shoes ever. The app works almost immediately and the shoes are really fashionable. I don't regret buying them and I recommend this brand to everyone. I like to feel unique."

"I saw an advertisement about ShiftWear sneakers online and I thought those could be a great gift for my beloved wife's birthday. So I gave them a try. I ordered the shoes in February of 2016 and my wife's birthday was in March, so the product came just on time. I also presented a new iPhone to my wife, so she was really happy. I paid $449.00 plus $50.00 for shipping. The parcel arrived in ten days."

My Final Summary

As an expert, I can say with confidence that ShiftWear sneakers are worth the money they cost. They are not only fashionable and unique but also have high quality and provide great comfort. If you have always dreamt about shiny shoe, you will like this brand a lot. Do not lose such a wonderful opportunity: the production of these sneakers is limited at present. These are only available for purchase from the official website. The major advantage about ShiftWear shoes is that they can be easily customized the way you want them to be. Both guys and ladies can create their own shoes in a variety of styles with just one touch.

This brand of footwear features high-quality screen with changing displays. The shoes can are waterproof and washable. The company has engaged a new technology in an attempt to create a product of superior quality. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of this footwear, I can certainly recommend purchasing ShiftWear sneakers. Hurry up to be unique before the brand has entered the market more extensively and every second person starts wearing their shoes.

ShiftWear Pricing and Rates

The initial cost of the low-top L1 Classics was $150 but now it has significantly increased. Today ShiftWear offers all three styles of shoes on their official website. Customers are provided with three options to choose from. On pair of L1 Classic of the low-top design costs from $349, M1 Classic has a medium rise and costs from $399, while H1 Classic with a high-top shoe can be bought for $499. Each model comes up on the wearer's ankle, so there is not much difference between models. Each of them is available in five accent colors and different shoe sizes. Remember that the cost may go up any moment, so it is recommended to consult the customer service before ordering a pair. According to the ShiftWear's website, the corresponding app is absolutely free.