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Ship Sticks

Ship Sticks (Ship Sticks LLC) is a private company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was founded in 2011 by Nicholas Coleman and Jonathan Marsico. Nicholas is still its CEO. It offers a new service in which customers can ship their golf clubs, skis and other luggage at a desired destination. It allows pickup, scheduling of shipment dates, and insurance. Consequential insurance is $200, while loss insurance is $1,000. The company uses an online interface to give the user an opportunity to choose from partner pre-loaded golf courses (Grand del Mar, Bandon Dunes, or PGA National). This helps to have faster drop-offs and pick-ups from these courses. Ship Sticks partners with UPS, FedEx, and DHL to ship luggage, clubs, and skis to more than 220 destinations all over the world. The customers can use route selection and corporate big volume discounts, destinations, and decreased shipping costs.

Ship Sticks offers its shipping service for about half the price of using UPS or FedEx. Since its foundation, the company has seen triple-digit growth, and has launched another website ( as a vertical specializing in shipping snowboards and snow skis. The official website of Ship Sticks is According to it, the company is committed to serving their customers. Their mission is to make travel experience of each client enjoyable and hassle-free. The dedicated customer service team makes sure to provide the service of the highest level from the time of picking up your clubs until their delivery. As it was already mentioned, they ship more than just golf clubs but also luggage to any destination. For a quote, just go to their site. The company's team intends to make golf travel easier, simpler, and more affordable. If you want to receive answers to your questions you can contact Ship Sticks by writing to or calling at 561.429.3900. The postal address of the company's headquarters is 324 Datura Street, Suite 400; 33401; West Palm Beach; United States.

Customer Reviews - Does Ship Sticks Really Work?

Ship Sticks is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews. The majority of users appreciate the service for its affordability and convenience. It is also easy and fast. Packing and shipping your clubs is said to be a rather comprehensive procedure. You'll need to select your bag from soft travel bag, hard case or box. To ship your golf clubs in a soft travel bag it is important to pack your golf clubs correctly. Remove your club heads from the shafts and mark their settings. Cover them with bubble wrap and tape them together with the help of blue painters' tape. You may add a stiff arm to the bag. Place your clubs in the case and zip it closed. The official website of Ship Sticks offers a video guide on how to pack your sticks in a soft bag. Finally, attach your label with a shipping luggage tag. Don't tape the label to the bag's canvas area. Run a zip tie through the luggage tag at the bag's handle on top. The zip tie needs to be properly closes. To ship golf clubs in a hard case you will need to remove your club heads from the shafts and mark their settings. Then wrap them in bubble wrap and using blue painters' tape tape them together. A stiff arm can be added to the bag. Put your clubs in the case carefully and close the latches shut. The final steps are the same as with packing golf clubs in a soft bag.

With the official site of the company you can easily book an international shipment. Before shipping your golf clubs you will need to schedule your shipment with Ship Sticks online. Click Ship Now and check their order form. Fill in the fields and specify your pick-up and delivery dates and locations, size and number of bags, and insurance. Pick-up locations may include your home, golf course, or office. The company provides pickup services all over the world. You may have your clubs and luggage dropped off at a local carrier store. After completing the online form, select "continue" button to complete the order process. Once your shipment has been scheduled, you will need to print and attach the barcoded shipping labels correctly. To do this, select Print All Labels on the confirmation page you are going to see online. You can access and print the label(s) from the confirmation email you will get after placing your order. You are suggested to attach your label to a "fly tag", especially if you are using a soft travel bag. You can buy shipping supplies from your local carrier store but in that case you will need to ensure your luggage arrives on time. Booking a round trip shipment will allow you to attach the outbound label(s) to your shipment only. You can put a copy of the shipping label inside your shipment too.

TrustScore has given Ship Sticks 4.7 stars out of 5, which means that the company has high customer reputation. Most customers report that the service is reasonably priced, is easy and quick. Clubs and other types of luggage arrive on time or even earlier than expected. The customer service reps are helpful and polite. Those who used their service for the first time confessed it was very simple and cost effective. It is also not difficult to print the shipping label. What is important for customers is that their luggage arrives in good shape. There is not need to drag it to the airport. Despite unclear information on how to ship soft covered golf bags, the store gave one customer the proper tag to use, so the pickup and delivery was perfect. One man tells in his review that the delivery was faster than expected but it was problematic for his elderly mother who was planning to be at home for the expected delivery date. The man's case had a broken handle and the customer service from Beverly and Amber provided a new handle and refunded the shipping charges. In addition, they provided a coupon for future use. The customer was happy with this service and promised to use the service again. He highly recommends it to everyone. Here are some more customer reviews about the Ship Sticks service.

"I am a happy customer of Ship Sticks. Even though it was necessary to buy a box for the golf clubs, the service was generally quick and convenient. I had Fedex ground shipped and my clubs arrived on the third day after traveling 1100 miles. It was a good deal. I think I will use this service again. The process was simple and the company's rep was courteous. Thank you for timely pickup and delivery without any issues."

"I am happy with my experience of shipping my golf clubs through Ship Sticks. Setting up the process online was fast and easy. They agreed to drop off my luggage at the Fed Ex store, which significantly made my life easier. The price is very fair for such a high customer service. My clubs arrived even earlier than I expected. I do recommend this service to everyone who is looking for responsible attitude!"

"Ship Sticks has very active customer service! I had a small issue - my clubs never got picked up by Fedex and Danny. The rep from ShipSticks noticed there was no pick up scan, so he upgraded my service to make sure that the luggage arrived the day before my round of golf. Due to such active customer service I managed to have a wonderful round. Thank you for a great price and peace of my mind!"

My Final Summary

It can be a difficult process to lug your clubs through the airport. Besides, you risk having lost or damaged items. If you want to be calm about the safety of your precious things, ship your clubs with Ship Sticks. This company offers door-to-door service all over the worldwide at the price up to 60% lower than that offered by major logistics providers. The company guarantees hassle-free travel of your clubs to and from the airport. In this way, you are expected to have a nice golf travel experience, be able to increase the number of golf rounds played each year, and grow the game. However, you should remember to prepare your golf clubs properly. You will need to have your items packed in a golf hard case, travel bag, or box properly. If you are using a soft-sided travel bag, you should opt for a zip-tie or lock on the zippers. Make sure that all pockets are well closed throughout transit. You are also advised to remove the heads from adjustable clubs and put them inside your bag. Also make sure that you are within the weight allowance - in case of a standard golf bag it is 32-42 lbs, while the XL bag weight allowance is 43-56 lbs. You may be sure that the carrier from Ship Sticks will pick up your clubs or luggage. There is an opportunity to track your shipment using an ID provided in your confirmation email. Just go to the Tracking page on the official website of the company and you'll see up-to-date information on where your items are in transit. If you have any questions about shipping or tracking, their customer support team is always ready to help you. You will get an email once your luggage arrives at the required destination. With all these advantages of Ship Sticks, we can certainly recommend this shipment service to everyone.

Ship Sticks Pricing and Rates

Generally, the pricing of shipping golf clubs depends on a number of factors. Fortunately, Ship Sticks has reasonable pricing of $39.99 for ground shipments. You may need to pay more if you lug your golf bags through an airline carrier. Major factors that contribute to the costs of shipping your clubs include your bag size, hidden airline fees, the necessity to switch airlines, and the use of a hard-sided bag. If your bag falls within the 50-lb. weight limit, it will be considered as one of your checked bags. Ship Sticks offer size ranges that allow you to choose your bag size based on the weight of your bag. Speaking about hidden airline fees, it is necessary to say that this mainly concerns Brazil, where you may be charged around $42.50. Ship Sticks has no hidden fees. Airlines, like JetBlue, show that you can experience additional fees if you have to switch airlines while traveling to your final destination. However, they tend to present their customers with affordable baggage options. Ship Sticks has no switching. You can track your baggage in real time from pick-up to delivery, providing peace of mind that your luggage is in good hands during the shipment process.