Shittens Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Shittens Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Shittens are wet wipes in the shape of mittens which are meant to cover the user's whole hand to protect it from getting into poop. These things seem not to be real but do they actually work? The reason why so many people don't think they are actually legit is because this product came into public awareness on the Howard Stern show for the first time. The program was about billionaire Mark Cuban who was talking about his role on Shark Tank. Originally the product was named Shmittens to make it get onto mainstream airwaves without any issues. However, the name of the product was soon changed to show what it is meant for in reality. The creator of Shittens, Richie Wilson, says that the product works well to protect your hands from poop. However, it also has a number of other uses, mainly any situation that occurs when you need a wet wipe and you need protection for your entire hand.

According to the creator of Shittens, these wet wipes are biodegradable and are FDA approved for use on adults, babies, and pets. He points out that they are not meant to be a replacement for toilet paper only, but they can be useful in many other ways too. Since Richie Wilson works on IV he has access to media channels that other people don't have. Probably this is the reason why he created a buzz for the product and called it in such a way that will make others discuss the product. The inventor succeeded. The product is being talked about actively online and on TV. Many people are calling it to be a ridiculous product with a strange name. They are talking about it and it means that it was a great idea. Richie Wilson is happy with his creature. To find out how the product works let us take a look at its features in detail as well as the real users' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Shittens Really Work?

The product has an official website that claims it is able to reduce the amount of times you get poop on your fingers and hands in definite life situations. It would be a lifestyle upgrade for many modern people. If you are a pet owner or a parent you probably know how gross it may be when you get some poop on your hands, and you wished there was a way to stay cleaner in the situation. Shittens may become this way. Whether it is a real product they are trying to sell or prank by the Howard Stern Show to demonstrate that people ready to buy anything, the fact remains clear that they want to release this to the public and check if there are any buyers. It is important to note that there are really a lot of Howard Stern fans who are buying this product and use it regularly. It is unclear, though, whether they really appreciate it or buy it for a laugh. It turns out that there are really a lot of uses for these wet wipes when you stop thinking about laughing. They could be used on your pets to clean their bottoms or paws. These wipes could be used on babies too. In this case, you won't have to grip the wipe, which may result in poop on your hand. You can just take them with you anywhere you go, so you won't have to worry about dirty hands anymore.

There are numerous customer reviews about Shittens on third-party websites. Most people find the name of the product very funny, while others feel astonished with it. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews available online. One customer reports that he bought this product as a gag gift for his family for Christmas. He says that his mom loves them and she even asked the guy to get more. She says they work great. Unfortunately, they are unavailable at present, according to the man's words. Some other people report that Shittens do serve a good purpose. They are really unreplaceable for a gag gift. The name of the product is associated with a number of laughs within the buyer's home. It means that it can improve one's mood easily, which is not so bad too. Another customer says in his report that he uses these wet wipes on himself, his children, and his pets. This is a practical product to pick up poo from the ground. You are guaranteed to be left with clean hands. According to the user, the product is inexpensive and comes in a container. Many people buy the item just for fun, though. It is worth noting that the name of the product is too catchy. While the product could be useful, the audience of the Howard Stern show would purchase it as gag gifts. However, some people have really creative ideas as to how Shittens can be used. One example is camping where no toilets are available. They will be really useful for the prevention of pink eye due to lack of water and uncleanliness. Some individuals haven't mastered the art of proper wiping, but Shittens will undoubtedly help them not to be left with dirty bottoms or what is worse, get some poop on their hands and eyes, which may cause pink eye. While it can sound absurd, it is without a doubt an actual phenomenon. This product may seem to be absurd but it is necessary. We hope that a similar product will soon enter the market but it will feature a more family-friendly name. it is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"The name of Shittens is certainly very funny but these wet wipes are really functional. When your whole hand is covered you are guaranteed to be left with clean hands. If you are clean you smell pleasant, and when you smell fine you will be liked by others. I use these wipes when changing diapers for my baby. I sometimes use them for my pets. There is always some mess I may need to clean up with one of these wipes. This seems a silly product but it works."

"I have always supported the idea of wet wiping when using the toiler, which is why I appreciate the invention of the new product called Shittens. It is good for grownups and for babies too. These wet wipes can be carried on your pocket wherever you go. To my mind, wet wiping is the most civilized way to face the toilet situation. Any product that supports this belief is alright for me, even if it has a stupid name."

"Shittens are hilarious wet wipes, especially when you pay attention to their name. I cannot say it without laughing. When I heard the name of the product for the first time I thought, it was a joke. Nevertheless, I decided to buy it just for fun. I should confess, this product is quite successful in what it does. Sure, it can be bought as a gag gift for family and friends."

My Final Summary

The concept of Shittens is quite solid, even though they haven't entered the process of mass production. They work like a charm despite their ugly name. If you don't like the name be sure that someone will soon come out with a similar product but a better name that will be liked by public. It is not excepted that one of the major wet wipe manufacturers may come out with a product that serves a similar function and have a similar look. We will see how the manufacturers of Mittens will protect their idea. While some people may laugh at the product, some people seem to appreciate it a lot, especially those with small kids. If you have to change countless diapers during the day you will certainly pay attention to the product. Parents of several children are ready to buy Shittens for their real purpose. If you like the idea of wet wipes in the shape of mittens you will definitely like these items. You may want to buy them for the real purpose or for a joke. They make great gag gifts. Some people find the product really useful beyond giving it as a gift, which is why I do recommend Shittens.

Shittens Pricing and Rates

The cost of the product has yet to be announced as it is only available in its prototype form and is just being produced. They will probably be priced a little more than other wet tissues. These cleaning products aim to replace wet tissues you may be using at present, as they serve the same purpose. They simply cover your entire hand, thus they will definitely cost more.