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Silencer Shop

Silencer Shop is a suppressor distributor that operates nationwide. It is based in Austin, Texas with the postal address: Research Boulevard 13729, Suite 63078750, Austin, United States. Their top goal is to provide their customers with the simplest buying experience. They work hard to offer high-quality customer service and reasonable prices. If you have any any questions you can call at 5129314556 or write an email to The official website of the store is The official website of the company allows to have a buying experience by categories including Silencers (Pistol, Rimfire, 5.56mm Rifle, 7.62mm Rifle, Specialty and Large Bore), Accessories (Pistol Accessories, Rimfire Accessories, Rifle Accessories, Flash Hiders, Shotgun Accessories, Muzzle Brakes, Flash Hiders), Firearms and Firearm Parts, Gear (Pouches and Covers, Tools, SWAG).

In the past, most silencer manufacturers have to count on the traditional dealer system, since regulatory laws were very strict and it was difficult to sell anything to consumers. Close partnerships with local manufacturers and FFLs allowed Silencer Shop to sell suppressors directly to dealers and gave consumers an opportunity to choose the dealer they like through the unique e-commerce platform on the company's site. At present, there is a new "Buy-It-Local" Program that allows these dealers to sell silencers and other products to their customers directly out of the company's extensive inventory. All this has made the selling process fast and easy. In addition, fewer errors are made. "Buy-It-Local" Program has a number of other benefits including a wider inventory of suppressors offered by Silencer Shop, over six years of e-commerce experience and others. Dealers who cooperate with Silencer Shop can use their knowledge base to sell a wider selection of silencers by referring their clients to Customers can easily shop at and buy their suppressor from the local FFL later. Besides, this program reduces the paperwork the process may require.

Customer Reviews - Does Silencer Shop Really Work?

During our deep research of Silencer Shop, we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about this online store. We are glad to announce that the majority of them carry a positive character, which means that most customers are pleased with the service and products provided by the company. Many people agreed in their testimonials that everything from buying experience to the updates of forms at the ATF is perfect. One happy customer reports that he has ordered with Silencer Shop many times within the past several years. As a rule, he has had no problems or issues. The man decided to use their Kiosks at a local gun store to order a SilencerCo Hybrid 46. after doing several he left his fingerprints. The Form 1 was sent. The man says that usually he does all this himself, but he went through SilencerShop this time. He got an email from the company within a month. It said that the BATFE has cashed $200 the company had sent in on his behalf. It should be noted that SilencerShop charged his credit card $206. in this way, the cost was $6 more than if he would have done it himself. It was in July 2019. It is known that the BATFE is inconsistent when receiving a SBR or Suppressor approved. The customer had some things come through in four months. The man likes Silencer Shop because the chance of any errors is very low once your information is correct. He had a Firm 1 returned to him since some date or word was mistyped. Fortunately, an error was found. Silencer Shop data system is convenient, in his opinion.

Another customer says in his online testimonial that he had an easy purchasing process with the company. He purchased a silencer and a few days later he did his fingerprints at the kiosk in his local gun shop, which took him only fifteen minutes. However, the man was not very happy with the fact that he had to wait almost a year in order to get his silencer; however, the customer was not angry with Silencer Shop. There was no way for the company to update the waiting process to make the wait any faster. The customer used to call the ATF hotline after nine months and got the answer "it is being processed." He understood that navigating the government paperwork was a daunting task. At the same time, using the kiosk and taking fingerprints was a fast and easy procedure for him. The electronic documents were emailed to him to review and sign. After that he was directed online to buy the stamps. The company took care of all that from there, so it was easy. The man claims that Silencer Shop is the only way to go.

Another customer tells his story that he bought a 0.22 silencer from another dealer only because it was out of stock at Silencer Shop. He bought One Shot Trust and the tax stamp from the Silencer Shop kiosk, which was a simple thing to do. The man was notified by Silencer Shop of the instructions and progress. His Form 4 should clear within a few months. The man is now looking to buy 7.62 silencer from that company. Its representatives seem to be very knowledgeable of the items they are selling. They also have tested most of them on their own, which is highly important for potential customers. The official website of Silencer Shop is highly informative and the customer service is helpful. The man says that when he called them with inquiries they happily helped him to make a wise decision on a suppressor choice. As you can see, the majority of customers are pleased with the company and its service. Let's read some additional reviews found online to have an objective opinion of Silencer Shop.

"I had very simple and easy experience with Silencer Shop. I was buying a silencer from this company for the first time in my life and I was surprised that completing the paperwork was simple. The options available on their website are endless and you are sure to choose the best option to meet your needs. The store's staff makes purchasing fast and easy, even when it comes to the Form 1. I just had to follow emails from knowledgeable representatives. As a result, I received a superior product I am 100% happy with. Silencer Shop works really good. Thank you."

"I am pleased with Silencer Shop. I have already purchased several silencers from this online store as well as numerous accessories. I have not faced any issues. It is a good chance to use a Silencer Shop kiosk for the first shopping experience where you can easily scan your fingerprints into your profile. These data can be then re-used for your next purchases from the store. You are also able to take a passport style photo with their app. Saving it to your profile is easy too. You can even sign your form digitally online. It all makes shopping experience painless. Their customer service is always on top too."

"I am the first time Silencer Shop kiosk user and I am pretty happy with it. I recently used it and the app to make my photos and fingerprint cards for my trust. I liked that the process was simple and straightforward. I asked them a few questions and received the answers to all of them in detail. This significantly eased my concerns making the process seamless. I was impressed with the infrastructure developed by the company. It was not at all a confusing process. I recommend Silencer Shop for buying silencers."

My Final Summary

Silencer Shop is a great online store of silencers and other related items. With this store, there is no need to go to local dealers as most of them are affiliated with the "Buy-It-Local" Program offered by the company and can tap into its additional inventory without increasing their costs. As a customer, you are provided with the access to buy the latest suppressor models directly from the official website of the company. Based on the customer reviews available on third-party websites, most of people are pleased with the easy and clear process. They say that the reps of the company are all knowledgeable and helpful. Silencer Shop offers a revolutionary technology to the procedure of suppressor ownership, which was not possible earlier. With their Silencer Shop Mobile App and Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk, they have made the practice more convenient and efficient. If you wish, you may handle the entire process digitally without the need to fill out paper forms. It is important to mention that Silencer Shop was named Dealer of the Year in 2015 by the American Suppressor Association (ASA). Today it is a full-fledged suppressor distributor selling a wide variety of suppressors and other products. Taking into account all pros and cons of the store, we do recommend Silencer Shop. You can buy suppressors with confidence from this company.

Silencer Shop Pricing and Rates

In fact, buying an NFA item (including a silencer) is simpler than it may seem. It requires less paperwork than purchasing a refrigerator. Many people still think that they need a Class 3 license to buy a suppressor but it is a wrong opinion. If suppressor ownership is legal in your state (you may legally buy a firearm), you can easily purchase a suppressor. To do this, you should just go to Since the store sells a wide variety of silencers, we will take a look at the most popular models only. SilencerCo Omega 300 can be bought for $904.00. Rugged Radiant 7.62 is generally priced at $1,300.00 but at present the special price is only $945.00. SilencerCo Hybrid 46 costs $799.00. While the price of Q Trash Panda is $999.00, you can buy it for special price of $949.00 now. Surefire SOCOM556-RC2 can be purchased for $969.00. Rugged Oculus costs $499.00 but now you can buy it for only $394.00. Q El Camino is priced at $399.00 and its special price is $349.00. You can order Dead Air Wolfman for $799.00 instead of $965.00. Special price of OSS HX-QD 7.62mm is $899.00 (not $999.00). Q Thunder Chicken can be purchased for $999.00 instead of $1,049.00.