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Silk'n Flash and Go Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Silk'n Flash and Go Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Silk'n Flash and Go is a hair removal device that features a high tech design of a special applicator that allows the user to target any area that needs treatment. This innovative light-based tool can be used on the entire body to provide permanent results, even on the face. Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology produces gentle light pulses and focuses on hair follicles at the root to prevent their growth in future. The device is claimed to be easy and painless to use since it is loaded with 5,000 pulses of hair removal energy. It can be used for the treatment of sensitive areas and small zones. The product promises to provide long-lasting results which may vary depending on skin type and hair. Before we discuss the details of the product let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online.

The company behind Silk'n Flash and Go is called Silk'n. It boasts to be an internationally acclaimed company that develops, manufactures and sells aesthetic devices to be used by professionals or by ordinary people in the home surrounding. The company says to have a mission to create, manufacture and distribute effective and safe devices for their consumers. The manufacturer claims that their laser and LED based products are backed by a team of experienced engineers, scientists, and business executives who have a lengthy record of providing innovative technologies to the global market of aesthetic devices. The Silk'n family of units has more than 10 million users all over the world. They have been featured in different TV shows and magazines such as The Oprah Magazine, O, The Rachael Ray Show, Allure, The Doctors, Vogue and others. Silk'n has got international recognition for professional and at home anti-aging and hair removal devices.

Customer Reviews - Does Silk'n Flash and Go really Work?

Silk'n Flash and Go

There is a number of precautions for you to take into account when using Silk'n Flash and Go. Do not use this device on naturally dark complexions. If you treat dark skin, this can result in adverse effects. This device may theoretically have restrictions on naturally dark skin, so you are not recommended to use it at home on your own. This hair removal device is claimed to be designed by physicians for great results in the comfort of your home. You are promised to get smooth skin due to the light pulsing technology that stops hair growth at the root. The product promises to provide you with a number of benefits. It is a convenient hair removal device that can be used at home to provide you with silky smooth skin in a safe and painless way. You are recommended to shave only clean and dry skin. Do not pluck, wax, or tweeze. It is better to use low energy level and then to increase the power.

The manufacturer mentions that the device works better when the user hasn't tweezed, waxed, or used depilatory creams within the last two weeks before treatment. After you have tested your treatment areas on the low energy level, you can move up to higher levels. You are advised to treat your skin every two weeks. You are expected to start seeing the results after three or four treatments already. You can start treating monthly. The best hair removal experience occurs with dark brown and black hair types because this hair contains more melanin. Lighter hair usually requires a greater number of treatments.

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product on third-party websites; however, not all users are pleased with the results they see after using the device. One young lady confesses that she has been using Silk'n Flash and Go regularly since she bought it and she still has not seen any type of improvement to her facial hair. She has to shave it off every day. Another female user says that the device worked for less than six months, now it just won't turn on at all. The official website is unhelpful. It only directs you back to the same generic site. There is no opportunity to request a return. Another user has got a little thinner hair in some spots of her legs but she saw no noticeable change on her armpits, chin, or lower abdomen. The next customer returned the first unit because it broke, so she was sent the second one which broke soon too. However, it broke after the 30 day return policy finished so the woman is stuck with an expensive device. She recommends everyone to save their money from buying this product.

In addition to the issued that this product breaks often it also may not work right. It is simply useless for most buyers. You may turn it on and put it on your skin but soon be disappointed that it does not work. One woman even reported that the tool made a loud bang right out of her skin. The woman was very scared and never used the device again. Another important issue is that the product is extremely expensive. It costs over $200.00 dollars. Some people also complain that it hurts to use. Hair keeps growing. If you increase the intensity you risk getting a lot of burn marks on your skin. This is certainly painful and unattractive. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews available online.

"I have used Silkn Flash and Go several times now to treat many areas of my body. However, this device left me with burns on the top of my arm last time I used it. I used the same setting as usual, and I still don't know if it was a malfunction or something but I am in despair. That area of skin does not have any sun damage or freckles. I cannot understand how and why this happened to me. I am now scared that this is going to leave scars on my arm. Stay far away from this device!"

"SilknFlash and Go just doesn't work. Initially, I was excited about trying it but it turned out to work by burning your hair. You can even smell it! After four months of using it every two weeks there are no results. I have the same amount of hair. I apply the light with the highest level and nothing. The skin color is not the reason, since I am Caucasian. I am very disappointed with the product."

"Silk'n Flash and Go didn't work for me at all. I have been using this product for more than a year (about 20 times) and I have not noticed any difference in the amount or thickness of hair. I was trying to do manage my bikini area and my underarms. Now I have some hair that grows in my underarms were done professionally which is quite uncomfortable to me. In general, it hasn't made much difference in either area."

Where To Buy Silk'n Flash and Go?

The product can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer or from some retail stores. Amazon sells Silk'n Flash and Go at the price of $204.35 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about Silk'n Flash and Go, this device does not seem to be worth your attention. The product is associated with a great number of complaints from customers. Some of them have used it for over a year at the highest level and have followed the directions but still have not received any of the desired results. Some users complain of getting severe burns of their skin. They are concerned with the fact that the scars may be left for many years to come. A number of people report that their device broke after a few uses already or hasn't worked properly at all. They call it to be a waste of time and money. There is a concern that this product causes ingrown hairs. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Silk'n Flash and Go to usage.